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What About The "Age of Accountability?"

It seems that my theology and doctrine has really changed over the past three years or so.  Sometimes I am totally amazed at how much my beliefs have changed!  Here is just one case in point:  The Age of Accountability.

If you are a traditional Evangelical or lean towards fundamental doctrine you most likely have been exposed to the Age of Accountability.  In a nutshell it simply means that all children while they are young at age are saved.  That means that a baby, if it should pass away at a young age, would find itself in heaven for eternity.  However, then each child, and only God knows when, comes to the Age of Accountability and must make a personal decision to repent of their sins and invite Christ into their heart.  Wow!  As I type these words I just cannot help but noticing all of the fallacy that I used to believe in!  I don't wish to digress but..."repent of their sins," "invite Christ into their heart?" Where in the world do we come up with this stuff???  However, going back to the Age of Accountability thing....Can anyone please help me and show me just one verse of Scripture that backs this thinking up????  It just does not exist!

So much of what the Church has taken for granted just is not correct!  One of the things that I feel I'm called to do in my ministry is give people the opportunity to think for themselves.  I remain fully convinced that most Christians only believe what they have been taught to believe and that much of that teaching does not come from the Holy Spirit's revelations of the Bible but rather by what others have taught them to believe.  Church....IT IS TIME TO THINK!

Allow me to close with one very exciting verse of Scripture, 2 Corinthians 5:19 (NLT ~ emphasis mine), "For GOD WAS IN CHRIST, reconciling the WORLD to Himself, NO LONGER COUNTING PEOPLE'S SINS AGAINST THEM." What a powerful verse of Scripture!  It sure blows away any Age of Accountability....Just saying...

Grace and peace!