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Thinking Outloud!

Yikes! Our A/C is Down!

So, yesterday morning we awoke to a hot, stuffy house.  Yep, the 14 year old air conditioner was not working!  A call was made to the Repair Guy, but he couldn't get here until around 5:00 P.M.  By then the outside temp was hovering at 93, with very humid, sticky air.  The sad news was the motor on the  outside compressor was kaput!  A new motor was ordered and should be here sometime this afternoon.  Yippie!

Last night we turned our ceiling fans on and I took a cool shower before going to bed.  We both actually slept very well.  However, I was thinking this morning, just how spoiled I am.  We live in Florida.  We are not the hottest state in the Union, but possibly the muggiest!  Corinne and I often talk about how the old "Crackers" actually made it living here.  I can't even begin to imagine not wearing shorts and sandals every day of the week.  Once in awhile we get to learn more of old Florida, Cracker heritage.  Those old homes, most without even screens on the windows and no fans or air conditioning units must have been unbearable during the summer.  I shudder at the thought of trying to sleep at night while being buzzed by mosquitoes and noseeums  all night long, while laying in a puddle of sweat!  People must have smelled pretty ripe back in those days!

As a kid, growing up in hot, humid Michigan summertime, I can remember my Dad, an on the road salesman, coming home from a two-three day road trip before the days of auto A/C.  He would be totally beat!  Dad always wore a ball cap to keep the sun off his bald head and out of his eyes.  His tie would be hanging loose around his neck, and his shirt would be wringing wet!  Often Mom, would have a picnic supper all packed and ready to go. Dad would quickly change and we would all head for a local lake to eat supper and soak in the cool water most of the evening.  Then we would come home and sweat again because we didn't have A/C in the house in those days.  How happy my Siblings and I were when one day Dad announced that he was going to have a in ground swimming pool installed.  After it was installed, as soon as Dad got home, I'd put a chuck roast on our fire pit.  Mom would have the other fixings ready to go, and by the time Dad cooled off in the pool, we'd eat and spend the rest of the evening in the water.  What awesome memories!

OK...enough of the old days!  Suffice it to say, I'm glad that we have air conditioned cars, homes and everything else here in Florida these days!  And...yes, I'm spoiled and I like it that way! 

So, here is to a happy afternoon when our A/C Guy shows up!