Why Don't People Attend Church These Days?
Why Doesn't Everyone Get Healed? Part 2

Why Doesn't Everyone Get Healed?

I have waited a long time to write this post!  I've done a lot of soul searching, praying, meditating, reading my Bible, etc. in order to investigate this subject more fully.  So, this isn't some knee jerk reaction to things that are going on within my body!

First, I have to state that I do believe in the healing properties of God! Without a shadow of doubt I embrace this as I've  seen way too much to not believe in it!  In all of my years of ministry I have prayed (ministered to) maybe hundreds of people who have been healed as I've laid hands on them.  Even members of my own family have been healed, including my wife and children.  I remember well they day the doctor told my wife that she did have cancer and that now she doesn't.  This didn't come from medical treatment, but rather from the ministry of the Holy Spirit!  I've been healed of many things over the years as well, from bad head colds to severe back problems, and some issues worse that that!  So, yes, I am a believer in the healing power of God!

So when I was told this past January that I had stage 2-3 cancer in my mouth, my little world was shocked, yet my faith in God's healing power wasn't the least bit shaken!  I expected a miracle to occur at any moment!  Both Corinne and I had complete peace on seeking medical treatment.  I recall in days gone by that I made rash statements like, "If I ever have cancer I'll NEVER submit to chemotherapy or radiation!"  Yet, we both felt total peace on seeking medical help, which did include both chemo and radiation, yet all the time expecting the healing to manifest!

I have learned a very important lesson about healing issues, that being that NO ONE has all the answers on the subject.  Some preachers seem to know it all, yet in all honesty they don't!  I recall from years ago a famous "faith preacher" who would chastise his congregation if they ever went to a doctor, yet he had to wear a lift in his shoe as one leg was shorter than the other.  Then another "faith preacher" who had to wear a micro hearing aid so that people that he ministered to didn't know that he had hearing issues himself.  I could write chapters on this subject alone, but for now, I'll pass right on!  The fact is, if you ever find a person who tries to tell you that he/she has all the answers on healing, you best run for your life, as that person is a liar!  Therefore, I'm not ashamed to tell you that I don't have all of the answers on the subject!  I'll just keep ministering healing though, no matter what!  What happens after that is totally 100% up to God! 

From the onset of my condition I made it clear that I didn't want to hear all of the formulas, diets, life style changes, etc., etc., that some well meaning folks wanted to see me embrace!  Corinne and I felt certain that we had a clear cut path to walk, and that is what we did!  Still one guy suggested that every message in our church had to be dealing with healing!  I was still told that I needed to confess more of the Word!  It was even suggested that daily I'd walk around our property declaring healing scriptures!  It seems that when it comes to cancer everyone has their pet answer!  In evaluating all of these things we quickly ascertained that most of them came from works.  In other words, how much scripture must I confess daily in order for God to rid the cancer from my mouth?  When do I declare the Word enough for the healing to be manifested?  How many healing messages to I need to hear in our church in order for God's healing to take place?  To Corinne and I the answer to all of that junk was....ZERO!  All of that stuff is works, it's law and it only can lead to condemnation!   Yes, condemnation!  If I don't do enough for healing to take place then that means that there is something wrong with me!  Condemnation is the only thing that can follow that thinking!  Have people been healed by walking around their property confessing healing scriptures?  I am sure they have been!  Yet, is that God's method for everyone?  If you think so, then I've got a bridge to sell you!

I am going to be writing more on this subject in the days to come.  My heart is full on this subject!  But I wish to end today's post by stating that if you are dealing with condemnation in your own journey to health, if you are wondering what more can you do in order for God to heal you, I wish to assure you that you are on the condemnation path to no where!  Instead, please rest in the finished works of Jesus Christ and watch what He will do for you!  Actually see what He has already done for you!

About my condition....Monday I finish the last dose or radiation, over 7 weeks of it!  I also will be done with weekly chemo treatments. The tumor has dramatically been reduced, yet there is still some remaining.  The radiation is to keep on working for a month or so, so I'll be waiting on what the future holds.  In the meantime, I still give all the glory to God for my healing!  I am quick to say that, "Ive been healed by the stripes of Jesus Christ!  I also refuse to live under the veil of condemnation, I'm too good for that as Jesus has made me righteous and holy!

More on this subject later!

Grace and peace!