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Yes, I Am Free to Cuss, But.....

"The Fear of Cancer is Worse Than Cancer Itself!"

Last Friday, September 15, 2017, I was to celebrate my one year anniversary of the radical surgery on my mouth, neck and right leg that cut cancer from my body and rebuilt my lower jaw bone with the small bone from my leg.  It also was to mark one year of being cancer free. However, a few days earlier, during a routine visit with my surgeon, at Shands Hospital (University of Florida) in Gainesville, I was urged to have a CT Scan performed on a suspicious mass that had formed on my lower, right neck. The call came on September 13 that a biopsy was needed to confirm what the CT Scan revealed.  Then yesterday afternoon I was informed by my Doctor's assistant that the mass was indeed cancerous.  The biopsy showed that the mass was squamous cell carcinoma which is the same form of cancer that I had in my mouth.  Evidently a cell had escaped the surgery and invaded a lymph node in my neck.  I understand that this is very common with head and neck cancers.  I currently await an appointment with my Doctor next Tuesday morning where my options will be discussed.

Of course, this bad news has once again rocked my little world!  No one likes phone calls like I got yesterday.  Cancer is such an evil disease!  I can't even begin to tell you how it has changed my life.  Physically, it has taken a heavy toll on me.  On the other hand, spiritually and even mentally, it has strengthened me.  I guess that is something good that has come from my previous, and I guess, ongoing battles.

In my soon to be released book, When God Doesn't Heal: Avoiding Fear, Shame and Condemnation, I tell my previous cancer story of the past year.  I also share what I have learned as a result of my journey.  The fact is that God ALWAYS heals!  However, it doesn't always come the way we expect it to come.  As a result, many who are seeking God for healing and their miracle hasn't arrived yet, or in the form that they expect, come under the burden of fear, shame and condemnation. 

One of the huge lessons that my wife and I have learned over our cancer experiences (God healed Corinne of cancer many years ago) was that the fear of cancer is worse than the cancer itself.  Fear works along with shame and condemnation to really take a cancer patient out.  The cancer can kill, but fear, shame and condemnation can spiritually and emotionally kill way before physical death arrives.  This can be avoided when we know that God is complete control, at all times! 

Here is a quote from my book:

"My friend, likewise, your healing, your miracle, is not dependent on what you do or don’t do. It’s dependent only on the blood shed for you two thousand years ago. It will come to you in the way and fashion that God decides to bring it to you because of that shed blood. All you must do is rest in the plan of God for your life.

Here’s the deal—even if I’m never healed of cancer in this life, I cannot lose because I will spend eternity free of cancer and any other sickness. I’m the winner!

Kick religion out of your health situation and enter the wonderful rest of God through the finished works of Jesus Christ. You’ll never be sorry."

Right now, I'm not a "happy camper" in regards to yesterday's phone call.  I'm not looking forward to what will come in the days ahead; possible surgery and other treatments.  The future has many questions attached to it for me.  However, this one thing I can assure you is that I'm not facing one bit of fear, shame and condemnation over my current situation.  I refuse to go down that road! 

So, if you are facing cancer, or any other serious sickness or disease, I assure you that God is your healer!  He just may perform an instant miracle for you, completely delivering you from your affliction.  Or, your healing miracle may come in many, many other ways.  However, you can rest, knowing full well that He has a plan for your life and it's much better than anything you could ever think of yourself!

Please pray for me as I go forward.  I surely will be praying for you as you read this post!  I love you and God loves you so much more!

Grace and peace!