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Restore the Thrill in Bible Reading!

Do you recall the thrill and excitement you used to have when you read your Bible?  I remember my early Christian days and the excitement I had every time I read my Bible.  In those days I hardly ever laid it down. 

I was a salesman in those days and spent many hours driving from customer to customer.  I kept a special "car Bible" close to me at all times  so that at a lunch break or in a traffic jam I could feast on the Word of God.  I just could not lay my Bible down!  In those days there wasn't a lot of Christian books, especially of the charismatic flavor, so I would read The Book and my soul prospered as a result.

Most Christians seem to go through seasons of dryness, especially as they get older in the faith.  When the "excitement" leaves us, it's usually due to our relationship with the Lord becoming mundane.  In those times our Christian life seems to be driven by habit, rather than from our excited relationship with the Lord!  Sunday morning is going to church time, Monday through Friday is work and Saturday is play time.  Before you know it Sunday again and our two hours per week with God is back upon us.  And so the merry go round spins!

Most seasoned Christians do not read their Bible,  except on Sunday morning during their church service!  This is usually a symptom of their dry experience.  A shot of Revival usually takes care of this problem, however after Revival then what?  Usually it's more dryness!  Ouch!  Oh, by the way, I've been there so I know what I'm talking about!  Yes, I am a pastor and I have been very spiritually dry!  Most likely your pastor is spiritually dry right now but would never admit it!  You would be surprised as to just how many pastors are spiritually dry, just going on about their business like nothing is amiss!

Over the past year something wonderful has happened to me!  God has giving me the most exciting revelation that I have ever had!  I've been in ministry since 1976 and I can honestly tell you that reading my Bible is now more exciting than it has ever been!  God has given me a wonderful revelation of what New Covenant Grace really is.  It has changed my life, and as a result has made my Bible more exciting than ever!  I now see Christ and His wonderful plan on just about every page I read; even in the Old Testament!

You know if you read your Bible with only an Old Covenant understanding you are going to see a harsh, judging God.  However, when you read the Word with the full understanding of what the New Covenant is, your eyes are opened to the most perfect Love that the universe has ever seen. My friend, Mark Drake, calls this, "God's Brilliant Plan!"

It takes a revelation from the Holy Spirit to fully understand the New Covenant, especially if you have had the typical religious training that most of us have had.  Most Christians today are the products of false teaching in regards to God's plan for their lives.  We say that most Christians are "sin conscience" rather than being "Christ conscience."  As a result the Bible just becomes a book to prove their theology.  I maintain that one cannot have a relationship with doctrine or theology!  One can only have a relationship with another living being, in this case the very Son of God Himself who dwells within each and everyone who believes!

If your Bible reading is dry, or better yet, if you are honest and admit that you are spiritually dry, my suggestion is to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you the awesome wonders contained in the mystery of the ages..."Christ in you the hope of Glory!" Watch out!  When this happens you Bible will become just like mine....a brand new Book!

If I can help, please don't hesitate to contact me!

Grace and Peace!