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This afternoon I viewed a video of a teaching of a leader of a large, popular ministry. His topic dealt with the abuses of grace, probably 85% or better of his teaching. Are there those who abuse grace! can't be done! Are those who do bad things and cover them up by claiming grace? You bet! For instance...tonight New Years Eve 2013, some may feel that because of grace it OK to go to a party and get drunk...well that dog won't biblically hunt! That my friend IS NOT grace, that is deception!

However where are all of these big named leaders crying out about the much greater abuses that religion has been doing for many, many years? Friends the abuse of religion is far greater than any abuses of grace! The Church should be screaming out against this! Yes they should!

Just saying....

Grace and peace!

Citrus County, FL...A New Church Forms!

New Years Day 2013 is just a couple of days away and I have a very important confession to make!  Here is is.....I preach "Sloppy Agape!"  I make no bones about it, so those of you who state that I preach "lawlessness" are totally correct!  The Law or any laws that we must follow in order to draw closer to God no longer exist!  Period!!! 

The "message" of our church does not just contain Grace, but rather is consumed by Grace.  Grace is not just one of our messages, it is the message!  So now, in keeping with the upcoming New Year, my heart is clear! 

Last Sunday morning I preached a Christmas message, "The Greatest Christmas Present Ever is Not What You Think it is!"  I stated that most Christians would think that Christ is the greatest Christmas present ever.  I mentioned that the greatest Christmas present is not the person of Christ, it is rather the things that Christ has done for mankind.  In John 19: 28a (NLT), just prior to Jesus saying, "It is finished," it says, "Jesus knew that his mission was finished...."  OK, for the KJV purists the verse says, "After this, Jesus knowing that all things were accomplished...."  He then was given the vinegar on the sponge then He stated, "It is finished!"  So the entire premise of my ministry is this...Christ has done (past tense) it all!  His mission is complete!  Hebrews chapter 10 emphatically states that there is no more sacrifice for sin.  So those who believe that they still sin are in a world of hurt as there is no more sacrifice for it! Ouch!

OK...that is all introduction to the title of this Blog.  Next Sunday, January 5, Corinne and I begin our 4th year of ministry here in beautiful Citrus County, Florida. (Florida's Nature Coast)  We have had a blast being involved with what I consider the most wonderful church ever!  We've seen many moves of God and many changes take place over the past 3 years, but they all seem to evolve into a very exciting "Meeting of Destiny."  I feel that is what is happening in 2013 for our group.  We are in the midst of planting a new church in the area.  The name: New Covenant Grace Fellowship of Citrus County, Florida.  The name reflects who we are.  That is why the long introduction above.  The Gospel of New Covenant Grace is not just one part of our message, it is the Message!  Actually Christ Himself is the message, more so now than ever!

Here is our new website:  Check us out.  You can even listen to the Podcast of last Sunday's Christmas message. 

Now people ask, "Where do you meet?"  For now, during this entire transition, planting process, we are meeting in homes.  Not having a building has NOT detracted one little bit from what God has been doing every Sunday and Wednesday night since the first of November when this process all began.  People are very excited about what is going on.  A visitor from out of state last sunday told the sister she was visiting, "Your church is the best church I've ever attended!"  She was lapping up the message of freedom like a thirsty dog laps up water!

I know that there are hungry, starving people in our area who are tired of religion.  One lady told me that in the church she used to attend, she felt like she needed to get re-saved every week.  I like to tell people this..."I guarantee you that you will leave our meetings feeling better about yourself than when you arrived!"  I mean it because I know that I and any others who minister will surely preach a message filled with, "Sloppy Agape!" 

Check us out tomorrow.  I think I'm going ot minister on the subject of the "Attributes of Grace."  But who knows what the  Holy Spirit might do!  He's boss!

Grace and Peace!


10 Commandments on School Wall???

Since Friday's horrific school shooting I've been hearing of all types of solutions from arm chair quarterbacks.  I've heard this statement several times from Church People, "We need to post the 10 Commandments in every school house in America!"  When I hear this type of thing I immediately slap my bald head with the palm of my hand and utter a...."Duh!"  When are we ever going to get it???

Once again we see the Church in complete ignorance of what God has done for her through the cross of Christ.  Many might think that I'm a heretic when I say this, but Friends....let's take the 10 Commandments down!  If you have a plaque of them hanging in your home, take it down!  It is not only not necessary, but to try to apply the 10 Commandments to your life will place you under law that will eventually bring you to condemnation!  How's that for a totally rebellious statement? 

How about some Scripture here?  OK!

You might want to read II Corinthians chapter 3 to begin, but let's take a look at a couple of verses for the sake of time...

3:6, "He has enabled us to ministers of his new covenant.  This is a covenant NOT OF WRITTEN LAWS but of the Spirit.  The OLD WRITTEN COVENANT ENDS IN DEATH; BUT UNDER THE NEW COVENANT, THE SPIRIT GIVES LIFE."

Did you read that correctly..."The old written covenant ends in death!"  So why would we want that haning in our home, our churches, our court houses or our schools?  We need life, not death!

3:7a, "The old way, with laws etched in stone (the 10 Commandments), led to death..."


3:9, "If the old way, which brings condemnation, was glorious, how much more glorious is the new way, WHICH MAKES US RIGHT WITH GOD!"

Now this is simple...Old ='s condemnantion; New ='s righteousness.  Which do you want?

Of course this 3rd chapter of II Corinthians continues on speaking of how the veil covers the hearts of those who read the Old Covenant.  Friends, this is very important reading for all who claim the blood of Christ as their way to salvation.  We must understand these things in order to live in the fullness of the New Covenant.  Yet, I'm so sad to say that many in the Church just don't get it!

I believe that the Book of Galatians is the most mis-understood and neglected book in the entire New Testament!  I wish every pastor or Bible teacher would spend months of study personally and then teach it to their congregation.  Wouldn't be awesome if in this coming New Year, 2013, that the message of New Covenant Grace would spread through every church in America.  I can almost see pastors getting up some Sunday morning and begin their sermon with words like this, "Folks...I've been teaching you wrong all of these years!"  Then go on with, "There is nothing you have to do in order to make God pleased with you!  From now on you can stop all works and efforts because the Lord Jesus Himself has done it all for you!  Now all you have to do is simply believe and walk out this new life of holiness that God has given you...after all, He makes you holy and it's not anything you can do!"  Wow!!!! Talk about change coming to America! 

Let me close with a couple of verses from Galatians.

2:16, "Yet we know that a person is made right with God by faith in Jesus Christ, not by obeying the law.  And we have believed in Christ Jesus, so that we might be made right with God because of our faith in Christ, not because we have obeyed the law.  FOR NO ONE WILL EVER BE MADE RIGHT WITH GOD BY OBEYING THE LAW." 

So many try to mix Grace with law.  That's bad too.  You have to be either hot or cold, not luke warm! 

Church...the answer for America is NOT the law or any form of it.  The answer first belongs to you and I and we, the Church of Christ, must get it!  It is imperative that we leave the Old Covenant behind, and that means any mix of the Old and the New, and walk fully into the glory of the New Covenant.  The result will be a spiritual awakening that will sweep over us and then spread over America from shore to shore!  We are heading into the most exciting times of Church history.  You and I are on the verge of a powerful wave of awakening.  Even now it is beginning to spread through the Church.  Of course those with religious spirits don't like what is happening, but this move of God cannot be stopped!  The Revelation of Christ is spreading like wild fire, a fire that cannot be extinguished, and God's people are entering into true freedom, thus walking closer to the Lord than they have ever walked before.  This thing is building up pressure that cannot be contained much longer... The True Gospel of Christ is about to spread over America changing the very values of a nation!  I'm thrilled to be a small part of this move of God.  How about you?

Grace and Peace!

In yesterday's message I shared some on how to make correct decisions in regards to the things of life. Corinne and I always counsel people to, "take the path of peace!" Peace is very important to us. I'm certain that you understand that in the midst of great trials and tribulations you can have perfect peace.

Peace is a gift of Grace! I say, "gift" because Grace is a gift of God and by that I mean it is FREE! Peace is likewise free, but in order to obtain the gift one must first obtain Grace. Paul in all of his letters says, "Grace and Peace." I'm saying that a lot now too. I close every blog post by stating, "Grace and Peace!" Note the order....first Grace then comes peace!

So if you do not have peace in your heart in regards to the decisions you are making it might be a good time to check out how things in your life apply to Grace. If you are in some ways trying to mix law with Grace you are certainly not going to experience any peace.

In the midst of this crazy world many of us are really enjoying great peace. I know that I am! I'm enjoying life in the New Covenant. I am fully appreciative of all that Christ has done for me and my family! I trust that you too will be baptized in God's great peace this Christmas season!

Oh.. if you wish to hear the Podcast of yesterday's message here is the link:

Grace & Peace!

Should I Find a New Church?

Should I find a new church?  What a question!  Most Christians feel very strongly about their church attendance practices, actually sensing that it is the Lord Himself who leads them to the church they attend.  So...far be it from me to ever go against the leading of the Holy Spirit in any ones life!  However, there are also some who are unsure about their church or sense that it is time for them to make a change.  I might suggest that it is the second group that I'm addressing in this post.

To more fully define this blog I might also suggest that it is directed to those who are getting a glimpse of what New Covenant Grace is all about.  That most likely would mean that if you are in a church where the Grace Revelation is not active, you will begin to find yourself feeling like a fish out of water.  You may still be alive, but you sure are not swimming anywhere!

Over the past year or so I have received many contacts from people asking me about changing churches.  Often I hear something like, "Man..I wish there was a church like yours close to me, I'd attend!"  So maybe it is time to look around to see if there indeed is a church where the New Covenant is the focus.  You might be surprised by what you may find if you would only begin looking!

Here are some things that I would suggest you look for:

1.  Does the pastor really understand Grace?  (Most say they do, but in fact they don't!)

2.  What is the pastor's understanding of the New Covenant?

3.  Is the focus of the church on being sin conscience or Christ conscience?

4.  When I attend a service do I leave feeling beaten down or do I actually feel better about myself?

5.  Is the church legalistic?  What do they teach about my actions in pleasing God?

6.  More than I at peace in this church?

Most likely there are other things to look at, but this will give you a good start, at least it is something to think about.

One last thing here.  Maybe you can't find a church like I'm talking about in your area.  No problem...Maybe you are supposed to start one!  Wow!  What a concept!  Your question most likely would be, "Me start a church?"  or simply, "How do I do that?"  I'd love to help in anyway I can.  It's part of my calling to help plant churches.  So, give me a shout.  Let's talk!  I've got a lot of ideas to share in this area.

I hope I have you thinking today!  I really, really do!

Grace and Peace!

The Ministry of A New Covenant Preacher

Joseph Prince says this, "This is the true ministry of any new covenant Bible teacher or preacher - he seeks to unveil Jesus to you and qualify you by the blood of Jesus.  He does not come to unveil your faults or bring your sins to remembrance to disqualify you from entering God's presence and enjoying His blessings.  That is what an old covenant preacher does." (pg 195 "Destined to Reign)

Back in the day I was an Old Covenant preacher.  I was taught to be one.  I attended Bible School, was an elder in a church, later became an associate pastor of that church, and I was taught that a good preacher, one who preaches a successful sermon, gets his people up to the altar so that they can repent of all of their short falls and sins.  I don't know if you realize it or not, but often the success of a preacher's sermon is measured by the altar call response.  Some preachers spend more time on the altar call, how to induce the people to come forward, than they do on preparation of the sermon itself. 

A blog or two ago I told you that I used to preach a lie, "The more you do for God, the more He will be pleased with you and the more you will see your prayers answered."  What bunk!  But that is what I taught because that is what I was taught!  I've noted this week that those who oppose the Grace message do so because they were taught to do so.  People only share what they know and unfortunately for hundreds of years the Church has taught Christians that they are initially saved by faith in God's grace, but after that they have to work to stay saved, and that means that they have to stop sinning!  Yes, I taught that! Then one day, about 20 years ago,  I recall the Lord speaking very directly to me, "I don't want you to preach about sin anymore!"  I didn't know too much about Grace then, but I was beginning to see somethings in the Bible that contradicted the things that I was taught and took for granted.  The Holy Spirit made it very clear to me that, "When Jesus is lifted up He will draw all men to himself."  So my job was simply to lift up Christ!  I do that with a passion these days!

I know what some people think when I make the following statement, "I want people to leave our church meetings feeling better about themselves than when they came!"  Right away it flies in the face of..."In order to preach a good message you have to step on some toes!"  Or how about this one, "If you preach a true word from God you have to show people their sin so that you can lead them to repentance."  Again I say, "BUNK!"  See some think that Larry Silverman preaches compromise!  How do I know that?  Because there would have been a day when I would have thought that Larry Silverman preaches compromise!  Yep!  I sure would!

But now... yes, now after a couple of years of soaking in this wonderful revelation of Grace, of spending more time in the Word of God than I've spent in years, of sensing an intimacy with Christ that I have never sensed before, of walking in areas of faith that surprises even me, I say that there is no compromise in my message, only the truth of God's word; that He loves the world and has forgiven all of our sins!  I'm no longer a preacher of death and condemnation.  I now preach only God's Grace and how to find it and how to live in it and in the blessings of Abraham!

I bet you would love attending our church!  Hummm....maybe you should pray about doing so!  I assure will feel better about yourself after you leave than when you arrived!  I guarantee it!

Grace and Peace!

Have Some Taken the Grace Message Too Far?

My answer to the title question is: Yes!  Of Course! Certainly!

When I share New Covenant Grace truths with someone who has never been exposed to them almost the first thing that they say is something like, "But I know a preacher who ran away with another woman.  What do you do about that?"  It amazes me how many Christians know a preacher who ran away with another woman!  Wow! It seems like everyone knows someone who's life is led in what is perceived to be "sin style." 

In every move of God there are those who take things too far.  Someone criticized me because I'm a "Grace Preacher" by stating that they know someone who states they live by grace, yet grow and smoke pot.  So, this person made a bold statement, "I wish every Grace Preacher would hang them self!"  Can you feel the love?

Unfortunately there have been those who may have gone too far with Grace.  Listen, Grace is not a license!  You know the Bible does give us guidelines to live by and the problem is that people who reject the tenets of Grace always point to those who abuse those guidelines.  I don't like that!

However... no matter how many abuse Grace, no matter how many preachers fail, no matter how many feel that because of Grace that they can grow and smoke dope, it still doesn't change the word of God! 

My concern is not about the few who are misguided followers of Grace, rather it is for the many more who are misguided followers of religion!  It seems there are  more of those than those who abuse Grace. 

I feel that a key word that seems to be lacking use in many Christian circles is the word, "Balance."  I maintain that if I stick pretty close to Paul's Gospel message I'll be preaching a "balanced word."  That is my goal in ministry and for our church.

You know I could go much deeper into a lot of Scripture and examples in this blog post, but I just don't feel like doing that.  Maybe the Holy Spirit isn't leading me to do that.  But I hope to get you to think a little as you read this post.  The message of New Covenant Grace is here to stay!  Why?  Because it IS the message of Jesus!  It is the message of the finished work of the Cross.  So, let's dig into it and watch our world get transformed!

Grace and Peace!

Do You Not Take Communion?

I am certain you have been in a church meeting while communion is served and observed someone refraining from taking it.  Maybe you have felt unworthy enough to take communion yourself.  Or just after the preachers tells the congregation to, "Search yourselves, make certain you are ready to partake or it will not be good for you," you think that you will eat and drink the communion, but in your thinking you are not worthy enough,  you just eat and drink it anyway because you do not want the rest of the church to think anything is out of order.

This coming Sunday (Dec. 9, 2012) our group who worship at New Covenant Grace Fellowship of Citrus County, FL will be sharing in what I like to call, "No Condemnation Communion."  Why "no condemnation," you may ask?  The answer is simple...For years, the Church has misinterpreted any and all verses dealing with Christians not being worthy enough to take communion. Since our church operates in a no condemnation mode all of the time, anyone who beleives in Christ is welcome, is encouraged to partake in communion no matter what they feel like they have done that would separate them the from the Table of the Lord.

OK, so what did Paul mean when he told the Corinthian church to, "Examine themselves?"  (I Cor. 11: 28)  We need to take this all in context, so here are the verses dealing with the subject. 

I Cor. 11: 27-30 (NLT), "27 So anyone who eats this bread or drinks this cup of the Lord unworthily is guilty of sinning against the body and blood of the Lord. 28 That is why you should examine yourself before eating the bread and drinking the cup. 29 For if you eat the bread or drink the cup without honoring the body of Christ, you are eating and drinking God’s judgment upon yourself. 30 That is why many of you are weak and sick and some have even died.

When Paul speaks of being "guilty of sinning against the body and blood of the Lord he is not speaking about sin as we know it.  He is not even suggesting that we can be sinners and therefore unworthy of partaking of communion.  He is saying that there were people in the Corinthian Church who were really not saved and were taking communion.  Also when we "honor" the body of Christ we are emphatically stating that the Blood is enough!  In other words, what Jesus did on the cross for us was good for all time!  He forgave all of our sins; past, present and future!  So to state that Christians still sin is not honoring the body of Christ by stating that the work of Christ on the cross is unfinished.

So, Sunday morning we will be sharing in No Condemnation Communion.  I hope you can attend!

If you would like information on location or any questions please get back with via email. 

Oh, not only is our communion "No Condemnation" so is our entire church!  I love it!

Grace & Peace!

The Vision of New Covenant Grace Fellowship of Citrus County, Florida

Our ministry is all about unveiling our Lord Jesus, His unconditional love, His perfect and complete sacrifice on the cross and His gift of righteousness.

We have a simple vision burning in our hearts: To boldly declare the Good News of that we are no longer under the Old Covenant of laws today, but under the New Covenant of Grace through our Savior Jesus Christ. We want the world to hear that the cross really did make the difference!

So our ministry is all about unveiling our Lord Jesus, His unconditional love, His perfect and complete sacrifice on the cross and His gift of righteousness for all who believe today. This Gospel brings life, hope, joy and peace to all who embrace it, and our desire is to see the entire world embracing it, beginning with our friends, neighbors and relatives eventually spreading through the entire world!

I used to lie when I preach! What an admission, wouldn't you say? But I really mean it....for many years of my ministry I was a liar and I didn't even know it! And do you know what? Many preachers are today preaching some form of the lie that I used to preach. I certainly was not alone in my days of not being truthful.

Do you want to know the lie I told? Are you really interested in understanding what the prevailing lie in many churches still is? it is. I used to preach, "The more you do for God, the more He will be pleased with you and then you will see more of your prayers answered!" What trash! Yes, I was guilty of preaching rubbish! However, please be honest with me and with yourself... how much of similar preaching have you either preached or heard in your lifetime?

I've been thinking lately about how people get upset with those of us who preach what is called, "The Grace Message." They accuse of us of giving people too much liberty. Certainly everyone knows that the more leeway we give people the more they take advantage of it and do more sin. I guess the way I thought back in the day, and the way many still think is, "Let's keep the people on a short leash, that way they will not be such sinners!

I wonder if you realize that this is all a big bunch of bunk! I really wonder why people are not ever far more upset with the majority that are preaching what we might call, "Performance based Christianity." Why isn't the Church just really angry at this false doctrine that I used to preach and so many still do!

Oh well, how's that for some Wednesday afternoon thinking! I'm just excited that in a couple of hours I get to meet with some of the finest people in the world, the people of my church, New Covenant Grace Fellowship of Citrus County, Florida! Cool!