Citrus County, FL...A New Church Forms!

New Years Day 2013 is just a couple of days away and I have a very important confession to make!  Here is is.....I preach "Sloppy Agape!"  I make no bones about it, so those of you who state that I preach "lawlessness" are totally correct!  The Law or any laws that we must follow in order to draw closer to God no longer exist!  Period!!! 

The "message" of our church does not just contain Grace, but rather is consumed by Grace.  Grace is not just one of our messages, it is the message!  So now, in keeping with the upcoming New Year, my heart is clear! 

Last Sunday morning I preached a Christmas message, "The Greatest Christmas Present Ever is Not What You Think it is!"  I stated that most Christians would think that Christ is the greatest Christmas present ever.  I mentioned that the greatest Christmas present is not the person of Christ, it is rather the things that Christ has done for mankind.  In John 19: 28a (NLT), just prior to Jesus saying, "It is finished," it says, "Jesus knew that his mission was finished...."  OK, for the KJV purists the verse says, "After this, Jesus knowing that all things were accomplished...."  He then was given the vinegar on the sponge then He stated, "It is finished!"  So the entire premise of my ministry is this...Christ has done (past tense) it all!  His mission is complete!  Hebrews chapter 10 emphatically states that there is no more sacrifice for sin.  So those who believe that they still sin are in a world of hurt as there is no more sacrifice for it! Ouch!

OK...that is all introduction to the title of this Blog.  Next Sunday, January 5, Corinne and I begin our 4th year of ministry here in beautiful Citrus County, Florida. (Florida's Nature Coast)  We have had a blast being involved with what I consider the most wonderful church ever!  We've seen many moves of God and many changes take place over the past 3 years, but they all seem to evolve into a very exciting "Meeting of Destiny."  I feel that is what is happening in 2013 for our group.  We are in the midst of planting a new church in the area.  The name: New Covenant Grace Fellowship of Citrus County, Florida.  The name reflects who we are.  That is why the long introduction above.  The Gospel of New Covenant Grace is not just one part of our message, it is the Message!  Actually Christ Himself is the message, more so now than ever!

Here is our new website:  Check us out.  You can even listen to the Podcast of last Sunday's Christmas message. 

Now people ask, "Where do you meet?"  For now, during this entire transition, planting process, we are meeting in homes.  Not having a building has NOT detracted one little bit from what God has been doing every Sunday and Wednesday night since the first of November when this process all began.  People are very excited about what is going on.  A visitor from out of state last sunday told the sister she was visiting, "Your church is the best church I've ever attended!"  She was lapping up the message of freedom like a thirsty dog laps up water!

I know that there are hungry, starving people in our area who are tired of religion.  One lady told me that in the church she used to attend, she felt like she needed to get re-saved every week.  I like to tell people this..."I guarantee you that you will leave our meetings feeling better about yourself than when you arrived!"  I mean it because I know that I and any others who minister will surely preach a message filled with, "Sloppy Agape!" 

Check us out tomorrow.  I think I'm going ot minister on the subject of the "Attributes of Grace."  But who knows what the  Holy Spirit might do!  He's boss!

Grace and Peace!