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Is The Concept of God's Manifest Presence Really Scriptural?

A few days ago I wrote the following on Facebook, "So why do people work so hard to try to get into the presence of God when He already lives in them???  Just asking!"  I received several responses about how important it was that we experience God's manifest presence.  I didn't respond too much to those replies, but I've been thinking about them ever sense I wrote the FB post.  I'm not too certain that I am going to suggest in this blog post whether or not God's manifest presence is really Scriptural.  To be honest, the title is used more as bait to get you to read this post!  lol  However, here is what Corinne and I decided after we talked with each other about this concept. 

We live in the New Covenant.  Christ lives in us, Col. 1:27 and we acknowledge that by faith.  We both thought how much importance we placed on trying to feel God's presence.  By the way...feeling is a good description of what the word manfest really means.  Webster gives it this definition: "#1. Readily perceived by the senses and especially by the sense of sight. #2. Easily understood or recognized by the mind; obvious."  So you see the proper meaning of God's manifest presence would be understanding that God is with you by means of your senses, feelings and sight.  It also might mean that it is obvious in your mind that the presence of God is with you.  Therefore I might suggest to you that the entire concept of God's manifest presence is one of human senses and understanding and that there is little or no faith involved in it. 

OK...I am fully aware of the fact that sometimes a person just feels the presence of the Lord all over them.  Those are precious times indeed!  However, when a person understands what Col. 1: 27 really means, that God is always with us, we never have to do a thing in order to gain His presence We just accept this all by faith, ie: faith in the finished work of Christ, then the concept of God's manifest presence just doesn't mean as much to us anymore!

Here is the bottom line for me....God is always with me!  Period!  I do not have to do one thing in order to get Him to show up.  So many run to conferences, fast pray, soak for hours, just hoping to gain His manifest presence!  I don't do those things to gain His presence because He's always there! 

So, how about you make up your own mind about the concept of God's manifest presence being Scriptural or not.  I think it isn't, but then again, I am rather different these days!  Glory!