I Believe ALL Sin is Forgiven!
Every Bad Deed is Now Blamed on Grace!

"Charisma" Strikes Again!

It seems that "Charisma Magazine" (online) has once again come forth as the Policeman of the Church!  Facebook is being flooded by links to the latest rant against the so called, "Grace Movement."  This rant is by Mike Bickle, the leader of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, MO.  I read Bickle's article and discovered just more of the same old thoughts that those who oppose Grace seem to state.  I do not want to get too much into his article, tearing it apart, etc.  Rather I would just like to make a statement or two...

Statement #1...directed to "Charisma"..When are you going to publish the other side of the story?  Years ago, when "Charisma" fought against a popular move of God in Florida, I called the magazine the "Revival Police."  That term caught on and people used it over and over.  Then, like now, it seemed that this group would think of themselves as the "Church's Watchdog."  Instead of reporting news, they promote their bias.  Come on...tell both sides and let people make up their own minds on this subject!

Statement #2...directed to all who oppose the so called, "Grace movement"...When are you going to oppose the real problem within the Church...that of legalism, control, and mixing law with Grace?  Listen...this goes on all of the time.  I know because I used to be one of these preachers.  I can't tell you how my heart aches over the people I hurt by my preaching of performance based Christianity.  I didn't share the Good News at all!

We all the time hear of people that are "sinning" because of the "Grace Message."  Maybe in some cases this is so.  I guess there is always a rotten apple in a bushel.  But where is the ire about all of those who have been hurt in church.  You know them...they love God but refuse to attend a church anywhere!

Last weekend I was called a heretic again.  I'm getting used to this treatment. A couple of weeks ago a pastor I know hung up the phone on me as he called what I was publishing, "Irresponsible!"  But all I'm trying to do is to lift up Christ like I've never lifted Him up in my entire life.  I'm pointing people to Jesus..to His finished work on the cross.  The people who are listening to me are walking in places with the Lord that I've never seen anyone walk in before.  I even have to say that my walk is off the charts and I've been saved since 1973!  This is the most exciting thing in my entire life with any desire to sin...just about gone! 

However, I've noted something...the "Police" of today really don't care about testimonies of victory.  They certainly don't care about Scripture because when shown that Christians don't sin any more, they just spout their same old rhetoric!  Do you realize that most people form their doctrine on what they have been taught by others, and not by what the Word of God states!

Well, that's my rant for the day!  I'm having the time of my life in my new found freedom and my new found appreciation of Jesus Christ!  I'm on a crusade...sharing this with whosoever will listen!  I'm excited, pumped and encouraged by Jesus Christ who lives within me and speaks to me so clearly by His Holy Spirit.

So to all, even those who oppose my beliefs, I pronounce the New Covenant blessing on you all....GRACE AND PEACE!