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Raising children is no easy job! It seems the older they get the more difficult the job becomes! In the "old days" raising a youngster was not quite so challenging. When Little Johnny acted up it was simple to send him to his room. I remember those days when my parents used to send me to my room, laying on my bed, with nothing to do. It usually got my attitudes sufficiently corrected! When that didn't work, there was my dad's belt. Yep, I got that once in awhile too!

I was never mus-treated or abused by my parents. The few times a belt, yardstick or even the fly swatter was applied to my "seat of understanding" I deserved it and it worked! Only once was I ever struck by my Dad not on my "seat of understanding" and that was when he heard my brother and I arguing, and my Mom got involved and I called her a name that is used to describe a female dog. Dad ran down the basement steps, yelled, "Don't you ever call your Mother that again," and preceded to slug me in the chops, knocking me down to the floor. Man...I deserved that slug too! Know what?? It's didn't ruin my life or scar me for life either. It really changed my life, for the best! I loved my Dad until the day he died, and I still love and respect him today!

Things are different today! Liberal, permissive thinking, is not working! How well has the invention of "Time Out" really worked? Parents are told to don't spank Little Johnny, just put him in Time Out, as he's yelling and cursing at you, etc! I'm glad I'm not a parent today, with young children that need my direction! I can just about imagine having one of our 5 children yelling at me something like this, "If you touch me I'll call 911 and have you arrested!" Most likely my response would be, as I'm "tanning their hide," "Good, call 911 because if I'm going to jail for giving you Godly discipline, I'm going to go for something worthy of the charge, so get ready for the beating of your life!" But that's just me!

Corinne and I have been blessed by our 5 children. We've also been very blessed by the Lord taking care of them. Some of them have gone thorough some hard times, very hard times! Yet we've never lost a child to death or to serious injury, etc. Right now, one of our Kids is going through some real crisis in their marriage relationship. It's getting ugly. The phone rings here several times per day and it does create a lot of stress on Corinne and I, especially when we're about 1200 miles away from the situation, feeling totally helpless. Yet I was just thinking this morning....that this will one day end, some other problem may arise, but this situation will end. Thank God! However, I cannot even begin to imagine having one of my children, with my grand children living in New York City or in New Jersey right now, not even knowing if they are alive or not! No I can't imagine what so many parents in our Country are going through right now. All I can do is pray for them and for you and I who are parents that love our children!

God has a plan for all of our lives and when we understand that the New Covenant applies in child rearing too, we will soon realize a lot more Grace in raising our children, no matter how old they are!

Just saying.....

Grace & Peace!