Super Bowl Sunday!
Fighting to Enter the Battle!

More Super Bowl Sunday!

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Monday Feb. 4..

It's over... the Big Game is over!  My team, the Giants won! However, I want to give a big congratulations to the Patriots for a great winning season and a great performance in yesterday's game!

I do like football.  I played football in high school.  I was raised in Michigan so grew up with the Detroit Lions and the Midwest Division of the old National Football League, the Bears, Packers, Vikings, etc.. the old "Black and Blue League!"  So....that is why I wanted the Giants to win.  They are NFC not AFC!  Get it?

OK... enough football!  Have a great week in Jesus.  Corinne and I just completed an hour of intercession and God is sooooooo close!  Wow!  We're preparing our hearts, lives and mechanical things for a lot of powerful ministry.  We take off onto the "Highway to Revival" two weeks from today with some meetings in the Stephenville, TX area.  Then on Feb. 29 we're in Cortez, CO then into the Prescott, AZ area.  So... keep us in your prayers.... we need them!


Larry (A pretty happy guy as the NFC won the game!)