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Revival in New York State

Dear Friends,
This past Monday evening, September 25 Corinne and I met with the Leadership team of the Voice of the Bride (  (harp & bowl worship & intercession) in Pittsburgh.  After a time of teaching and ministry, spontaneous worship broke out.  The Team from Pittsburgh will be joining Corinne and I for an 8 hour harp & bowl event in Binghamton/Johnson City, NY on Saturday, October 14.  (we will be ministering with several groups in this region from Oct. 4 - 22)  During this time of intense worship prophetic words began to flow for the Binghamton Area. 
This was recorded and you can listen to about 17 minutes of this very powerful time of declarations into the region.  To do so, go to our website: and click on the link, just under "News Flash." 
Please feel free to forward this email to anyone you feel may interested.
Revival is beginning to stir in the Northeast States!

When Kings go to War

Greetings from Pittsburgh!

Update:  We leave Pittsburgh tomorrow (Wed. 9/27) for Northern PA.  We have a busy week long schedule ahead of us, and from there we're on to New York State.  The meetings have been powerful.  Last night we met with worship leaders and intercessors from the Greater Pittsburgh Area, and Wow.. did God favor us all!  The message of the Kingdom of God is going forth with power and being confirmed with signs following.  Again last night we had an instant healing take place.  I'll try to update you further at a later date.  Please continue to keep Corinne and I in your prayers. 

                                                               When Kings go to War

II Samuel 11: 1, "In the spring of the year, when kings normally go out to war....."

Our message is "The Present Reality of the Kingdom of God."  Matthew 24:14 tells us that the "Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached and then the end shall come."  For years we have misunderstood this to mean the Gospel of salvation.  Not so!  There is a vast difference.  The Gospel of salvation gets us into the Kingdom.  The problem is that so many of us in the Church do not comprehend our Kingdom authority.  We are completely missing who we are as the kings that Jesus is King of kings over. 

There is a powerful battle being waged over the hearts and souls of man.  God's Kingdom message is being released, and someone out there doesn't like it!  I recently had a vision of a large pipe being flushed out by the Holy Spirit.  Inside this pipe was our enemy.  He had his claws extended, sunk into the side walls of the pipe, and was hanging on for dear life.  I heard him say, "I am not going to let go!  This is my kingdom, I've been in charge for thousands of years!" 

Many good people, with hearts for God are currently going through the battles of their lives.  Just this morning I got a phone call from a dear brother who is a true Kingdom leader, asking for prayer and counsel as this enemy is destroying his marriage. 

Last night Corinne and I ministered on more of this to some worship leaders and intercessors in Pittsburgh.  Corinne has been given a great revelation of what it is that kings do.  One of those things is that kings wage war!  The New Living Translation of  II Samuel 11: 1 says that it is "normal" for kings to wage war in the spring of the year.  As a king/queen in the Kingdom of God, it is also normal for you to wage war on your entrenched enemy.  I wouldn't be too surprised if he's got his claws clinging into your pipe as well.  But you as a warrior king, have the right and the authority to flush him forth.  After all you are the victor!  Jesus made you thus!

I am really hearing the battle cry going forth.  Last night we prophetically told the people in Pittsburgh to sharpen their swords, polish their armor, get their supplies rounded up, as they are going forth into a new level of warfare.  Jericho was marched around 6 times, on the 7th the walls came down.  Some in the Body have been marching, marching and marching.  I'm hearing, "Stop marching around the city, go through the fallen wall, take the Land!"  I'm also hearing, "It's yours!"  Could it be that the old methods of spiritual warfare have been fulfilled?  I told Corinne the other day, "I'm tired of driving stakes into the Land, of mapping the Land, etc."  I said, "From now on I'm going to take the Land.  I don't need another map.  I already know what the Land looks like.  From now on I want to completely conquer what is mine by rights of my Kingdom authority!"

Again, I close with the words of Jesus, "And from the time John the Baptist began preaching until now, the Kingdom of Heaven has been forcefully advancing, and violent people are attacking it." (underlines mine).  It's fully time for us to take what is rightfully ours!  In the natural a new season is upon us.  It's officially Fall.  But in my spirit, I'm hearing, "It's Spring, it's time  for this king to go to war!"

Blessings ~ Larry

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A Proud Husband

Often people ask me, "What is a blog?"  My smart answer is, "My blog is something that I pay for with my own money, therefore it gives me the right to say anything I want!"  Of course I always have to follow up with a huge laugh!  However, my answer is true... I do pay for it, and I do like express my thoughts... so here goes another one!

I wish to say that I am a very proud husband!  In a few weeks Corinne and I will have been married for 40 years.  Some call that a record.  Wow,  how I hate to recall our early years, prior to Jesus coming into our lives as those days were filled with fighting, booze, depression, and near divorce.  Then as the old story goes.... "Then came Jesus!"  Our marriage was healed, and a call of ministry was placed on our lives.  Our friends and family did not understand us, and some still don't!  But we felt led of God to forsake all and pursue Him.  If we had it to do over again, we'd do the same thing. 

Several years ago the Lord spoke to both of us at the same time, expressing that for the time being, we were not to own a home, instead we were to travel our Land, helping God's kids enter into revival.  So, with a few breaks for some church planting, my Bride has given up homes, family and security for a life on the "road map of invisible ink" that our Lord has given us to follow.  I have to say, not too many wives would live in a 37 foot motor home (with no slide outs)!  Often people say, "That motor home is huge!"  From the outside it surely looks huge, but on the inside it is amazing how quickly the walls begin to compress us.  Yet it is our home.  We love it and of course we're looking for the next upgrade, but until then Pilgrim I is our home on 8 wheels!  Yes, I'm very proud of Corinne! 

But last night my pride for her took a giant leap.  Of all of the women I know, and I know many, many wonderful godly women, I don't know of any that have a personal walk with Jesus like my wife does.  Sometimes she is just caught up in His presence and I know not to interrupt as something very special is going on between the two of them.  Corinne came from a pretty hard background.  (you can listen to some of her testimony on our web page:  Her family life wasn't the best, and there was abuse in her life, and during our early marriage years, she had to deal with my alcohol abuse, and her suicidal depression.  Yet over the years she's come to such a healthy insight of who she is in God.  She's now preaching that "She's God's Favorite Daughter!" 

Corinne walks in a very powerful call of God.  She is one of the most accurate prophetic people walking the earth.  Others say this, not just me!  Yet, she doesn't flaunt her gift.  She'd rather sit in the back ground let others and myself carry the load of ministry.  If a pastor calls her out for recognition, Corinne just about wilts, and would love to "cut and run" rather than draw any attention to herself.  She knows well that any glory that she gets really belongs to the One who loves her the most.  Corinne doesn't have the foggiest idea about just how powerful her ministry really is, and she really doesn't care to hear about it either!

We've been preaching on the Kingdom of God and I can't go into it all here as I'm trying to keep this article as short as possible.  But we are convinced that many, many of our Brethren are not living in Kingdom victory. 

Last night Corine began 3 nights of meetings in Mansfield, OH.  All I can say is....WOW!  The anointing on her was powerful.  She spoke with an authority that I've never seen upon her.  Her love for the people that she was praying for was evident by the tears running down her face.  To Corinne, ministry to the hurting is the "real deal!"  I told her after the meeting, that her message was the best I had ever heard her preach, but even more than that.... It was the best message that I've ever heard preached... by anyone, ever!  OK, some might say that I'm just batting for my wife here, but I trust that you can see into my heart on this and realize that I am serious.  People were healed last night.  Their emotions were touched by the presence of our Holy God who loves them without end. 

Let me end this with one other statement.  I'm not just a proud husband, I'm also a very proud Son.  My Father has given me the greatest wife ever, but more than anything, He's given her to "whom so ever will" so that their lives can be changed too... that the manifestation of the Kingdom of God will become a living reality in their lives.  My wonderful Father has give me a great wife, but even more than that, He's given her to the world.  As they place a demand on her anointing, they will be transformed. 

Yes, I'm a proud husband, but more than anything today, I have to say that I'm a very proud Son! 

"And the Good News about the Kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world, so that all nations will hear it; and then the end will come." Matthew 24:14



Wheels About to Roll

Occasionally people ask us, "Where do you really live?"  It's like they just can't understand that we really do live full time in a motor home.  We often smile at this question and say something like, "We live in a house with 8 wheels." 

For the past month we have been located in an RV park near Cedar Springs, Michigan.  We have been busy with family activities, which includes the birth, July 27 of our newest grandson, Tyler.  We have also been busy getting our personal business taken care of, things like taxes (uck) that just can't be done while traveling full time.

Our motor home, Pilgrim I, seems to be the happiest when she's on the road, doing what God created her to do.   She's a 37 foot, class A motor home.  She's getting a little old, but she sure does love to travel.  Some one told me the same thing yesterday, "You sure like to travel, don't you?"  And to that I could only say, "Amen!"  I am reminded of Paul's words, "For I long to visit you so I can bring you some spiritual gift that Will help you grow strong in the Lord." Romans 1:11.  That is the same thing that Corinne and I do.  We travel America, spreading the wonderful Gospel of the Kingdom of God.  We believe that our message will bring revival to the Church in America.  We love to preach it, teach it and impart it.  So for the past month we've been busy, but we've also been getting filled up with more of the Holy Spirit in anticipation of the day when we roll up the awning, lift up our jacks, fire up our big block Chevy engine, and roll down the road, spreading God's wonderful Spirit to whoever will receive us and Him. 

Actually that day is soon at hand.  Next Thursday, Sept. 7 we leave Michigan for our first meeting of our Journey of America which kicks off Sunday, Sept. 10 in Springfield, Ohio.  From there we have some other Ohio meetings, and then into Pennsylvania and New York State for the rest of September and October. 

I've been catching a burden for the region of South East Ohio, so we're praying for open doors in that region for November.  Then into the South East States for early December and January (We're planning on spending Christmas/New Years with my mother in FL).  So if you know of someone that might be interested in having us in, give a shout.  We'll do our best to keep you updated from the road.

Our wheels are about to roll!  We've got the fire in our hearts and just can't wait to give it away!  Please keep us in your prayers.

Blessings and have a great Labor Day weekend!


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