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I Do Believe In The Local Church, But.......

Since I've entered into all of this New Covenant Grace "stuff" I'm often asked if I still believe in the local church.  My simple answer has to be, "I do," as I am the senior ministry leader of a local church in Citrus County, Florida (New Covenant Grace Fellowship).  However, I have made it very clear before, I do not feel that mixing any law or grace is beneficial to anyone and I would never attend a church that did so!  If I had children I certainly would not have them in a Sunday School or youth group that wasn't 100% grace based!  Here is the reason, I certainly would not want my children or grand children to be mixed up like so many Christians are today.  I hate to say it, but much of what is found in churches today is not the true Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Years ago, my wife was leading the youth ministry in a church that we led.  She was reviewing some Sunday School material from one of the nation's leading Christian publishing houses.  In one of the quarterlies she found  the following statement, "Now all children must be good and fully obey their parents in order for them to be loved by God!"  Even then we found that statement to be totally false.  Needless to say, from that point on we wrote our own material!

I am often asked, "I can't find a church like yours anywhere around so isn't attending any church OK?"  I guess the question might be asked, "Is drinking a little poison every Sunday morning OK too?" Friends, mixing law (any law, not just the Old Covenant Law) with Grace just will not work! So many are being taught that they have to do things in order to be made right with God and they have no understanding that they are right (righteous) with God not by anything they can or cannot do, but rather by what Christ has already done for them!  Here's what Paul said on the subject, "For if you are trying to make yourselves right with God by keeping the law, YOU HAVE BEEN CUT OFF FROM CHRIST! YOU HAVE FALLEN AWAY FROM GOD'S GRACE."  That is a pretty "heavy" verse of Scripture!

So then, what's a person to do?  No church to attend, help!!!!  One person recently told me, "I'm so hungry for fellowship I just have to attend a church someplace!"  My answer, and not a popular answer is....Start your own church!  Yes, that's right....gather some friends and your family and worship the Lord together, study the Bible together, learn about the New Covenant together.  But you say, "I'm not a pastor, how can I do something like that?"  You don't have to be a pastor to do what I'm suggesting.  Matter of fact, it works best if you are not one!  You don't need one!   If a true pastor is needed the Lord will eventually raise one up! 

Let me close with this....If something in this blog posts creates a little "spark" within you, please feel free to contact me.  I'd love to share my heart with you personally about this.  I know how to do this, and I'd love to teach you how too.  Actually it's quite easy! don't need a church building....If you have a living room and two or three people you have a true New Covenant church! 

If you want to hear more please feel free to contact me at my contact info on our church website above.

Grace and peace!


An Open Letter to Pastors

Dear Pastor Friend....

I've spent time today thinking about my transition and my church's transition into what many are now calling, "The Grace Message."  Some, call it far worse, but I'll not digress to talk about that!

About three years ago, right now (June 6, 2014), my life was radically changed as the Holy Spirit began to bring me into some exciting, new revelations of what I like to call, "New Covenant Grace."  I've had revelations on Grace for many years, but this time my little world was turned upside down! (The details of this are available in my book, "The River is Here: My Journey Into New Covenant Grace....available at  I quickly came into the realization that my ministry and that of my church, a ministry of revival, deliverance and spiritual warfare, was completely missing the mark.  I soon discovered that I had been incorrectly teaching doctrines that were taught to me.  I learned that much of the doctrine that we believe has not come to us by revelation of the Holy Spirit, based on the Bible, but rather, it comes to us from those teaching us.  I had to begin teaching things that just a few months earlier I did not believe were correct.  How well I remember the inner turmoil that I was going through at the time.  My wife and I even came into disagreement sometimes, but the Spirit worked in us both showing us truth.

Some have criticized me by saying that I just read someone's book at the time, and I was just trying to copy their ministry.  That is very far from the truth.  In the early days of our revelation we felt all alone.  We didn't realize that others, world wide, were teaching these same things that we were. Finally months later we began to follow some of Joseph Prince's teachings and discovered that were were not the "Lone Rangers!"  Others, like Mark Drake became a comfort to us.  Then we discovered that Andrew Wommack and Creflo Dollar, and many others, were also deep into New Covenant Grace and we began feel much better.

I'm stating the above for this reason.....Those early days of revelation and ministry transition were very, very hard on us.  We even lost some people from our church, folks that I loved and thought would never leave us.  Some left calling me a "New Age teacher."  Others called me, "Lawless" and some even called me a "heretic."  However, as hard as those transition days were, I would never, never go back to the old ministry!  Pastor church has been completely transformed!  I am watching my people walk in places with the Lord that all of the past "revival stuff" couldn't even begin to light a candle to what is going on now!

I really want to encourage you to jump into this River!  It is the right one and don't worry about giving people a license to sin as, most likely, they are doing a pretty good job about that anyway! 

Also...mixing Grace and religion will not work.  Pastor Friend...go all the way!  It may be rather difficult at first, but I assure you, that after the smoke clears, you will be very thankful you went that way.  The reason is that the
"message" of New Covenant Grace is the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is also the message that Paul taught and you will not go wrong in following him!

If I can be of any service, please don't hesitate to contact me.  I love helping people enter the fullness of the New Covenant!  Glory!

Grace and peace!

Larry Silverman

When Did the New Covenant Begin?

There seems to be much interest in the concepts of the New Covenant lately.  I'm thrilled about all of the excitement and interest about this as some age-old sacred cows seem to be headed to the slaughter house.  I say, "Good deal!"  We are in a time when the Holy Spirit is directing many to seek truth and, if we are entirely honest, many age-old doctrines of the Church just are not true!

One of the items of interest seems to be on the concept of when the New Covenant actually began.  Some who are asking interesting question these days would align themselves with the doctrine of "Preterism." (either full or partial)  I don't wish to go into all of the details of Preterism in this blog, rather that state that the basis behind their beliefs seems to be, "Preterists" believe that all Bible prophecy is history; that most of it took place in 70 AD with the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans. They suggest the Tribulation was the persecution of the saints and Nero was the antichrist.  Therefore many within this camp ascribe to a belief that the New Covenant actually began in 70 AD when the Roman General, later to become Emperor, Titus destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem and actually devastated the city.  Because the Temple and it's system of worship was destroyed and could no longer be carried out by practicing Jews, Preterists believe that the Old Covenant of Law was officially ended at this point.

For the record, I must state that I cannot accept the doctrines of Preterism.  Again, I'm not at this point going to go into a lot of detail, but my simple sense is that this doctrine needs to much of what I call, "Scripture Stretching" to work.  However, these people, many of whom are friends of mine and highly respected by me, do believe in this doctrine.  It seems that more are joining that bandwagon all of the time.  I just cannot travel this road, no matter how hard I try!

I believe that the New Covenant began the moment Jesus breathed His last breath on the cross.  Lately the importance of John 19: 28-30 have become paramount in my belief system.  Here is a partial quote from the NLT, "Jesus knew that his mission WAS NOW FINISHED...... When Jesus had tasted it (the cup of bitter wine), he said, IT IS FINISHED! then he bowed his head and released his spirit."  My sense is that at that very moment of time, maybe within milliseconds, Christ ended His life, ascended spiritually into the original Temple in Heaven, poured His own blood over the Mercy Seat, thus ending the Old Covenant thus begining the New and proceeded to sit down in eternal rest.  I really get excited about Hebrews 10: 12-14.  Again here is a partial quote of those verses, "But our High Priest offered himself to God as a SINGLE SACRIFICE FOR SINS, GOOD FOR ALL TIME.  Then he sat down in the place of honor.....For by that ONE OFFERING, he FOREVER made perfect those who are being made holy."  I read these words and about all I can do is either weep or shout...."Glory!"

In closing, I believe that the Old Covenant of Law was ended the moment Christ poured His blood on the Mercy Seat in Heaven.  Most likely that was seconds after he gave up His life.  However, the problem was that the Jews of the day did not believe this and continued in the Law and Temple worship right up to 70 AD.  However by Titus destroying the Temple in Jerusalem, the Old Covenant form of worship had to come to a physical end.  So, spiritually Christ ended the Old Covenant and began the New with His death and blood shedding of the cross, but physically the Old Covenant could no longer be carried on after 70 AD!

One last point that I have to make here.....THE LAW HAS ENDED!  I cannot believe how many people want to argue with me on this point.  Friends, all law...not just the Old Covenant Law has ended!  Back in the day, the Legalisers were spreading their doctrine of circumcision (Acts 15).  Many today would agree that Christ ended that Law but still try to follow God by a system of man-made rules and regulations.  These "new laws" seem to make it possible for their adherents to earn God's favor.  I'm thrilled to state here that ALL LAW HAS ENDED!

If you don't believe me, just take one more look at the words of Christ Himself, "It is finished!"

Grace and peace!