That Dog Gone Veil!
Religion Kills But Holy Spirit Brings Life!

A Very Sensitive Subject!!!

I am very aware of the fact that by writing and going public with this Blog post I put myself in a place to receive a lot of criticism but I really feel that I should go ahead with publishing this anyway.  I have wanted to go public with a Blog post like this for a long time but just haven't felt that the timing was right, but now I do.   I feel that this post is very important as I can sense the urgency in the words of Paul in Galatians 1: 8-9, "Let God's curse fall on anyone, including us or even an angel from heaven, who preaches a different kind of Good News than the one we preached to you.  I say again what we have said before: If anyone preaches any other Good News than the one you welcomed, let that person be cursed." 

A little over 3 years ago now, God began to really reveal New Covenant Grace truths to me.  The above 2 verses became so important to me as I began to use them as benchmarks of truth in light of the revelations the Holy Spirit was showing me.  In other words, I kept checking these earth shaking revelations that I was getting to Paul's Gospel; was what I was sensing in my heart the Gospel Paul preached became my mantra. 

Here is a fact, one that you may not appreciate, but much of what is preached in churches today IS NOT truly Paul's Gospel!  For instance, just last week I was told of a local pastor who recently told his congregation, "If you people do not attend our Sunday night and Wednesday night services you risk coming under God's judgement!"  Folks...that is not Paul's Gospel!

Now this is where I am really opening myself up for criticism....Are you ready?  If you are entering into or have been given a fuller revelation of New Covenant Grace and you are attending and supporting a church where that revelation is not ministered, or where that revelation is not allowed or encouraged, you are making a very grave mistake!  If the ministry of the church you attend does not measure up with Paul's Gospel you are actually doing yourself and the people of that church a great disservice! Why?  Because the mixing of Grace and law (any law that by obeying brings a person closer to God) is just not Paul's Gospel!  Here is a little formula that I feel is of God.....Grace + Law ='s Law!  You cannot mix the two!  Doing so creates confusion and actually does much harm!

But you say, "God has called me to my church and He's not released me!"  To that I say.....NO WAY!  I'm sorry that is not the case as what you are failing to understand is that religion is very powerful and better people than you have tried to change it and have failed.  Often people say, "But you don't understand Larry, I love the people in my church!"  My answer to that is that if you really love them, leave that church find yourself a place where the true Gospel is propagated and lead the way so that they too can follow and find the true freedom of the Holy Spirit.  By the way, if you do indeed do what I suggest here, please beware as some of your friends will label you a heretic for having the gall to leave that church!  Hummm.... are people like that really your friend?

Often I find devote followers of people like Joseph Prince attending churches where Joseph Prince type ministry is not even entertained let alone encouraged.  By those people attending that type of church they are actually supporting ministry that goes totally against the Gospel that Paul preached!  Ouch!

My final words on this subject today are....If you are in a church or follow a ministry that is not truly preaching Paul's Gospel, get out now!  You will never change it and if anything that ministry will eventually change you.  Not a good thing!

Grace and peace!