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I Don't Agree With Everyone In The Grace Camp....BUT!

Theology!  Doctrine!  All Christians seem to have them!  When you get three Christians together you will get three different versions of theology and doctrine.  Often you get some nasty fights! However, that can be expected as we are all Brothers and Sisters and siblings often fight!   Just yesterday on Facebook I was accused of not being loving and kind with one guy telling me to, "Get over it, Larry!"  Of course when I post stuff on Facebook or even in my preaching and teaching I am opening myself to criticism.  Just recently a couple, older in age and former pastors (the worst kind of critics!) left our church because they didn't agree with my teaching on Eternal Security. I've told our people that they don't have to agree with my teaching in order to be a part of our church, just don't be disagreeable!  But people often vote with their feet and leave the congregation or hit the Unfriend Button.  You know the drill!  You see, I've unfriended people I don't agree with too!  However, that's the old me, the more intolerant me and I'm not that guy anymore so I'm not so quick to hit the Unfriend Button!

So, even in the "Grace Camp" (for lack of a better term) there are those I have strong disagreements with and they with me!  However, I've been noticing something lately and that is those I disagree with have based their theology/doctrine on God's love!  Now I may not agree with their outcome of their understanding of God's love, but I sure do agree with their basic premise!  Therefore, anyone who has a theology/doctrine based upon God's love, even if I don't agree with them, are pretty awesome people!  I can go with them, arm and arm, strongly holding onto the God who is the basis of their thinking!

On the other hand there are those who teach a theology/doctrine of mixing works with Grace.  They are promoting another Gospel, one of works and religion.  I have a real hard time with those these days!  But that is another story for another time! 

By the way, It's never those who promote God's love that hit their Unfriend Button on me or walk out of my church, it's always the other group.  Isn't that interesting?

Grace and peace!

Something I Noted About Me After Seeing The Shack Yesterday!

Yesterday afternoon Corinne and I saw "The Shack" at our local theater.  This movie seems to have brought a lot of controversy into the Church.  Some, like me, loved it while others claim it is heresy.  I'm not going to wade into the weeds on this, other than to say the movie profoundly touched my life!

Yesterday I happened to be 6 months and 2 days away from the most traumatic event of my life, radical "salvage surgery" on my jaw, right leg and my neck, done in order to rid my body of stage 4 cancer.  I was in the operating room for 12 hours and had a team of 3 surgeons working on me at the same time.  The results have been miraculous, to say the least! (Stay tuned for my new book, "When God Doesn't Heal: Avoiding Fear, Shame and Condemnation" which will be released sometime around September of 2017, it will highlight my journey) However, the one huge result that came as a result of my 3 week post surgery hospital stay, a time of great prayer and meditation, was that I JUST DON'T KNOW IT ALL ANYMORE!  For instance, I used to have my theology pretty much buttoned up in many areas, including God healing the sick.  Since surgery I would have to say that in many, many areas I just don't know any more!  I've decided that I no longer have it all together and do you know what???? That is just OK with God because He does have it all together!

So along comes yesterday's viewing of "The Shack" and my not knowing a lot of things was greatly reinforced! The movie was well done in every aspect. matter what anyone critic could say, it portrayed God, especially His love, in a very dramatic, life changing way, a way that created in me an even greater state of embracing the mysteries of God.

I came away from this flick not knowing a whole lot more about Him!  I think that is funny in that in my not knowing, I am finally embracing Him in all of His fullness.  I know that sounds like a lot of double talk and possibly doesn't make sense to you, but that's where I am today.  I don't know more about God today than ever before and I'm totally OK with that!  Guess what?  I'm not even seeking Him for a lot of answers as I just don't care anymore.  Some might say that I'm mellowing out with old age, but I might suggest that I've finally, after all of these years, come to the place of really understanding the Great I Am!  I'm totally satisfied with where I'm at and I've never been more satisfied in my entire Christian life.  If I only knew back in 1973 what I know (or don't know) now, I sure would have spared myself a lot of chasing my own tail.  But that is OK as even then God was leading on this wonderful journey.  One day soon this journey of mine will end, but I can honestly say, "Wow!  What a ride!" 

Grace and peace!

P.S.  If you haven't seen "The Shack" yet, try to do so soon.  Make sure you bring something to wipe away the tears!

How Come We Make It So Dog Gone Hard?

Almost daily I am reminded of the fact that so many good  "Church Peeps," with good intentions just don't get it!  I constantly hear and read, "Pray more and God will come! Be holy more and God will come! Be righteous more and God will come! Fast more and God will come!  Do this and that and even more of it and God will come!"  That is pretty much the mantra of the Church these days!  Work, work and more work and if we do enough, then God will come and heal us, heal our family, heal our city, heal our state, our nation and yes the world!  Yes, it is all dependent on what we do or don't do!  Whew!  I get tired of thinking about all of this!

The other day I wrote the following on Facebook, "For years, actually many years, we participated in spiritual warfare events. Then one day we realized that we were fighting a defeated foe!"  Corinne and I have a past that is loaded, just packed full of spiritual warfare type stuff.  I can't tell you how many Popsicle sticks loaded with scripture verses that we have planted all over the country.  We attended many unity prayer vigils, often headed them up, all with the intention of trying to get God to favor our community with His presence.  Now I see "Church Peeps" doing the same thing that we did 20 years ago.  I'm sorry to break the bad news to you, but those things didn't work 20 years ago and they won't work today either!  Why? Because they are just more of our "good works" and "church programs!" 

Often people will quote verses of scripture, mostly taken from the Old Testament, from the Law, where God desired and required His people to do things in order to be holy and righteous, thus insuring His presence to manifest.  So many do not understand the difference between the old and new covenants!  We live in the new, after the cross and the cross makes the difference!

Friends....we don't have to do a thing to insure God's presence.  Why?  Because we already have it!  "Christ in us is the hope of Glory!"  "He will NEVER leave us or forsake us!" And the list goes on and on!!!

Allow me to close with just two simple, but very important verses.  They say all that's in my heart, "So there is a special rest still waiting for the people of God.  For all who have entered into God's rest have rested from their labors, just as God did after creating the world!" (Hebrews 4: 9-10)

That's pretty much it.  Please rest in God and the result will be our world changed for His glory and our good!

Grace and peace!