Was "It" Easier for Paul Than For Us?
Are We Really Dead to Sin?

Do We Need to Detox?

Currently, due to my ongoing battle with cancer, I'm in the process of detoxing from narcotic pain drugs.  When it becomes time to stop taking these type of drugs a person just cannot just stop taking them"cold turkey" as the withdrawal side effects can be very horrendous.  So, I'm in the process of weaning myself off of two of the drugs that were needed earlier in my treatment. 

For those of us with long time church affiliation it just might be a great time to detox from the religious doctrines that we have been taught for many years.  I realize that some might find these words offensive, but my previous statement is totally correct and true.  I've stated in other places that if Paul were able to visit most of today's churches he would be amazed at how far we've strayed from the simplicity and wonder of his initial teaching to the Church of his day.  Please remember that what Paul taught the Church of his day came directly from Jesus Himself.  So, Paul's message of new covenant grace was actually the message of Christ.  Paul's words were actually the Word of God!

So, how do we know if we should detox or not?  A good question!  Here are a few areas that may give us a hint on what our actions should be:

  1. Do I believe that I still am a sinner and still can commit sin?
  2. Do I believe that there are things that I must do in order to please God? ie: pray more, attend church more, tithe more, etc.
  3. Do I believe that God is always angry and that He will snatch away my salvation just as soon as I mess up?
  4. Do I believe that there are things that I must do in order to become holy and righteous?
  5. Do I believe that living a victorious Christian life depends on what I do or don't do?
  6. Do I believe that I must constantly battle the devil, engage in intense spiritual warfare all of the time?
  7. And the list could go on and on, but by now you get the picture!

If you adhere to any of the above list, or any other things that could be added to it, most likely you are a good candidate for detoxing from religion. 

I fully realize that this post will not make some folks very happy.  However, adherence to any of the above is not good for your spiritual life. Actually, it is poisonous to your health.  Just like the narcotic pain killers are poison to my physical health, the religion that most of us have been taught is really poison to our spiritual health!  You may or may not agree with me, I guess that's up to you.  However, I sure would love to have you think about it.  Please....    IT IS IMPERATIVE FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND THAT THERE IS A VAST DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE OLD AND NEW COVENANTS!

How should you detox?  I'll cover that in the next bog.  In the meantime......Grace and peace!