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An Open Letter From Che Ahn Concerning Recent Events - Todd & Shonnah Bentley

Che Ahn
Aug 16, 2008

Many of you may have heard that Todd Bentley and his wife, Shonnah, have separated this past week. I, along with you, am deeply saddened by the separation. None of us are completely aware of all the circumstances, but I do know that they had problems three years ago.

At that time, they sought counseling and went forward believing their marriage was restored. It is obvious that the stress of the outpouring meetings at Lakeland has had a major effect on their current relationship.

I tried to reach Todd from Korea but I was unsuccessful. John Arnott and Bill Johnson have talked with Todd, and Todd is stepping down from ministry and is willing to seek counseling. As of this time, the Bentleys are still going through with their separation.

Please pray that their marriage will be fully restored. It is not surprising that the enemy would use this incident and anything he can find to impugn the work of God to cause us and all involved to question the Lakeland revival.

Every revival that I have experienced or studied had its controversy, and the Lakeland revival, to say the least, has had its share.

But we at HRC believe that this is a true move of God because we have personally seen the effects of the Lakeland outpouring. We have seen firsthand the lives that have been changed, saved and delivered through this recent outpouring.

We have been witness to the power of Jesus physically healing many, including my daughter Joy, and healings of a number of our church members who went to Lakeland. We have also seen those who went to Lakeland come back with a greater healing impartation that is transferable. They are walking and imparting that greater anointing in increasing power and miracles wherever they minister today.

I have personally ministered in a dimension of creative miracles that I have never seen in more than 30 years of being in the healing ministry. I attribute the shift to the impartation I personally received at Lakeland.

We have been tremendously blessed to be part of the "Outpouring" at Harvest Rock Church. I believe the best is still ahead, even though Todd has stepped down.

I have every confidence that God began the “Outpouring,” and the “cat is already out of the bag.” Thousands upon thousands in our nation and many others have already received the impartation to cause it to continue and grow.

The original prophecies about the Outpouring said that the further it went from the epicenter where it began, the stronger the anointing would be. I believe that means we are to take it as carriers and be faithful to continue imparting what God began.

Our urgent concern now is for a family that is really hurting and is in desperate need of our prayers. May God have mercy on Todd and his family and pour out His incredible grace to bring them into healing and wholeness.

May God have mercy on us all, and may we carry mercy in our hearts to be reconcilers to those who would use this to destroy the marvelous wonders God has done and is yet to do.

In His love,  

Che Ahn
Senior Pastor