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What Does the Eclipse Really Mean?

Today the world will experience an event that hasn't been witnessed in nearly 100 years, a total solar eclipse.  Parts of the United States will see total darkness, lasting over 2 minutes.  The rest of us will observe a great reduction in sunlight.  I believe in our part of Florida we will see about a 70% eclipse.

The last time something like this occurred was June of 1918.  The interesting fact is that during this time the world was in devastation as the Great War, WW1 was in its final days.  The war ended in November of that year, but at the time of the eclipse the trench warfare in France was totally gruesome.  Thousands would daily die a horrible death.  Then about 20 years later Hitler came to power and the condition of the world got much worse.  Remember, never forget, the Jewish death camps!  Yet, through all of this and many other terrible, horrible events of world history, the eclipse of 1918 was not God's signal to the world that He was going to pour judgment upon it!

For the past several months Christians have been advancing, through the power of the Internet, the theory that today's eclipse is going to be a signal from God of pending judgment upon the world, especially the United States.  Often words from Jewish rabbis are being quoted, words often based upon ancient writings found in the Torah.  Linked with past teachings on Blood Moons, etc., today's judgment theorists are convinced that God is angry with the world and His judgment is about to fall upon it.  I just posted a few words on my Twitter account saying, "If U'r understanding about how God treats the future world is based on teachings from rabbis quoting Torah U are living under wrong covenant!"  

Jesus told us that He came, "Not to judge the world but to save it." (John 3:17)  You see, we live under the New Covenant of God's Grace.  The judgment has been completed at the cross.  It was there that God judged us and found us all NOT GUILTY!  Now, that's the Good News. 

Therefore, instead of judgment I see something else about to occur.  It is a great spiritual awakening!  Historically, these events have taken place around the world for thousands of years.  They usually show up as, "Suddenlies" and the timing usually is when bad events are happening.  I could go into tons of Church History here to prove my point.  However, I suggest that you dig into it yourself and see how correct I am. 

I am a product of the great Charismatic Renewal.  I came into faith in Christ in 1973.  This Renewal was coming to an end, but how well I remember those days!  The US was in a total mess.  We had riots in the streets as a result of our involvement in Viet Nam.  Drug use was out of control, we had experienced race riots in just about every major city, we had a major hurricane hit the east coast of Florida, killing many and in the midst of it all America experienced a "Suddenly!"  Thousands, actually many tens of thousands came pouring into the ranks of new Christ Believers.  I remember our church taking in 20-30 new members every Sunday.  People were excited about God!  Our church had Sunday morning and evening services.  I remember us leaving our Bibles on our seats Sunday morning just so we had a seat Sunday evening as during that service there was standing room only!  My how times have changed!

My prediction is that another Great Renewal/Awakening is about to hit America and the world!  However, for you Old Timers, don't get too excited as you will be hit with a "Suddenly" too.  That's right....This time it won't be "your Mother's Awakening!" Everything is now being set up for a giant Grace Awakening!  Yes, this time the focus won't be on repentance from all of our many sins, but rather a focus aimed totally at the awesome love of God established here on earth by the death of Christ on the cross.  The battle cry of this Grace Awakening will be.... "IT IS FINISHED!"

Now, just possibly today's total solar eclipse may be a sign from God; not of judgment, but of His love for mankind!  You and I who walk and live in Radical Grace are being prepared now as preachers of God's righteousness and reconciliation.  Friend, your ministry is about to bloom!

I most likely will be addressing some of these thoughts more in the days ahead.  However, suffice it to say we are about to enter "THE CHURCH'S FINEST HOUR!"

Grace and peace!