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The Old Time Preacher used to be quoted, "It's better felt than telt!"

I know what that concept means, as I have things stirring within the depth of my heart that I don't have the communication skills to express.  For example, many years now, Corinne and I have been traveling our Nation sharing Jesus with all who will listen.  Our belief is that many Saints do not truly know Jesus Christ.  I'm not saying that they are not "saved," but they do not know true intimacy with Christ, hindering them from fulfilling the Great Commission of Matthew 28.  The Church's lack of knowing who Jesus Christ really is reduces Her to fear of failure and a lack of experiencing the the unconditional love of God, Her Lover.  Thus our Nation is not changed!  Corinne and I are trying to release the revelation of Christ and His Kingdom, so are many others.

Therefore I'd like to introduce to you Frank Viola!  Frank is a very interesting man.  It seems that many either love him, or don't understand him.  Frank has written many books that have come face to face with religious tradition, and we all know what happens when we challenge tradition.... Oh My!  So no matter what you think of Frank, no matter whether you agree or disagree with his past writings, YOU JUST HAVE TO READ HIS NEW BOOK, "God's Ultimate Passion!"

I have often wondered how many books I've read since becoming a Christian in 1973, if only to have a dollar for each one!  Of all of those books, many great ones, I'd like to suggest that Viola's new book ranks in the very top 10!  I also would suggest that "God's Ultimate Passion" is the most important book that Frank Viola has ever written!

Frank deals with three important thoughts and then eloquently brings them all back into total unity and life changing comprehension.  The thoughts dealing with the Bride of Christ, The House of God and The Body of Christ & The Family of God, will literally rock your world!  And, if you struggle in your relationship with God, watch out as you will soon be entering into brand new territory.  In this work Viola captures the depth of passion that Christ has for His Bride that very few authors have been able to express.

One last thing ...... "God's Ultimate Passion" is not just a one time read and then to be reduced to a dusty book shelf someplace.  This book is one you will pick up and refer to for the remainder of your life on earth.  It is also a book that you will want to purchase many copies of, as your friends and family will thank you forever if you give them a copy.  This book is a simple, timely revelation of God's purposes for His Bride that will bless all who read it.  To be honest, "God's Ultimate Passion" is so in unity with my heart, I have to kick myself for not writing it myself!

If you have already read this book, how about joining me by sharing a comment about it below.  Just click on the little "comment" button at the bottom of this blog article and follow the simple directions.

And if you are interested, you can purchase "God's Ultimate Passion" at

Be blessed this week and let me know later what you think of "God's Ultimate Passion."

Kingdom blessings ~ Larry

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