Restore the Thrill in Bible Reading!

Operation "Mission Field: America!"

In light of this week's election results there is one very important point that we Christians have to remember.....50% of us voted Biblical!!!!  Remember God spared Sodom for 10 righteous people, then He removed them before He rained fire and sulphur down upon the city.  (see: Gen. 18 & 19)

Now many are very upset with the choice that America made Tuesday night.  I am getting inundated with email, social media posts, etc., talking about all of the judgment and bad things that are about to befall our nation.  Once again, I have to emphatically state that the judgment has already been completed by Christ.  He didn't come to judge the world but to bring it to salvation!  (John 3:17)  Now we as God's ambassadors need to go forth and declare this salvation to all who will hear.

The Old Ways Will No Longer Work!

Those who seem to oppose Christianity do so because they really do not know what true Christianity really is.  Many of them have been exposed to a legalistic, intolerant Church, being told that they are sinners and that they have to perform to please a God who seems to require so much from them.    These people have never seen the true Grace of God.  God has only been presented to them in an Old Covenant way.

The Churches Finest Hour!

OK... we now sit on the brink of one of the greatest times in world history.  God is allowing us to live when "those who know their God will do great exploits!" (Daniel 11:32)   Whether you see it or not, a "New Church" is coming to the forefront.  It's a Church with power, love and a stirring mandate to advance the Kingdom of God.  This Church is no longer living in the past, the Old Covenant, but is filled with the full knowledge of what Christ has done for Her.  This Church is no longer trying to please God by Her good works, but lives in a constant faith that the glorious works of Calvary are complete, indeed!   This "New Church" is not going to be full of show and glitz, rather She will be known by Her simplistic love; for God, for each other and for the world around Her, no matter how they vote!

My Church

Indeed, "Old things have passed away and all things have become new!" God has called my wife and I to raise up the finest church in our region.  To be honest, I'm thinking we've come a long way in this task, yet we have a great distance to go.  I'm excited by the position that our group here in Citrus County, FL finds ourselves in.  We are at the right place and the right time.  We are on the launching pad and the countdown has begun!  So, I'm declaring to the world a new vision....that vision is "Mission Field: America!" 

Through the message of New Covenant Grace we are about to change our nation, one person at a time!  Helping us is the Holy Spirit.  Please expect divine, supernatural provision along with a vast increase of signs, wonders and miracles!  In the midst of darkness there is a bright light shining!  That's the light of the true Gospel, Good News message.  That message is.....Our sins no longer exist!  To the lost world we no longer call them sinners, rather we tell them of all that Christ has already done for them.  He took the judgment so that they too can be saved!

Yep...that's my call on things.  Allow me to close with a few words from Rich Mullin's song, "Our God is an Awesome God."

Grace and Peace!

Judgement and wrath
He poured out on Sodom
Mercy and grace
He gave us at the cross
I hope that we have not
Too quickly forgotten that
Our God is an awesome God

Our God is an awesome God
He reigns from heaven above
With wisdom, power, and love
Our God is an awesome God