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Millions Will Soon Come to Christ!

This morning one of my Facebook Friends posted the following Video on her time line.  It is a little over 10 minutes and records millions of Muslims coming to Christ in meetings a few years ago in Nigeria with Evangelist Rinehard Bonke. Here is the link if you care to view it:

As I viewed this video I had tears come to my eyes!  I really did have my life messed up by the Holy Spirit as I watched!

Here is a fact from history, one to never forget: THE WORSE THINGS BECOME IN THE WORLD THE MORE PEOPLE WILL COME TO CHRIST! I believe that we are entering into a time period that will be called the "Church's Finest Hour!"  I'm not looking for the rapture, I'm looking at expanding the Kingdom, the KINGDOM NOW!

The night of 9/11 my wife and I were attending a prayer meeting in a small church in Cedar Springs, Michigan.  We were there visiting my Brother and his family, not to have meetings; we were on vacation.  The small church was directly across the street from my Brother's house.  That night, all over America, churches opened their doors for prayer.  Within hours signs were going up all over the nation, "God bless America!"  Towards the end of that prayer meeting I felt that the Lord spoke to me and said, "Strike while the iron is hot!" I mentioned this to the pastor of the church prior to us leaving and he said that he wished to speak with us first thing in the morning.  We arrived in his office at 10:00 a.m. the following day and he asked if we could begin a few meetings beginning that Sunday evening.  We agreed to minister Sunday evening through Wednesday evening. 

During the Sunday morning meeting, the Glory fell.  Most of the people didn't even know about our meetings that were to begin that night.  No one could minister or even say a word, God just took over that meeting.  A short time later people for the 2nd service began to arrive and the people from the first service were still there, many on the floor.  It was like mass chaos, but it was powerful!  That second crowd walked into another bomb and both services merged into one packed out house that lasted well after 2:00 p.m. 

We went across the road to our motor home, got a bite to eat and collapsed into our bed.  Soon we showered and did the same thing again at 6:00 p.m. 

Those meetings didn't end on Wednesday night.  They lasted over 7 weeks and would have gone a lot longer if some disgruntled church leaders hadn't gotten in the way of the Holy Spirit.  Many area people were dramatically effected by God's moving.  Yes, His "Suddenlies" showed up right in the midst of national chaos!

As I viewed Bonke's video this morning, I could help but think that this took place in Nigeria with a "Pseudo Gospel" being preached.  How much more will happen as God is releasing a new generation of evangelists, those who know the true Gospel of Jesus Christ!  Glory!

Instead of telling people that they are sinners, these of the "New Breed" will preach a message of righteousness and of hope.  The masses will hear of the finished works of the cross, of the fact that they are indeed holy, not because of what they have or have not done, but by what Jesus Christ has already done for them! 

I tell you.....when this begins to happens the millions will turn into tens of millions!

Come on you "Grace peeps" it's time to rise up!  Let the true Gospel of Jesus Christ go forth.  Talk about revival!!!!!   Glory to God!!

Grace and peace!


I'm Not Always Understood!

It's Saturday morning. I often like to go fishing on Saturday mornings, but not today.  It seems that I have a lot to get ready for tomorrow morning's service, plus the weather isn't the way I like it.  See after all this Florida living I have been spoiled by good weather!  I am also spoiled by these past years of "lake living."  I don't have to fish all day in spite of fish not biting or bad weather because I can go fishing anytime I want.  What a blessing!  So the Florida Bass in Lake Tsala Apopka are safe one more day!  lol

I am enjoying coffee on the back patio watching the other guys take off in their Bass boats.  Good luck guys!

In meditation this morning I am dwelling on God's goodness!  Someone recently wrote about how they must try to stay in God's presence and I am thanking God because I am always in God's presence!  I would like to share with that person about how there is no longer anything that they have to do to get into His presence, but I fear that they will not understand what I am trying to say, so I'll be quiet.

You see, many people no longer understand me!  Over the past 5 years, I have had a lot of change take place in my life.  Some of my old friends think I'm crazy, or that I have "back-slid" or maybe have even lost my salvation.  However, the truth is that I am in a place with God that I have never been in before;  And....I'm loving it!

Here is the little nugget that God has been teaching me, one that I talk about a lot these days.....Jesus said, "It IS finished!"  His three words just might be the three most powerful words in the Bible!

So, as I reflect this morning, I remain completely satisfied in my heart about where I am in in my relationship with God.  You may be one who doesn't really understand me any more, but please rest assured that I am enjoying the rest that God, through Christ, has given me!  Glory!!!

Grace and peace!

The Simplicity of God's Plan!

I certainly do not want to downplay the importance of intelligence!  However, I'm sensing that there is just too much thinking going on in the Body of Christ these days.  What's strange here is about me writing that last sentence is that I've been stating for several years now that it's time the Body of Christ begins to think!  Isn't that a hoot?  

What I mean is, let's not think so much that we make the message of New Covenant Grace difficult!  It seems like we are being flooded by some pretty strange doctrine these days.  I'm sad to say that much of it is coming out of the "Grace Camp."  I'm certain that what is happening is that many people are escaping the bars of religion with a desire to stay as far away from religious bondage as possible and in so doing are venturing a little off the so called "deep end."

I've said it before and I'll say it again....I BELIEVE IN A BALANCED GRACE MESSAGE!  Some of my "Grace Friends" do not like that word, "Balanced."  However, I do!

Listen...The Holy Spirit has led me into the revelations of New Covenant Grace from the pages of the Bible!  He has shown me how to rightly divide it and as a result it has become a new Book to me!

The message of Grace is simple!  The message of Christ is simple!  I'm thinking that we all need to take a deep breath and stop striving for more deeper teaching.  Let's just enjoy Christ as He is, for what He HAS done for us!  After all the Holy Spirit says to each of us, "Let us labor to enter God's rest!"

Grace and peace!

Pastors Have Hard Days Too!

Yesterday, Wednesday November 4, 2015, was a hard day for me.  Nothing serious happened to me, but rather I was beset by a series of minor events that seemed to take a toll.  I won't elaborate on the events, other than to say that by dinner time I was rather "down in the dumps!"  We ate dinner and it was time to clean up for church, it was then that I told Corinne that I just didn't feel like going to church.  We both laughed at it as we know that many times church people feel the same and actually stay home.  I didn't feel like attending church but I knew, from past experience, that the times I don't feel like being in church turn out to be some of the best church services and I leave refreshed, healed, etc.  And so it was yesterday!

Our wonder dog, Manny, loves the people of our church! 


Manny and Bro. Jim at Christmas Party

When anyone from church comes to our house, Manny enters his dog heaven!  In that our Wednesday evening services are so informal and that Manny is totally afraid of thunderstorms, and thunderstorms in Florida are almost an every night experience in Florida, we take him to church on Wednesday nights.  He loves it and knows when it is time to leave the house, he gets all excited.  Just mention the word, "church" to him and he begins to jump all around!  Last night I though to myself..."Manny is more excited about going to church than I am!"  I got a chuckle out of it!

An interesting thing happened last night.  Corinne and I were the first in the building then shortly after Joe and his granddaughter, Kayla, arrived.  As soon as they entered Manny was there greeting them.  Almost instantly the "funk" I was in was broken!  Just the presence of two special people broke whatever it was holding me down!  By the time others arrived, I had absolutely no recollection of being down in the dumps at all!

The service was amazing!  I shared some Scripture about Christ, others shared as well.  A couple of our Moms shared how their kids are coming alive to Jesus through the grace teachings of our church's youth department.  Then our youth pastor, Dave, shared some thoughts and prayed over the group.  A few others shared as well about what grace is doing in their lives!

The bottom line is that I came home feeling like a million dollars!  Just think what would have happened if I would have stayed home?  Nothing!

I love what God is doing in our church, New Covenant Grace Fellowship in Inverness, Florida!  I love our people!  Corinne and I are in the right place at the right time!  We are excited and pumped and wish that all of Citrus County could experience what is going on in our midst!

If you get to Florida this winter, make sure you schedule a time to give us a visit.  I assure you....You will not be disappointed!  Glory!

Grace and peace!

K.I.S.S...Keep It Simple Saint!

Many years ago I was enjoying lunch with a pastor friend of mine.  He drove from another community so that we could enjoy some fellowship.  Our lunch conversation turned to eschatology and he began sharing how ready he was for rapture to occur.  I told him that I didn't agree with him on a "pre-tribulation rapture" and stated why.  He actually became rather angry with me and ended our lunch fellowship early by telling me, "You won't have to worry about being raptured soon because you don't believe in it!" I couldn't believe what I was hearing!  I won't be raptured because I don't believe in it, and here I thought that the criteria for such a thing was the works of Christ not if I believed or didn't believe in the rapture!  

Back it that day, about 30 years ago, things seemed much simpler.  There were no cell phones, no computers as we know them, no internet and of course no social media!  We read a lot of books for our information and there was Christian TV, but that's another story!  Eschatology back in the day was pretty simple as one was either Pre, Mid or Post.  Some later added, Pan as it would "all pan out in the end!"

The other day a guy called me asking questions about our church.  He said that he was  a Preterist.  My response was, "Full or partial?"  I then told him that we were victorious, Kingdom now people and we shared more.  However, do you see my point?  Now, with social media, we can come up tons of various doctrines to hang our hats on.  Doctrines create division!  I have been a party to a lot of dividing over the years as my mind has been pretty much made up in a lot of doctrinal areas.  However, I am now feeling to calm down, to take a spiritual "chill pill" and relax as my doctrines do not change the plans of God one little bit. I'm also learning that most people already have their minds made up and it just doesn't matter what I say or don't say, I'm not going to change their minds one bit!

I'm saying that we in the Church are making things too hard!  We are approaching issues and beliefs with a lot of intelligence, and I have no problem with that, but just maybe we are going off the deep end of the cliff with all of this stuff!

I'm thinking that God wants me to keep it simple!  I'm thinking that I need to apply more of God's love into every situation and no longer see myself as right all of the time.  Instead I just bask in  the love of the King of Glory and just let that love spill over to anyone who wants a drink.

So....If you are Pre, Mid, Post, Full or Partial, etc., etc.  it makes no difference to me because to me all that counts is Jesus! If you are OK with that, then I'm OK with you!

Grace and peace!