Restore the Thrill in Bible Reading!

OK..What Went Wrong Last Night?

The answer to my title question is: The Church failed again! 

Now before you get excited and say, "Amen, Larry....the Church failed to vote for the Bible, etc." you better read the rest of my post, because you may not like what I'm about to say!

Months ago I felt the Lord expressly state that I was supposed to stay out of the political fray this year.  There was no problem stating my position to my church or to those who sought my opinion, but I was not to get so totally consumed with politics like I have in past years.  I think, for the most part, I did a pretty good job of following the Holy Spirits directive for my life, even though there are many who would not agree with me on this at all.  You know, I've noted a truth again this year as I've observed so many get totally consumed and eaten up by the politics of this election year; the truth is that if one is not careful politics will enter a person and almost control them!  I think I've witnessed that among many of my Christian Brethren again this year!

One news commentator stated this morning, "America is no longer your Father's country."  He stated that the demographics of our nation are such that strong division is all that remains.  A good example is the racial issues; America is no longer a Black or White nation.  America is now a Brown nation!  Social issues such as abortion and gay marriage are equally split right down the middle, last night verified this. 

So some would agree with me in my statement that the "Church failed" by saying, "Yes, the Church should have done a better job attacking these moral issues!"  Where I'm probably going to be criticized here is that is NOT the Church's job to attack the moral issues of our Land.  Our job is to be Ambassadors of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying people!  Plus get this.... our old ways of preaching won't get it done either!  As long as the Church preaches against sin we will continue to fail in our divine mission and mandate!  That mission and mandate is to tell the world that Christ has already taken care of the sins of the world and that our faith in Him will change our lives forever!  Until we as the Church begin to preach the New Covenant, we will continue to be the dog chasing our tail!  Church....we cannot legislate morality.  True morality will only come by us bringing one person at a time into the wonderful saving knowledge of their God of Love!

Reading Facebook and Twitter posts last night and this morning I've noted a lot of hurt and bitterness in many posts of my Brothers and Sisters.  I like the prophetic word that Kenneth Copeland brought just a few days prior to the Election.  He stated, "Church, you are going to like the results of this Election!"  He quickly clarified that this did not mean that Romney would win!  He felt that the Lord was saying that either way, we as the Church of Jesus Christ will like the results.  I agree!  I'm thinking that we are on the verge of the greatest ground swell move of God that America has ever seen!  So I'm calling out to my Brethren...Get over it!  Let's regroup, reform and go forth preaching the Real Gospel of Jesus Christ...that is New Covenant Grace!  America... God is NOT judging you!  You have already been judged by God and found not guilty,  now come forth in no condemnation, into the total love of your God and Savior, Jesus Christ! One person at a time coming to Christ will eventually change our Land!

I'm getting ready for a Holy Ghost Gully Washer!  How about you?

Grace & Peace!