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Charismatic Witchcraft...

Just for transparency sake, I used to consider myself a Charismatic and even a Pentecostal.  I no longer do so!  Since God has opened my eyes to the wonderful truths of New Covenant Grace, I now just consider myself a Christian.  Or better yet, simply a Believer!  At this time I don't want to go into all of the reasons about why I left the Charismatic/Pentecostal ranks, other than to say..."Yet, I show you a better way!"  Therefore, giving you a hint at my background, gives me the right to speak on this subject because in my past, "I've been there, done that and even bought the T-shirt!  I even have the battle scars to prove it too.

Soon, September 15, 2017, I will celebrate my first year anniversary of being cancer free.  It was on that date that I underwent radical surgery to remove a mouth full of cancer.  During nearly a year of prior illness and post-surgery recovery my life, especially my walk with God, underwent some dramatic transformation.  Previously I had been given wonderful revelations of New Covenant Grace, but my eyes were really opened as a result of the cancer battle.  You might say, God used the sickness to make lemonade from a bunch of lemons.  As a result of this mighty trip, I wrote a new book, When God Doesn't Heal: Avoiding Fear, Shame and Condemnation.  This book is now with the publisher and I hope that it will be released in a month or so.   In the book I share some of my battle with cancer and my recovery from it.  I speak of the miracle that God performed in my life; even though it didn't come the way I wanted it to come, it did indeed come!  I also share the many abuses that Believers face at the hands of very bad teaching that has spread like wild fire thought the Church of Jesus Christ, especially in the midst of the ranks of Charismatics and Pentecostals.  This bad teaching leads its adherents into the congregation of those suffering from fear, shame and condemnation.

It kind of works like this:  I'm sick.  Therefore, by quoting enough scripture, speaking enough positive confessions, not believing the doctor's reports but only the Word, by eradicating all sin and unbelief in my life, etc., etc., (the list goes on and on), God will heal me and I'll receive my miracle. case you haven't discovered it yet, this is all bad teaching.  I call it, "Charismatic Witchcraft."  It will all lead you into fear, shame and condemnation.  Thankfully, in the midst of this some are healed. Praise God for that!  However, many, actually very many, are not healed and they suffer sickness, disease and even death.  Often these people feel that they have failed God, have not measured up and suffer not only the sickness and disease, but also from the fear, shame and condemnation that will always follow some sort of man-made law that by following will make God pleased.

Here is an example of this Witchcraft:  Just overnight I received the following in an email from a friend.  She wrote....

"I received an email from my friend of 35 years who wrote that she had taken a fall in March of this year and is still not walking properly. I called her and was quite perplexed while listening to her.  She told me she is careful what she says as satan can hear every word and that can make matters worse for her  She said she had only told me and another person and this other person kept asking questions and didn’t take no for an answer.  I believe it is fear based and yet her Pastor teaches that people are to be careful with what they speak."

My friend is correct.  This person is suffering from an attack of "Charismatic Witchcraft!"  This is a prime of example of someone living under fear, shame and condemnation.  This is NOT based upon the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and we all must reject such teaching and declare it false.  Witchcraft feeds on fear!

I'd like to go deeper into this.  I do so in my new book.  In the meantime, I pray that you too embrace the freedom that we have in Christ and no matter what, know that you are God's favorite child, no matter what you are presently going through!

Grace and peace!