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You know last night's meeting was so awesome! Right now I'm listening to the recording of all of the dialog. People asked such great questions and testimonies. I can't wait to get this recording online for you to listen to. Pray for me as I really need some tech help in order to get some of these things done! It's like my computer knowledge just goes so far! Aggghhhhhh!!!! Help me Lord!

We discussed the difference between grace and the law last night, with the focus being on the sin issue. Wow! It was soooooo good!

You know, God says that He will never again remember our sins and lawless deeds. If you believe that you still can sin, then my only question would be, "What part of "never again" don't you understand?

OK... enough trouble making for this morning. I'm just gonna continue to listen to last night's meeting and get my socks blessed off again!

Grace and Peace!

In preparing for tonight's discussion group/small group meeting of our church, New Covenant Grace Fellowship of Citrus County, FL, I'm once again completely, totally, blown away about how clear the Scriptures are that sin, all of it including past, present and future sin was completely done away with by Christ on His cross!

Tonight we are going to look at only two aspects of this "sin issue," sin and the law and the power of the cross. I'm going to share many verses of Scripture on these subjects and hopefully some awesome questions and deep discussion will follow.

As I was in study on this subject, I just couldn't help but notice how right on I am on it! I am not saying that boastfully, but I just do not know how anyone can read these verses to say anything other than what they do!

Here is the bottom line. Christ took care of the sin of all of mankind when he died on His cross. He did it once and for all time. Check out Hebrews 9: 11-28. But how about this verse 26b, "But now once for all time he has appeared at the end of the age to remove sin by his own death as a sacrifice." Does this mean that He only removed some sin but left some other for us to deal with? NO! Then get this..verse 28, "So also Christ died once for all time as a sacrifice to take away the sins of many people. He will come again, not to deal with our sins, but to bring salvation to all who are eagerly waiting for him." He's not going to "deal with our sins" because He has already dealt with them! He died for them! And yes, that means all of them, past, present and future! They no longer exist, period!

I love it! I am feeling so free these days! Oh, and that doesn't mean free to do what I want or free to do bad things, etc. I don't even want to go there, I don't want to even begin doing some of the things I've done in the past! Why? "Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so!"

I wish you all could be with us tonight! I really believe that more people are going to be set free from the grasp of religion! Yes Sir! I really do!

Grace and Peace!

Once again today I read an article written by a popular minister published in a national magazine about the dangers of preaching, "Hyper Grace." Once again I remain thrilled to know what it is I preach! Yes, I do preach radical, "Hyper Grace!" I guess that is what it could be called. However all I am preaching, and I can't speak for anyone else here, but my message is totally centered on the very radical, "hyper" Jesus Christ!
He's the one who started all of this as both He and Abba decided to forgive and no longer remember the sins of mankind. What a Savior! some abuse this wonderful message? Sure! But I am not teaching that they should and neither are any of the like minded ministers I know. Here is what I would say to all...Keep your nose clean!

But...and this I big thing to consider...there are many, many more who have been seriously hurt by religion. Probably the scale would be about a million hurt by religion to one who is so called abusing grace. So where is all of the uproar about that? How come no one is writing articles about the abuse of "Hyper Religion?"

Ok..for me and the people I know, we are all more madly in love with Jesus than ever before. Just because He took away our sins, all of them, is not license for us to do bad things! That my Friend does not even enter our minds!

We should be very angry with the bondage messes that religion has created. I know Paul was, just read Galatians!

That is my view from my back porch over looking beautiful Lake Tsala Apopka, Florida and my rant for the day?

Grace and peace! And I really mean it! Because if you understand Grace you will have peace and you will be living far from any sin!

Just saying....

I Used to Oppose What I Now Preach!

I completely understand why people oppose what I and so many others are now preaching!  I used to be among their numbers.  I would look at a ministry like ours and immediately label it one of compromise!  However, over a period of many years, slowly but surely, a new revelation of God's grace began creeping into my understanding and here I am, right in the middle of the powerful "New Covenant Revolution!"  And...I'm loving every minute of it!

My life has been changed in ways I never knew possible.  You know, I've been a Christian since 1973.  That's a long time!  However,  I'm now seeing that many of the things that I was taught over those years, things that have formed my doctrinal belief systems, were not totally correct.  Much of my belief system was formed upon untruths and I never knew enough to check them out for myself.

I am currently teaching things that, even a year ago, I would have called you less than a kind word, if you would even suggest that one day I'd be teaching them!  Yet, here I am, more excited about God, about my relationship with Jesus than I've ever been.  My life is more in tune with the Bible than ever. 

A man I know who has been recently introduced to New Covenant Grace told me the other day that he can hardly get enough of reading his Bible!  He now spends several hours daily reading and studying the Word of God!  Isn't that exciting?  Here again...all of that bad teaching that I get accused of doing, is causing people to read and study the Word of God for hours daily!  Wow!  Is my teaching bad or what? church, New Covenant Grace Fellowship in Citrus County, Florida is burning with passion for God!  ( Over the past 2 years, we've been on a very rocky road as there were some who could not accept the teaching and eventually left.  All of the while, those who had open hearts dove into this "revolution" head first!  They are pumped!  So am I!  I could very well have the most exciting church in Florida!  Actually, I think I do!

To any who think I'm off the "deep end" someplace...will you please do me a favor?  Will you please leave me to my madness?  I don't want to come back to religion...NEVER!  I'm so excited about leaving that system....I can't hardly stand it!  Wowsers!!!

Is it Sunday morning yet?  I don't know if I can wait another 2 days before we meet again! I trust you feel the same about your church!

Grace and peace!

The "Old" Always Seems to Persecute the "New!"

Throughout Church history the Old Move of God has always persecuted the New Move of God!  Here is a good example:  John and Charles Wesley were troubled by the Church of England because they wanted to hold open air, evangelistic type meetings.  100 years later, Gen. William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army, was troubled by the Methodist Church because he wanted to hold open air, evangelistic type meetings!  Interesting, huh?

I believe that we are currently in the midst of a very powerful move of God.  I'm calling it the "New Covenant Revolution."  People, worldwide, are being drawn by the Holy Spirit into the true Good News, the message that Paul preached!  Revelation from the Holy Spirit is spreading like wild fire.  Hardly a day goes by now without someone very enthusiastically contacting me saying something like this, "Larry....I've never seen this before!  But I love it, I'm so free and I've never been closer to Jesus in my entire Christian life!"  Of course that really gets me pumped because I've had that same experience.

I believe that the understanding of New Covenant Grace takes a revelation of the Holy Spirit!  I realize that many disagree with me on this statement, but I'll stand by my guns here.  I've just seen too much of this take place over the past two years to be thinking any other way.  Therefore, if you have been a Christian for a season, you will need a revelation of the Holy Spirit to fully understand what this New Covenant stuff is all about.  You will NEVER understand it with your mind!  NEVER!

Some who disagree with me have said, "But there are no new revelations from God! Everything is in the Bible!"  The second part of that statement I fully agree with, yes, everything is in the Bible.  But the problem has been that the Church, for hundreds of years, has taught the Bible wrong!  One man left our church early on in our moving into this revelation.  He kept telling me that many of the great theologians from the past didn't agree with what I was teaching, especially about sin.  My response, "I can't help it that they are wrong!"  Of course with that he left our church.  Too bad, he was a great Brother, I loved him, but his mind was totally closed to new revelations.  I would often note that while I was preaching and teaching he was busy thumbing through his Bible trying to prove me wrong.  That is not one who is wanting to learn, that is one who has a closed mind!

If there are no new revelations I wish someone would have told Martin Luther that when God was showing him that the just shall live by faith!  Of course the Catholic Church told Luther that there were no new revelations, as well as they told the same thing to all of the other Protestant Reformers who were also coming up with new revelations from the Holy Spirit.

Here is an interesting verse for you to consider...2 Peter 3: 18 (NLT), "Rather, you must grow in the grace and the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ."  You know, it kinda looks to me that our walk with the Lord is indeed progressive.  If we stay still we will surely stagnate.  I find that religion sticks people in very gooey, stagnate mud.  The sad thing is that when this happens the people find comfort there.  When Jesus told people of his day to not put new wine into old wine skins some of the people refused.  In Luke 5: 39 Jesus said, "But no one who drinks the old wine seems to want the new wine, 'The old is just fine,' they say." 

I'm so thrilled that God is sending hungry, thirsty for the New Wine, people to our new church, New Covenant Grace Fellowship of Citrus County, Florida!  I'm so pumped!  I cannot hardly get enough of what God is doing in our midst!

So...people can call me what they want, but I can never go back to religion!  I've been there, for many years, I too used to persecute those who were drinking the New Wine.  Not anymore!  I'm one of them!  I love how it tastes!  Again...I'm pumped!  How about you?

Grace and Peace!

Did God Really Kill Ananias and Sapphira?

The other day, when speaking to someone about the sinlessness of Grace, one of our church members was asked,"But what about Ananias and Sapphira?" 

This is a real good question!

Before we begin, please take a minute and read Acts 4:32-5:11 (for the sake of space on this post I am asking you to read it in your Bible)

You know,  all of my Christian life I have assumed that God killed Ananias and his wife Sapphira because they lied to the Holy Spirit.  Most likely most Christians think the same thing.   However, like many of the things that I'm learning these days is to not take the things that I've always thought true about Bible verses and make a doctrine out them. 

For the sake of review please allow me to re-state the 3 basic rules of Bible interpretation:

#1.  Who is the verse/passage written to?

#2.  Make certain that you read the verse/passage in its complete context.

#3.  Never make a doctrine out of an obscure, stand alone verse/passage.  By this I mean that if 3 verses say, "Go right" and one verse says, "Go left," don't make a doctrine based on that one verse.  There are no contradictions in the Bible and often when you apply Rule #1 to an obscure verse the questions are cleared up.

So, keeping these rules in mind, let's re-examine the verses dealing with Ananias and Sapphira.  Let's ask some simple questions about this portion of Scripture.

#1.  Were Ananias and Sapphira true born again Christians?

Answer:  Based upon the Scripture, it is impossible to accurately tell.  There is just no positive evidence that would suggest that this couple were truly saved!  Go ahead, see if you can find evidence that states other than this! doesn't matter if you use a KJV here either, as I've checked that too!

From what I've read the evidence would more likely indicate that they were not truly saved.  Acts 5:3, (NLT), "Then Peter said, "Ananias, why have you let Satan fill your heart?"  The heart of a true Christian can NEVER be filled by Satan!  Please...I need to re-state this..."The heart of a true Christian can NEVER be filled by Satan!"  The heart of a true Christian can only be filled with one entity and that is Christ!  (Col. 1:27, "Christ in you is the hope of glory!" 

Then the question would be, "Why was this couple involved with the Church then?"  Many churches have had people attending them that were never truly saved!  I recall one church Corinne and I ministered in years ago where a strong move of God broke out.  One lady who had attended that church for many years took the pastor and I aside and said, "You know, I've really never given my life to Christ!"  Needless to say the pastor was dumb founded.  With tears streaming down her face we led her to a walk of faith in Christ.  As a result her life was transformed!

Joseph Prince says that people like this are, "Sippers not Drinkers and Professors not Possessors."  I agree!  It very well could be that Ananias and Sapphira were just playing the part of being a Believer.

My initial thoughts, however, are that this couple didn't really have a true saving relationship with God through Jesus Christ, the "Way, Truth and the Light!"

#2. Why do we believe that God killed Ananias and Sapphira?

Again, my assumption has always been that God killed this couple due to their lying to the Holy Spirit.  However, and this is a very important point, there is NOT one verse of Scripture that states that God killed them!  Please, also note, that Peter didn't kill them either; he never placed any curse upon them! 

#3.  Then why did they die?

How about this for a true answer, I really do not know!

I heard some teaching on this yesterday and the teacher suggested that they both died of fear.  In other words, knowing that they had lied to God made them both very afraid.  OK, if this is the case, and I kind of lean in this direction, then the author of fear killed this couple, not God.  God is never the author of fear! 

Also, if they were only talking the talk but not living the true Christian life, a "Professor not a Possessor," then I also understand that they were not walking in the fullness of the Kingdom of God, where the blessings of God reign supreme.  In Galatians chapter 5 Paul states that those who do not live right will "not inherit the Kingdom of God."  This is not talking about Heaven or hell, as the Kingdom of God is the realms of Kingdom blessings upon us, those who are truly "Possesors not just Professors," in this life, not in the Kingdom of Heaven.  See the difference?  Let's face it, lying to God is not the smartest thing to ever do!

So these are my thoughts on this subject!  As always, I'm trying to get people to really think about the things that they believe.  One thing that I've really noticed lately is that the modern Church has taken many verses of the Bible and made doctrines out of them and those doctrines are not really formed in truth!  We owe to ourselves to take a second, maybe even a third look at some of our beliefs and get a true look at what the Bible really says or what it really doesn't say!

Paul quotes twice, in Hebrews (I believe that Paul wrote Hebrews) 8:12 and 10: 12, what God told Israel in Jeremiah 31: 34, "And I will forgive their wickedness (lawlessness), and I will NEVER AGAIN REMEMBER THEIR SINS."  (emphasis mine)  I call the "sin issue" the "Mother of all issues!"  It seems that the little 3 letter word, "sin" seems to keep people stumbling over true Grace.  I've been told so often, "Larry, I agree with your teaching about Grace, but not what you teach about sin."  However, I then have to ask, "What part of, "Never again" don't you understand?"  All of our sins, past, present and future were taken care of by Christ on the cross!  Recently a Facebook Friend wrote on his Timeline, "We are all sinners saved by grace!"  I immediately responded, "Not me Bro!  I'm saved by Grace, therefore I'm not a sinner!" 

Again, the bottom line is...Where there is no law, there is no sin!  I'm not going to go into this much further other than to state, Jesus did away with the Law!  The Law's only job was to show mankind their sin!  Christ's finished work on the cross took care of all of that!  So, that is why I say, "Where there is no law, there is no sin!" 

So...if you want to use Ananias and Sapphira to prove me wrong, I have to state, THAT DOG DON'T HUNT!

I am so thankful for all that God has done for me!  I'm so thankful for Christ and for the fact that "I am complete in Him!"  I love it!  I love God more than ever!  I'm more thankful for the cross that I've ever been in my life!  Wowsers!

I trust that you can say the same!

Grace and Peace!

You know one of the most difficult aspects of my job as a ministry leader is that of trying to convince people to give our church a try! To be honest, I'm not really into what has been traditionally called, "Sheep stealing." Actually I really do not believe in that terminology anyway because in no way do I believe that people in a congregation belong to any man! However I don't like to take people from churches that they are happy at or that they are convinced God has called them to.

Yet there are some people that I just know in my heart of hearts belong with our ministry and for whatever reason they refuse to walk through our door. I am especially aware of some who would just thrive in our church, where Grace is the message and the New Covenant is the life!

You is the bottom line about our church...people leave a meeting feeling better about themselves than when they arrived. I love this...I love all that God is doing in our midst. Therefore I assure you, you do not have to fear attending our church, New Covenant Grace Fellowship of Citrus County, Florida! Except if you are religious and are set in your ways! If that is you, you probably should never give us a visit as it will be bad for your blood pressure!

Grace and peace!

God's Valentine Gift!

Corinne and I have been married for nearly 47 years! (The pic below is this past Christmas.  We are with our Christmas present, Manny)

Corinne, me and Manny Christmas 2012

She was 18 and I was 19, both kids thinking that we had life all together.  Wow what a surprise we soon had!   Two children later,  through my drinking and her depression we found ourselves heading down the road to divorce. 

The day before Thanksgiving, 1973, on a business trip and in a motel room in Jackson, Michigan, Jesus came into my life while I was reading a Gideon Bible.  Rapidly change took place in my life, hers too!

We found ourselves being thrust into ministry with me attending Bible College and soon becoming active in ministry.  Our lives have been over very rough roads, even during all of these ministry years.  Yet Corinne and I have stayed together because of our devotion to Christ, but even more so, because of His unseen hand on our lives!  We are products of God's love!

About 2 years ago God began showing us even more of His unconditional love as He began to reveal to us New Covenant Grace.  Even all of my ministy years and religious training wasn't able to prepare me for what the past 2 years have opened up for us!  We are both walking in areas with the Lord that we've never been in before.  We are beginning to understand His love much, much more.  This time has been the ride of a lifetime!

This morning a Facebook friend wrote on his Timeline, "We are all sinners saved by grace!"  I wrote back, "Bro, I am saved by Grace so I am not a sinner!"  See, I now know that ALL of my sins, past, present and future have been taken care of by Jesus Christ.  Wow!

My friend Mark Drake wrote a wonderful book, "God's Brilliant Plan."  The subtitle of Mark's book is, "Living the Easy and Light Life Jesus Promised!"  That my friend is where Corinne and I are beginning to live.  We love it!  Here is the real kicker....This, in a nutshell, captures the very essence of God's wonderful Valentine to you and I.  Christ died, did "it" all for us, stating that "it is finished!"  He went to the cross only once (Heb. 10) and completed his task.  Now we have become the very "righteousness of God."  He has made us holy and we are complete.  God dwells within us.  His Holy Spirit guides us in all aspects of life.  Can it get any better?

I love my Valentine, Corinne!  However, God's love for me far exceeds my love for her, so much so that I cannot even begin to comprehend it!

One day God said to me..."Larry, will you be my Valentine?"  I said, "Yes Lord!" And it's been a "ride" ever since.  A ride that becomes more intense daily!  Again I say, "Wow!"

Happy Valentines Day!

Grace and Peace!

Have We Made Prayer Another Religious Law?

Before we go too far here, please allow me to preface this Blog by emphatically stating.....I believe in prayer and I do pray, a lot!

In last evening's Healing School Meeting we discussed how often Jesus prayed for sick people.  If you study the Gospels you will have to note that Jesus never prayed for the sick, He just healed them!  He cast devils out of some, spoke and declared healing over others.  He actually healed all he ministered to.  (Acts 10:38)  Yet we in today's Church have made prayer for the sick something that we normally do.  At least in some churches we do this!

Many who do not understand the New Covenant feel that the reason they are not seeing answers to their prayers is that they do not pray enough.  Some feel that by spending endless seasons of prayer they will some how be elevated more into the the presence of God.  You can actually attend conferences, read books, listen to teaching CD's all on the subject of ...."If you do more, God will show up for you!"

It seems that religion constantly tries to get us to do more!  I know, as I actually used to preach this lie: "The more you do for God, the more He will love you and the more you will see your prayers answered!"  Again, I say that this is a lie!  Now, I know that many preachers would say, "Larry, I don't believe that, I don't teach that!"  Yet my question is then..."Are you preaching and teaching against that lie?" You see that lie comes in many forms and many in today's church believe this like like it was an actual law!

I Thessalonians 5:17 (KJV) says, "Pray without ceasing."  Now how in the world can we do that Paul?  "Without ceasing" means that we can never stop!  How can we work, eat, sleep or spend quality time with our families if we pray "without ceasing?"  See the problem here?

Pray is more than just something we do!  Prayer is actually more than just communication with God.  True prayer is actually communion with God; our relationship with Him through all that He did for us through His unselfish sacrifice of His Son, Christ, on the cross.

So, are there times when we should pray?  Of course!  Just today I have already prayed a couple of times for people who have put prayer requests on Facebook.  I even prayed for our new dog, Manny, this morning, so that the coming thunderstorms will not make him agitated.  However, for Manny, I actually took dominion over any tormenting spirits of fear, I really didn't pray in the traditional sense.

I hope you think a little about this "prayer thing."  Please...if you find yourself being condemned by others by how little you pray, then you really do not understand the New Covenant!  If you live in any form of condemnation, you are not living in the fullness of New Covenant provision and blessings.  Remember, Paul closed his letters by stating, "Grace and Peace."  I'm doing the same these days, closing blogs and emails with this blessing.  However note that peace will always follow grace!  If you don't have peace in your life, most likely you are not experiencing God's true grace!

Something to think about today, wouldn't you say?

Grace and Peace!

Sticks and Stones Will Break My Bones.....

As a child I well recall the stories my Dad used to tell about his childhood in North East Grand Rapids, Michigan.  My Dad's father came from a Jewish family, his father actually immigrating to the US from Europe to escape persucution.  My Grandfather, Sam, married a Gentile gal, Olive, and as a result his father, my great grand father, kicked Sam out of the family.  He later relented when my Dad's oldest brother, Maurice, was born as the old man wanted a relationship with his grandson!

My Dad, 50% Jewish, was severely "picked on" as a child.  Today we would call it being "bullied."  One story he used to tell is how he, his brother and younger sister, would attend a local Protestant church because that is where my Grandmother wanted to attend, and Grandpa Sam was so hurt by his Jewish family that he didn't really care how his children worshipped God.  Dad said that after a few Sunday mornings of attending that church they were "kindly" asked to leave because "that lady was bringing her Jewish children and they didn't want that!"  They were actually called, "Dirty Jews!" 

I recall my Uncle Maurice (Maurie) telling stories how that as a child he suffered persecution too, after all, he was one of those "Jew Boys!"

By the way, it seems that World War II ended a lot of that type of thing.  Of course Israel becoming a Nation in 1947-48 really helped too!  Yet my Dad learned to be a very strong man as a result of his childhood.  Over the years I saw my Dad do remarkable things.  He was a great businessman and salesman.  I learned a lot from him!  But one thing that really comes to mind this morning is what he used to teach me, "Sticks and stones will break your bones, but names will never hurt you!" Dad knew this was true from a lot of life's experience!

Today, the Church of Jesus Christ is in the midst of one of the most exciting transitions that have ever existed since her formation over 2000 years ago.  For many years theology and religion have led the Church in a very wrong direction.  That direction was to mix a doctrine of God's Grace into a doctrine of law.  Because of that mixture, many Believers in Jesus Christ do not really know all that God, through Christ, has done for them.  These Believers have made a tabernacle at the Cross and there they stay, even until this day!  However, in the midst of hundreds of years of false teaching, there is a revolution taking place.  I like to call it the "New Covenant Revolution."  This move of God is being led by people who have seen, via revelation, all that the New Covenant really is.  Instead of camping out at the Cross, they have walked, by faith, through the Cross into the endlessness of the New Covenant!  Yet, often when these people tell their exciting stories, they are assailed by name calling!

Over the past year of so, I've been called all kinds of names.  Now this name calling doesn't come from unsaved people, but from my Brothers and Sisters.  Many people have left our church as a result of my teaching.  Some, most,  have left quietly, while others, a few,  have made it their personal vendetta to right all of my "wrong teaching!" 

I'll never forget the time, about a year ago now, when while out on our lake fishing, the Lord spoke very loudly and clearly to me and asked me, "Larry, do you trust me?"  His words right then took me completely by surprise, but I answered, "Uh...why yes Lord...sure I trust you!"  Then again, "Larry do you trust me?"  This time, not taken by surprise, I responded, "Yes Lord, I trust you!"  Then the third time, "Larry, do you really trust me?"  Now I was empathic in my answer, as my entire life and ministry has been one of trusting the Lord.  My answer..."Of course Lord, I trust you!!!!"  Then that was it!  No more questions, no more conversation, yet in my spirit I sensed a very strong leading that in the days to come I was going to really have to be trusting the Lord in my life and ministry!  Man...was I right!'s the conclusion to this blog post...God is leading millions of His people out of religion into the fullness of New Covenant Grace!  These are exciting days!  Many, some of you who are reading this, are on or beginning to go on, this journey of a lifetime.  The "New Covenant Revolution" is spreading like wildfire! God is raising up His army, calling forth His soldiers, to spread the Good News which is the Gospel that Paul preached!  However, like any soldiers, they find that they are in a war!  I don't know if you realized it or not, but Paul actually gave up his life for his message of New Covenant Grace!  He died as a result of what he preached.

Therefore, Soldiers of the "New Covenant Revolution" I have great news for you..."Sticks and stones will break your bones, but names will never hurt you!"

Go for it!  Spread this wonderful, life changing Gospel!  God is calling us all to make a difference, to usher in the fullness of His Kingdom!  You and I are living in the greatest time ever, "the restoration of all things" spoken of in Acts 3.  That has to occur before the return of Christ. 

All I can say is....GLORY! How about you?

Grace and Peace!