What is our Church All About?

Grace Marches On!

Over the past few days I've really been encouraged by the number of people who have contacted me and stated that I've been able to help them see God's plan for  their lives more clearly.  People are, more and more, beginning to see that much of their old understanding of God, the Bible, even the works that Christ did for them have been so limited by wrong teaching.  They are finally grasping at the concept that trying to serve God from any form of legalistic efforts on their part is just vanity.  Many have told me that they are staying home from church as they know that there is something more, but they just haven't been able to find it in the Church. I tell you, Church Peeps are frustrated these days!  

The traditional church message, the one of religion, is; "Do, Do, Do!"  The contrasting message of New Covenant Grace is simply; "REST!" Those who do not understand this difference accuse me of compromise.  One Facebook Friend told me the other day that she, "has to repent all of the time!"  So many have been sold that "bill of goods" but the truth is that she is holy and righteous and it is not by what she did or didn't do, it's totally by what Christ did for her on the cross!  What a difference!

Guess what happens in all of this?  When people, those who still do "dumb, stupid things," begin to believe that they are holy and righteous, no matter what they are still doing, the "dumb, stupid things" become less and less.  Why?  Because God created us to become what we believe!  Religion just doesn't understand that concept, probably never will, but as the revelations of New Covenant Grace continue to be poured out, the transformations in God's Kids increases exponentially!  What an exciting time we are living in!

I told our church last Sunday (New Covenant Grace Fellowship in Inverness, FL) that I believe that we have entered the Church's Finest Hour!  I'm excited, actually very pumped!  I hope that you are too!

Yes my Friend, the New Covenant Revolution....Grace is marching on and nothing can stop it!  Glory!

Grace and Peace!