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Joe Misses a Lot of Church and I'm Thrilled!

Are We Really Dead to Sin?

Romans 6:14, " Sin is no longer your master, for you no longer live under the requirements of the law. Instead, you live under the freedom of God’s grace."


I find it interesting that Paul had the same problem with religious leaders that I have.  When he taught that Christ ended all sin; past, present and future when he ended (fulfilled) the Law at the cross, those still holding to the Law challenged him.  In response he wrote Romans chapter 6.  If you have a minute take a look at this chapter once again.  It totally blesses me every time I read it, which is very often!  Paul's bottom line to the Romans was, "Consider yourselves dead to sin and alive to Christ!"


You know, Paul's message to the Church is my message too.  Here is my bottom line.....WHERE THERE IS NO LAW THERE IS NO SIN!


So, if you still consider yourself under the Law, and many Christians do, then guess what??? You still live under the consequences of sin and you have made the cross of Christ of none effect in your life.  And if you teach that people still live under the Law, then you take the cross away from those you teach.  Not good!


I can almost hear those who disagree with me on this subject...."You are a heretic, you are giving people a license to sin!"  Not so!  What I am giving people is the true Gospel of Jesus Christ; the Gospel that Paul preached.  Paul and I know this secret: By setting people free of fear, works based religion we set them free to live holy, righteous lives.  God made people holy and righteous at the cross.  When people understand this, they will actually begin living what they are and who they are.  They may still do dumb, stupid works of the flesh, but those events will become fewer and fewer as they actually become what God made them to be.


My teaching leads to true holiness.  Those who constantly teach that Christians must repent of sin in order to be holy are never going to see true holiness permeate the Church! Why?  Because those who continue to try try to be what they already are will never arrive at their destination.  They are indeed the true dog chasing it's own tail!


Grace and peace!