Yes, I Am Free to Cuss, But.....
The "Veil" Paul Writes About

Parents PLEASE Read This!!!!

Several years ago, in one of the churches we were pastors of, my wife was in charge of the youth department.  We had a Jr. Church program that we ran for children of most ages, except nursery. One of her responsibilities was to choose and order the curriculum that our teachers used.  Several months prior to a new quarter, she'd order sample material from several, well-known, large, popular Christian publishing houses.  They would send the sample material that she ordered, and then if we liked it we would order for the following quarter.  After my wife received samples from one of the largest publishing houses, she came to me and said, "Larry, we just can't use this stuff!"  I asked her what was wrong and she read to me from one of the booklets, probably material for 5-7 year old children, this: "It is very important that you obey your parents, teachers and those in authority so that God will love you!"  Now, this was before we had too much revelation on grace, but even then we knew that this was a lie!

I really wonder how many parents actually know what their children are being taught in Sunday School, Jr. Church or Youth Group??? is essential that you know what your kids are being taught!  Can you imagine your child being taught that God's love is dependent upon if they obey their teachers or not?  Little Johnny or Suzy sits in that Sunday School class on Sunday morning, and hears this rubbish.  Come Monday morning something goes wrong, they have a breakdown and disobey Ms. Smith, their teacher.  After the proper discipline, they reflect on their actions and all of a sudden remember what they were taught in Sunday School the day before.  It then dawns on them that God no longer loves them!  Then, it gets even worse...they think, "Will God forgive me now?  Will I go to heaven?  Will God ever love me again?  What can I do to get God's love back? etc., etc!" How sad!

Please don't brush off this blog!  Just yesterday a youth pastor of a church, challenged my Facebook post about how the Law was no longer in force.  By his picture he looked to be around 25 years old.  His writing showed that he was very intellectual; he was throwing Greek and Hebrew words at me.  He was a student of the Torah and very proud of it.  His challenge was that the law was still in effect and was God's plan for people today.  Yes, he said he was saved by grace, but he got very hung up on the Law.  (Torah)  Eventually he became very argumentative and later a little nasty.  My rules on my Facebook posts are simple.  Feel free to disagree with me, tell me why you do.  I'm fine with that.  However when you become argumentative and nasty you are gone!  I ended up blocking this know it all kid!  However, my heart was so saddened because I knew his position as a youth pastor would effect, actually ruin his kids, maybe for the rest of their lives!  My heart was broken all night over this event.  Just think he is influencing kids that they must obey the Law to earn God's favor! sad!

If you do not know and understand what your children are being taught in church, you could very well be messing them up for the rest of their lives!  But of course....some of you don't know what you are being taught in church either.  Some of you have already swallowed the Koolaid of Religion and don't even realize it!  It could be that is even sadder.  Please consider my words today!  PLEASE!!!

Grace and peace!