Just thinking.....As we are getting closer and closer to a new year, 2016, I remain full of excitement and expectation. I fully believe that we, the Body of Christ, are entering fully into what I call, "The Church's Finest Hour!"

However, 2016 is also going to be filled with turmoil, especially in the form of politics and current events. America is sitting on the edge of a great shaking and due to the upcoming elections we just may see more division within out country than ever before. Sadly, much of that division is coming from the Body of Christ!

I am amazed at how volatile the Saints of God are becoming! I feel that Social Media is a great cause of this, but no matter what, there is a great deal of division in the ranks of the blood bought Church of Jesus Christ. Sadly, this is NOT a good thing!

Here is an interesting verse, (Romans 14:15) "And if another Believer is distressed by what you eat, you are not acting in love if you eat it. DON'T LET YOUR EATING RUIN SOMEONE FOR WHOM CHRIST DIED!" I realize that Paul is speaking of our freedom to eat all foods, yet can't this same principle be applied to politics? In other words, if we allow our political stand to bring division within the Church we are bringing "ruin to those for whom Christ died!"

I'm calling for the Body of Christ to tone down the rhetoric! Sure, it's great to have your own choices in political elections, but when we become so vocal that we are hurting others, especially those within the Body of Christ, then we are just totally wrong! We are walking in the flesh and not the Spirit!

Then, how are we going to win those who don't believe? Our words, our Social Media posts, are being used against us! They really are!

Grace and peace!