The Word "If" Can Destroy Grace!
Leave Joel Alone, But......

Could I Really Be Wrong?

Last year, during my three week hospital recuperation following major cancer surgery, I had plenty of time to think.  I spent many hours with God, contemplating Him and His workings in my life.  I soon discovered that many of the things that I thought I had completely understood were not actually so.  I came home from the hospital thinking that there were many things that I no longer had my pat, theological perfect answers to.  I found out that I didn't know about God as much as I thought that I did.  What a shock!!

There have been two times in my ministry, one years ago, and one about 6 years ago, that I had to stand before my congregation and tell them that I had been teaching them wrong things and that I was sincerely sorry for doing so.  In case you've never been there, that is a very difficult thing for a pastor to do.  We all know that we pastors have ALL the answers to every question!  Right?  NOT!  At least I don't have all of the answers anymore!

Yesterday, on Facebook, I posted a rather controversial post.  I post a daily, "Grace Nugget of the Day."  Granted, most of these go against the traditional stream of Church thinking. Believe me, I'm fully aware of the fact that many people don't like my posts, most do not really understand what I'm trying to say.  However, this one guy replied to my post in a rather nasty, know it all way.  Everything I would write he would counter, with an argumentative attitude.  Look, I am in complete awareness that some will not understand or like what I post, preach or write in a book.  I know that going in!  However, I always tell people that I'm totally OK with anyone who disagrees with me.  My standard is when a person crosses the line and becomes nasty, that's when I take action and in the case of Facebook I Unfriend/Block them.  Go ahead...please feel free to disagree with me.  Ask me some legitimate questions and I will try my best to answer, as best as I can.  Just don't get nasty or you're gone!  Those are my rules and I stick with them!

By the same token, I feel sorry about people like this argumentative guy, I really do!  His mind is closed; he knows it all!  He's an expert and He made certain to tell me that he was and that I was promoting destructive error to the Body of Christ. 

My point here is that a closed, know it all mindset, is poison to us!  I wrote on today's "Grace Nugget," ..."There are those who know it all.  Others are seekers.  The seekers shall see God!"  Please continue to keep an open mind about the things of God.  Granted you will find some things that you just don't or can't agree with.  That's OK!  Continue to practice "eating the meat and spitting out the bones."  A closed, know it all mind will wither away and never prosper!

Grace and peace!