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Swimming With The Sharks!

Recently a cable television network completed their popular, week long series, Shark Week.  This series seems to draw huge ratings every year.  Corinne and managed to view a couple of the programs but we were not really "hooked" on the series. Maybe it's because we are West Coast Florida residents and sharks, like gators are not really a big thing to us. A couple of years ago we drove to the coast, about 20 minutes from us, to view the sunset.  We walked onto the long fishing pier near the beach in Crystal River.  A guy was just completing his fishing when we were walking out onto the pier.  He was walking in and we were walking out.  We had just witnessed 2 manatees swimming under the pier.  The fisherman shouted, "Did you see that?"  A 8 foot long bull shark just swam off the end of the pier.  What is interesting is that the pier is not too far from the swimming beach.  So, local residents often swim with the sharks!

I think that I often swim with the sharks too.  But the sharks I'm talking about are probably more dangerous than that large bull shark was.  The sharks I'm talking about are sharks of religion.  Some people don't really understand what it is when I speak of religion.  They think that Christianity is religion, just like all of the others, Islam, Buddhist, etc.  The truth is that Christianity really isn't a religion, but rather a relationship with God.  At least that's the way it's supposed to be.  But it seems that traditionally Christianity has turned into another religion, and that's not the way it's supposed to be!

When I speak of religion I'm speaking of a set order of doing things, religiously doing things, like a list of do's and don't s.  I really don't feel like getting into the weeds on this subject today, other than to say, I've been swimming with a lot of religious sharks this week and some have tried to devour me. The neat thing is that I'm still here and am still refusing to become religious just in order to satisfy some traditional thinking people. Friends, Christ has set me free from religion.  Now, I'm basking in the most awesome relationship with my God that I've ever experienced. 

I have a story to tell anyone who is willing to listen.  My story will completely transform your life, just like it did my life.  The bottom line is that God loves you!  No matter what!!  Jesus died to make you holy and righteous so that you can have a perfect relationship with God.  It's awesome!  If you want to hear more, give me a shout!  I love to talk about Jesus.  The sharks don't seem to like my story, but hungry people do, and that's who I love ministering to!

By the way, you can watch me tell my story on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4QtOQ7c4XKdZAysRFiH7vA

So, that's my story this Saturday morning and I'm sticking with it!!

Grace and peace!