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Just thinking.....In the midst of darkness there is light!

One of our church members just called us and shared a load of his current problems with us. To be honest, right now things look pretty dark for him due to the circumstances he's going through. Corinne and I had him on speaker phone and we, especially Corinne shared Jesus with him. Not that he doesn't already know Jesus, he does, real well! But there is one thing with Jesus...THERE IS ALWAYS MORE!

I just sent this Brother a text, "In the midst of darkness there is Light!" Friends, this is THE message for 2016! Darkness wants to surround us, but in the midst of it all there is THE LIGHT!

Some today are all caught up with politics, others with the terrorist threat, many are caught up in both! The bottom line in all of this is fear and isn't fear really darkness? Let me tell you...the answer to everything is Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!

I get accused of having my head stuck in the sand and that I don't care what happens to our country, well that is a bold face lie. I love America! I love our nation so much that I want to share with everyone the true answer! His name is Jesus, not Trump! Get the picture!

2016 will be the Church's Finest Hour! I suggest that you get your head out of the sand built on fear and once again fix you eyes on the KIng of kings, Lord of lords and the Light of the World! He either is this light or He isn't. All I can say is that for me and my house HE IS! GLORY!!!!

Grace and peace for 2016!

Just thinking.....Where sin abounds grace rebounds!

Romans 5:20 is a very neglected verse within the Church of today. Paul states, "Moreover the law entered, that the offense might abound. But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound." (KJV) The Darby Bible Translation says this about part A of this verse, "But law came in, IN ORDER THAT THE OFFENCE MIGHT ABOUND." (emphasis mine) So in light of this, what would have happened if law didn't come in? What would happen to the offence? Have you ever thought of this before? Paul is saying that if it were not for the law, the offence (sin) would not exist! That's why we teach that, "where there is no law there is no sin!"

Now, many argue with me and state that I'm just teaching lawlessness. I can't believe how many Christians still believe that the old covenant law is still in operation. I can quote verse after verse, but they so often refuse to believe that it is possible that the old law is no longer in force! Just to back this up some, here is Paul stating this in 2 Corinthians 3: 11, "So if the old way, which HAS BEEN REPLACED, was glorious, how much more glorious is the new, which remains forever!" When reading this in context it is very clear that Paul is speaking of the old covenant Law of Moses! It's gone friends! I really get people upset when I tell them that we are no longer under the Ten Commandments! But, then again, I'm not coming up with this, Paul did that a long time ago, because that is what Jesus taught Paul to teach to the emerging Church (Gal. 1).

Here is what I've noticed about Grace preachers....they are so very excited about Jesus, they are so grateful for the finished works of the cross! I know that I am....I am so much more excited about Christ than I've ever been in my entire Christian life! So, if you don't agree with me, please just leave me alone because my life is so much better now, better than it's ever been! I'm closer to the Lord than ever..after all, I am fully convinced that He lives in me and nothing I can do will remove Him from me or me from Him! is my little secret...2016 is going to be a year filled with revelations of New Covenant Grace! More and more people are having the veil lifted from their hearts as the Holy Spirit continues to reveal the fullness of Jesus Christ. Don't get side tracked by all of the junk of the world....this coming year will be THE CHURCH'S FINEST HOUR!


Grace and peace!

Just thinking.....God HAS already forgiven you!

I was recently made aware of someone (no one in our church) who is about to make a very bad decision for their life, one that I would once considered to be very grievous sin years ago. (And it's still a very bad thing!) This person is not currently in a place of understanding God's grace, at least not yet! So my response in regards to what this person is about to do is simply....SHOW THEM JESUS! Minister His grace to them! I also made this statement, "God Has ALREADY FORGIVEN THEM!" That's right, even before they ask for forgiveness, God has already done His part!

Isn't the sacrifice of Jesus just awesome! You know us Grace Preachers get attacked all the time for being compromising. Yet, the Jesus we preach is so wonderful, so powerful, so awesome, so EVERYTHING!!! We grace preachers are Jesus preachers!!! At least I am! Glory!

Grace and peace!

Just thinking....About revival: It's here today and gone tomorrow!

When Corinne and I were on the road for 12 years bringing and sustaining revival in churches all over America one of our greatest frustrations was wondering if we were really making a difference. We were involved in many powerful meetings, often extended meetings. We would book with a new church/pastor and tell them when we did that put our meetings in your book in pencil as so often we would have to reschedule due to our meetings being extended.

We saw many glorious things take place, lives changed in awesome ways. However, the one thing we took note of was that it all was temporary! Many times we would experience an "move of God." Later we would return to that church and discover that we had to begin all over again at the beginning. We discovered that revival was here today and gone tomorrow and it frustrated us greatly. Here we were sacrificing our lives for this and the results were short lived!

If you don't agree with me, please take a look at some of the "revival meetings" over the past few years. Many were extended for weeks, some with people traveling from all parts of the world to attend, and so often something happened and "Poof!" it all disappeared! I recall another good example on a smaller scale: Soon after Corinne and I arrived at our church here in Florida our new church experienced a pretty strong move of God. Many in the congregation were greatly touched by the Holy Spirit. Corinne and I were excited as we saw transformation taking place in our people. One guy was greatly touched when he and his wife went on a several week vacation. When the guy came home he was just as spiritually dry as he was before he left on vacation. That was disappointing to us to say the least!

Here is what we have discovered. Yes, revival is here today and gone tomorrow, that is true, but the problem is there is a missing ingredient to the moves of God today. The missing ingredient is New Covenant Grace! Why is this? The answer is simple, most revival is based on traditional church teaching which very often mixes the Law or some type of law with grace. I have a very simple mathematical equation that describes this: Law + Grace ='s Law!

When the Church understands that no form of law can mix with God's grace, then we will see true transformation! I believe that God is bringing revival all right! But it's not your mother's revival! God is releasing marvelous revelations of New Covenant Grace. When this is mixed in with the workings of the Holy Spirit you can only have one thing....TRANSFORMED LIVES!

2016 is fix'n to be the Church's Finest Hour! It's gonna be Grace, Grace and more Grace! Are you ready???

Grace and peace!

Just thinking....I no longer fear being wrong!

Over the past 4 years Corinne and I have had our lives dramatically transformed! The reason has been due to receiving revelations of God's wonderful gift of grace. We have found that part of living within the New Covenant is that much of what we had been taught in the past, and actually used to teach others was not correct!

The realization that I used to teach incorrect things used to really bother me. I like most pastors or ministers like to feel that we are 100% correct 100% of the time in our teachings. So when I began to discover that I had actually taught things wrongly it got me a little upset, to say the least!

Many times I stood before the congregation of our church and made a statement like this, "I used to teach it this way, but the Holy Spirit has shown me that it was incorrect, here's the way it really is!"

I also made another discovery during those early days....I and others like me, do not always teach the true Holy Spirit revelations of the Bible, but rather we often teach what we have been taught by others. Now if others are teaching us correctly that is a good thing, but unfortunately, much of what we in the Church have been taught is incorrect! So, but teaching untruths we propagate untruth! ouch!

I'm quickly learning that there is nothing wrong with me being wrong! I have realized that I "see in part and know in part!" I have also learned that the only way to go forward is to have an open mind. So many church leaders have their minds closed to the truths of New Covenant Grace. Actually, their minds have been veiled by the veil that Paul speaks of in 2 Corinthians chapter 3. "Wherever Moses is read a veil comes over their minds., etc."

So, please feel free to be wrong once in awhile. I assure you, it is very liberating!

Grace and peace!

Just thinking..... Who says women can't preach???

I guess that it isn't so bad now, but years ago, there was a great deal of controversy within the ranks of many churches that suggested that it wasn't God's will for women to preach. When Corinne and I traveled full time in ministry, every once in awhile we would run into a pastor that didn't like it if I had Corinne minister in their church. One guy got very ticked off when she prayed one night for the leaders of his church. That Sunday morning I felt to ask her to preach. That pastor let it happen, sat through her entire message with his arms folded and staring daggers into her. But after a move of God, an obvious move of God, he came to her at the end of the service, gave her a very modest hug and said he liked her! Wow! Grace broke through the hard heart!

My wife is a powerful preacher! I think she is much better than I am. The people of our church love it when she ministers! The reason why she ministers so well is that the ministry comes from deep within her heart; she lives what she preaches!

Yesterday morning she preached the most powerful, best Christmas message that I've ever heard. It was packed with grace type revelation. I doubt that her message has ever been preached before by any other preacher! Soon, I'll be posting the link to the video link on my Facebook page, I hope you will be able to watch it. I assure you, you won't be sorry!

Hey...Women are great preachers! It's time that the Church turns them loose! Watch out for what happens as a result!

Just thinking.... Even the homeless need to learn how to give!

Today's, just about daily, rant comes about as a result of an over night Facebook post I responded to about mega church would do better by building homeless shelters rather than building huge church buildings. And, yes, there just may be a good case for that thought! However, as one who has worked with homeless people for many years a couple of things need to be taken into consideration here.

#1. Many homeless people are homeless by choice. I realize that many are forced onto the streets by bad things happening to them, even mental illness. However, there are some who choose that lifestyle and even if nice housing was provided for them, they would still choose to live homeless.

#2. People need to learn to give and that includes the homeless. Giving is priceless! When I suggested this concept on last night's Facebook thread I was really rebuked by a lady who told me that I didn't know my Bible, etc. It seems that she has a homeless friend who attended a church and that church took money from her friend. She thought that the church was terrible in doing that. Yes, it could be that the church mentioned is abusive and did take her friend's money from not pure motives. Yet, there is another side too, that being that God was working in her homeless friend, showing him the importance of giving so that he could finally get free of the poverty spirit.

Jesus says, "It is more blessed to give than to receive!" Yes, to the gal who rebuked me, that is also in the Bible!

Years ago I was the lunch time chaplain at a Salvation Army soup kitchen. I would have Bible study with the group, pray for needs, counsel the homeless, etc. On special occasions I would bring my wife and two girls, who were still at home then, and we would pack sandwich bags for the guys and gals there, especially over the Holidays when the kitchen would be closed. My girls loved it, they loved the people there! One guy, we used to call him "Scruffy Face" as he had a very unkempt beard loved my girls. He would joke with them and they liked him too. He would visit our church some on Sunday mornings. One year, the day before Christmas Eve, he came up to me in the lunch line and put a $10 bill in my shirt pocket. He said, "I want to give your girls a Christmas present!" I told him, "I can't take your money!" He got very upset with me and said, "Please don't rob me of this chance of getting a blessing back!" OK Holy Spirit, I hear what you are saying! I took his money and got presents for the girls with it. They were blessed. After that "Scruffy Face" disappeared. We never could figure out where he went to. Maybe he was an angel sent by God to teach me a lesson about giving!

Corinne and I have learned the blessing of giving! To be honest, we cannot survive unless we give. Just this morning we talked about writing a check to the Salvation Army and putting it a kettle at Walmart Monday morning. These things are vital to our walk of faith.

No matter what you are going tough your finances are, learn to be a giver! I don't care if it's a dime in the Salvation Army kettle, just give! It doesn't all have to go to your church either. Just follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and you will never go wrong!

By the way.... I want a mega church because the larger it is, the more we can give! Just saying....

Grace and peace!

Just thinking.....We need to tell the lost world that they are sinners and need to repent...NOT!

I wish to begin this somewhat daily muse by making this controversial statement: Jesus destroyed the sin nature of ALL PEOPLE at the cross! He actually ended all sin at the cross because he ended the Law there! Where there is no Law there is no sin! Therefore, making people pray a "sinner's prayer" for salvation just is not Biblical! Sin no longer exists, period!!!

Now, I know that many, many will not agree with the above statement, but please rest assured, I can give many, many biblical references to back up my statement. But, instead, please allow me to ask you to lay down all of your teaching on this subject and ask God what he thinks about what I just said. You may be surprised at what you may hear!

Last night, just prior to Manny the Wonderdog waking me up at 12:30 a.m. for an outside visit, I had a dream. I was on a stage, with a microphone, telling hundreds of people about Jesus. I sensed that most of the people present were not Christians. So I was inviting them to change their mind about what they thought of God by telling them about the awesome things that Jesus did for all of mankind on the cross! Many people came to me and told me that they believed in what I was telling them and they confessed Jesus as their Lord! I was excited when Manny nudged my arm to go outside!

We lead people to Christ by simply telling everyone what God's wonderful plan for every person really is. It is so exciting!!!

If you haven't written me off as a heretic yet and are still reading this post, let me share with you just one awesome verse on this subject.....2 Corinthians 5:19 (NLT), "For God was in Christ, reconciling THE WORLD to himself, NO LONGER counting people's sins against them. And he gave us this wonderful message of reconciliation." OK....I can't help not finish the rest of the chapter...It fits my dream so well. Here is is...verses 20-21, "So we are Christ's ambassadors; God is making his appeal through us. We speak for Christ when we plead, COME BACK TO GOD! For God made Christ, who never sinned, to be the offering for our sin, so that we COULD BE MADE RIGHT WITH GOD THROUGH CHRIST."

Now try to sleep on those verses! Oh what a Savior!!!!!!

Grace and peace!

Just thinking.....Our church isn't a one man show: And I'm glad!

The other day Corinne and I were in our local Walmart and we ran into a gal who has visited our church some, New Covenant Grace Fellowship in Inverness, FL. ( She told us, "One of the things I like about your church is that it isn't a one man show!"

Last night during our Wednesday evening service, one of our leaders brought a teaching that hit the mark 100%. I have to confess something as a result.... pride rose up in me! Yep....I became very prideful in watching that young man minister. I was so proud of him that I couldn't hardly stand it! It was like he was one of my sons! Now this happens so often in our church because we allow others to minister all of the time. This isn't just preaching or teaching either! For instance it is very common that during worship some of our people will roam around in the midst of the congregation, praying for, ministering to and even speaking prophetically to those who are in attendance. What do Corinne and I do when this is happening? NOTHING!

Years ago in a new church plant we were working with I was praying and making some announcements when a Sister stood up and said, "I'm very sick right now and I need prayer!" I immediately began to walk over to her to pray with her and the Holy Spirit stopped me by saying, "If you pray for her no one else will!" Thankfully I heard the Lord and looked down and saw another couple of gals sitting close. I asked them to pray for the ill Sister, they did and she was immediately healed. She probably would have gotten healed if I had prayed for her, but God's way was a whole lot better! See the point?

As a pastor here is my job description, "And he gave some pastors.....Their responsibility is to equip God's people TO DO HIS WORK!" (Eph. 4:11-12) I think I'm doing a pretty good job of this! I hope you would agree!

At our church we don't have a one man show! Rather we have the Body of Christ doing the work of the ministry! Glory!

Grace and peace!

Just thinking.....Christians don't like to be judged either!

So many people, outside of Christianity and the Church feel that we Christians are judgmental! I'm sorry to say, that in many cases their feelings about the Church are correct, and even I'm more sorry to say that they judge Christ based upon their judgments of the Church. I don't like this, not even one little bit! But we, the Church, must now drink at the well that we've created! We have been very judgmental and as a result many people don't want a thing to do with us! Ouch!

Therefore I don't like it when I'm lumped in with judgmental Churchanity! My flesh wants to judge others but the presence of Christ within me only wishes to love them! As I become more aware of new covenant truths, His love does come out of me more and more. Certainly, I've not arrived yet, but I see myself heading in the right direction.

When I tell people that our church is different they usually refuse to believe me. They have heard that story before; but the facts are, we as a church are different, and I as a pastor, but more importantly, as a Believer in Jesus Christ, a brother in the Lord am far different than I have ever been in my life. I'm doing a pretty fair job of leaving my judgment glasses behind and now only seeing through my love glasses.

So, I will end my morning rant by saying...Jesus Christ is love!!!

Grace and peace!