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Is the Voice You are Hearing Really God?

Several years ago the church we were leading was in the midst of some special meetings with a famous minister.  I was walking to my office located off the front foyer of the building when a lady entered the front doors and spoke to one of the greeters on station there.  She asked the greeter if the pastor was in yet?  Her exact words were, "God has sent me to this church!"  I over heard the conversation and got a little excited thinking we may have a new church member in the works.  She followed up her first statement with, "God told me that you pastor and I are supposed to write a new book of the New Testament."  My reaction to over hearing that statement was to make a hasty retreat through my office door and hide under my desk!  lol

Have you noticed lately that there seems to be an increase of people saying things like, "God told me this....."  and, "God says the other thing, etc."  Everyone seems to be hearing things from God. 

In the past few months people have come to me telling me all kinds of things.  One lady said that she was actually "El Shaddi."  And then went on to say that the Lord was showing her that she was sent to our church to lead us to a much higher level!  I'm leaving a lot out of this very messy situation.  However, the bottom line is that this gal is totally deceived and the voices she is hearing are those of demons!  Yet try to convince her that is the case!!!!  She will not hear it!

Someone else recently gave me a long paper of the words that God had given them.  In the paper "Jesus" says, "I am Jesus, you do not have to listen to man, as I am speaking to you!"  The interesting thing is that "Jesus" goes on and tells this person that they should do things that would bring them back under the Law.  Interesting, huh??  Once again we recognized the words of demons trying to make in roads into our church and into this person's life, bringing them out of Grace, back under the Law....which would equal spiritual death!

Here are a few guidelines in helping you determine if the voice you are hearing is actually God or not:

#1.  Of course, the most simple test is to see how your voice is lining up with the Scriptures.  By the way... not some new scriptures, like the lady visitor to our church wanted me to help her write, but the Word of God....Genesis through Revelation!  God will NEVER tell you something that goes contrary to that found in the Bible!

#2.  Don't keep things secret!  If you are getting some private revelation, something that you sense others around you will not understand, etc., watch out...demons are at work!  Remember the devil does his best work in darkness and in secret.  If you sense God is telling you something and your pastor or others within you church just won't understand...I'd suggest you look for little red warning flags flying!

#3.  What is your reaction to any criticism of the word you are getting from God?  What is your attitude when someone brings correction to you?  Are you offended?  Do you get angry?  Is so, know right away that what you are hearing is NOT God!  If you are hearing the "Real Thing" it can stand up to the sniff test of correction!  If it is really God and your counsel says it isn't really God, you should be able to weather the storm!  God never works around anger and offense, so if you storm out of the pastor's office with a ..."Bless God..I'll never come to this church again!" type of attitude, you can just about guarantee that you are listening to demons not God!

In closing Im a firm beleiver in that most Christians are not really hearing from God!  If they were, things would be greatly changed in this world of ours!  If God tells you something, it will happen!  It can pass the tests that I listed above.

I hope this helps someone today!  If you have any questions send me an email, I'd love to talk more about it.  My email addy is: [email protected]


Grace and Peace!



Is Job's Plight Your Plight?

Here is a dictionary definition of the word, "Plight: "A dangerous, difficult, or otherwise unfortunate situation.

Just yesterday I was told a story that an American evangelist told in a meeting Saturday night.  He was speaking about fear and how people should avoid speaking words that are anti-faith.  He told a story how he was once ministering in a Third World Nation.  He was riding with a local leader and the leader said, "Look at those hills, they are full of demons!"  The leader went on to say, "Sometimes those demons come down from those hills, even as far as this road."  The evangelist told the leader, "Stop the car now!"  He then told the leader that he was getting out of the car and walking the rest of the way.  The leader seemed perplexed, but did what the evangelist asked.  The evangelist began walking to the destination when he noted that the leader's car was stopped several hundred yards ahead by a gang of thugs.  The thugs pulled the leader from the car and beat him unmercifully.  What happened?  You might say that "Job's Plight" was repeated for the local leader.  The plight is...."The thing I fear the most has come upon me!"

I trust that most reading this blog post are truly born again Christians!  So, I'm going to address you as such.  Please humor me by prayerfully considering the question I'm about to ask you.  Here it is:  BROTHER AND SISTER ARE YOU LIVING IN FAITH OR FEAR? 

It does not take too much concentration to think of things to be fearful about these days, the economy, the price of gasoline, the environment, the politics of our Land, the list goes on and on!  Just Friday afternoon, the President of the United States, kinda of secretly, signed an executive order that places more and more power into his hands, power that once belonged to "We the People!"  My lands... things seem to get worse and worse!  Corinne came home with groceries yesterday and told me that she spent $110.00!  Wow!  For the two of us...I remember feeding our entire family on far less that that!  Talk about something that can generate fear!!!  Wowsers!

Here's what many Christian leaders are saying..."Buy food from my ministry!"  You must be storing years worth of food!!!!!  I keep hearing from many..."Hunker down! Dig fox holes!  Hide!  Prepare for Doomsday!"  Very few are talking about us heading into "The Church's Finest Hour!"  It seems like few are talking about Revival these days!  I'm not hearing too much chatter about a vast increase of signs, wonders and miracles taking place during these fear filled days!  Where is the talk of advancing the Kingdom of God?  How come no one seems to be talking about great surges of Revival Fire falling on America, changing the people's hearts, bringing us back to God?  I keep hearing from so many..."Judgment, Judgment, Judgment!" 

To those who are spreading "Job's Plight" please answer a question or two for me.  #1:  What Scriptural model are you telling us to store food by?  #2:  Can we store enough food to really take care of our needs?  Like if I have a year's food stored, will that be enough?  Should I store enough food for 2 years, or 10 years, for the next 50 years?  Where does it end?  #3:  Am I to store food to just take care of my family or to take care of all my neighbors?  What would Jesus do here?  Would He store food just for His family, and shoot and kill the neighbor who's ready to invade His home, fortress shelter or would He invite His neighbors, their hungry children in for something to eat?

Just this morning Corinne and I talked about putting away some food and water for the upcoming storm season.  We live in Florida and tropical storms and hurricanes can knock out power for weeks at at time.  I'm thinking it makes sense to buy an extra can of beans each time we go to the store.  But we're not operating out of fear!

Please... I want our present President gone!  As far as I'm concerned, he is the worse thing that has ever happened to our country.  I'll do my best to see this guy and many of his cronies voted out of office.  But I have to state, that no matter who is elected, I see a powerful move of God coming to our Nation!  I see a powerful Revival hitting the Church, awakening us from our apathy and spiritual slumber.  I see a powerful Great Awakening hitting the people of America, bringing them to God!   Friends I see signs, wonders and miracles breaking loose all over the place.  I see hungry children being feed by God's Ravens! 

I say... it burns within my gut..."To the Fearful we offer a Vision of Hope!"

Let me know what you think!

Oh my oh my!!! God is showing us how to live in the New Covenant! Our church is "getting it!" Awesome revelation this morning, just plain awesome! As I've said before, we can't fool around with the New Covenant. So many Christians don't understand it, and many, very many are not living in it. Sadly, many churches are not teaching this and so many Christians are still trying to live by some law in order to please God. It's soooo sad! More later this week, I'm thinking God's laying a lot on my heart to share with all who are interested.


The Grace Message ='s More Love in my Church!

I've been a Grace preacher for many years.  Yet lately, over the past few months, the message of Grace and of living within the New Covenant has become a very powerful part of the DNA of our church, Vision of Hope Ministries in Hernando, FL.  I think that just about every message preached or lesson taught in our church has centered around this important subject.  Some might say..."Enough!"  Here's my response to that....NO WAY!'s a tip to pastors/preachers in regards to the Grace message...DON'T PLAY WITH IT!  Spend lots of time teaching this, as people just do not know too much about it.  Sorry to say...same with many pastors/preachers!  Ouch!

This past Wednesday night is a good example of why I'm so emphatic on stating, "No Way!"  During worship Wednesday night, I felt like the Holy Spirit was baptizing us in more love.  It was powerful.  Our church is a free church, we allow our people to use their ministry gifts.  Often Corinne and I stand by the sideline while our great people minister to one another.  It's awesome... matter of fact, it's one the greatest experiences of my ministry.  I love it!  That is what happened Wednesday night, our Peeps began to pray for one another.  It was awesome!

The revelation of true Grace is catching fire in our midst!  The net result is a whole lot of loving going on! 

Friends, please do not be afraid of Grace.  It is the power of God working within a Believer, releasing the power from within to making a person holy.  In the midst of said holiness, lots of God's love is manifested. (Col. 1:27)

I love it!

Let me close with Paul's famous words... these are the words that he began all of his letters with..... I think he knew something...  Here are Paul's insightful words...

"Grace and Peace!


Are You Confused by Grace?

I read on Facebook yesterday, where someone stated that the message of grace is giving people the excuse that it is OK to divorce their spouses and remarry others.  The other day another preacher told me that the message of grace gives people the right to sin as they will, doing what ever they want to do.  I have to submit to you that these thoughts on grace are totally incorrect!  The problem seems to be that many, maybe even most Christians, including pastors, preachers, etc., do not understand what true Biblical grace really is.

If you feel that the definition of grace is, "God's unmerited favor," you are wrong!  God's unmerited favor is His mercy, not His grace.  True grace is the power of God working within a person giving them the power to be holy in the sight of God.  When people walk in true grace, they do not sin!  They don't even want to sin, as they are so caught up in a faith, love relationship with God, that sin is the farthest thing from their minds!

Colossians 1: 27 says, "Christ in your is the hope of glory."  That is the forceful, alive and vivid picture of grace!  The believer has the very presence of God Himself living within!  Wowsers!!!!!  That gets me pumped!  People are saying that the Church of today needs to get right with God.  I agree!  However I fully understand the only way that this can happen.  It is by grace!   After all, the Lord says in Leviticus 22: 31-32 (NLT), "You must faithfully keep all my commands by putting them into practice for I  am the Lord.  Do not bring shame on my holy name, for I will display my holiness among the people of Israel.  I AM THE LORD WHO MAKES YOU HOLY!" (emphasis mine)  Wow again!  God makes me holy!  You see, this is true grace!

I want to close this post with Paul's words in Romans 6: 1-2a  (NLT), "Well then, should we keep on sinning so that God can show us more and more of his wonderful grace?  OF COURSE NOT!"  Read the next few verses yourself, you too will get a wonderful vision of all that God has done for you.  It is all activated in your life by faith, not law!

Grace and Peace!

When the Word Burns in Your Gut!

So many Church People just do not understand what happens when God gives a major down load of His word and revelation of that word to a preacher.  You know preaching is just so much more than getting up before a crowd of people and giving a fine speech.  Often in my case I'm called to give apostolic direction to a local congregation, but in so doing, it's dealing with advancing the Kingdom of God within our region.  This does not come easy!

We continue on into more revelation in regards to living by faith within the confines of the New Covenant.  Please believe me when I say, way too many American Church People just do not understand this concept.  The problem is that everyone the New Testament we live under the New Covenant. However, if we do not understand God's Grace, truly understand it, we will find ourselves living under some type of a law to make us holy and eventually good enough to please God.  Like the one Sister said in our church a couple of months ago, "My husband and I used to attend a church where we felt like we had to get saved again every week!"  Know what I mean by that?  That is NOT New Covenant living!  Not at all!

So Wednesday night I'm teaching some fresh revelation on living in Abraham's Covenant, on how it's for us today within the New Covnenant.  God was giving major direction to our church through this.  I then leave the meeting all "hyped up" by the anointing that was on me.  I was tired, but too excited to sleep.  We go to bed and at 2:00 a.m. Thursday comes the Holy Spirit!  I just wonder if the Lord ever looks at the clock!!!  All of a sudden I'm wide awake and He's giving me a major download of fresh mana revelation and I begin to see the "skeleton" of Sunday mornings message to our church.  I'm mumbling a little about the time of day thing... and I quickly get this vision/picture of Jesus.  He's laughing and having a good time with me!  At least he thought it was funny!  And soon, I did too as I had a good laugh, not too loud so I wouldn't wake up the Bride.

So...I wonder how many of our congregation will realize what God is doing and saying to us thorough all of this?  I wonder how many will stay home because they have other things to do?  Hummmm.... I'm learning...some people just "don't get it!"  I have peace with this now, I never used to, but I do now.  I realize that some people just "attend church," while others are "The Church!"  Know what I mean?

So if you are anywhere near Hernando, Florida, this Sunday, March 11, 2012, you might want to visit Vision of Hope Ministries at 10:30.  I've got a gut feeling we're in for a Gully Washer!'s our website:

God's Promise to Abe

I am often perplexed about preachers who say that they are preaching and teaching on the subject of Grace and living in the New Covenant and by how qickly they soon move on to other subjects.  OK...I am STUCK on this message.  If you attend any of the meetings of Vision of Hope Ministries in Hernando, Florida, about all you will ever hear are messages on Grace and true New Covenant living.  Why?  The answer is two fold...#1.  People who have been Christians for some time do not really understand what Grace, true Grace and New Covenant living are all about.  They have never been taught these things, matter of fact they have been taught the extreme opposite, often by famous Bible teachers and authors.  Corinne was reading a book written by a famous author.  He began good by stating how much God loves us and has given us the ability to live godly lives, etc.  But soon he was writing how we have to please God by living godly lives, that our good works are what makes God happy with us!  Not so!!!! Only our faith makes Him happy with us!  #2.  Life happens!  In my own life I've found that I can be living in complete peace with God, fully understanding His Grace gift to me.  Suddenly something goes awry!  I'm hit by a demonic attack, or know what I mean!  All of a sudden my faith and understanding of New Covenant living seems to go out the door as the thoughts come..."I'm no longer pleasing God or these things wouldn't be happening to me!"

So here I am....perplexed by the teachings within the Body of Christ!  However, here is what I'm hearing, what I'm teaching and what's's what I am living...

Galatians 3: 9 (NLT), "So all who put their faith in Christ share the same blessings Abraham received because of his faith."  430 years prior to the Law of Moses, father Abe was living and walking by faith.  Because of his faith God was pleased!  Hebrews states, "Without faith it's impossible to please God."  And much of that 11th chapter deals with Abe's wonderful faith, love walk with God. 

God blessed Abe and his descendants with an ever lasting covenant.  (See Gen. 17)  The covenant was one of increase and blessing.  Once again, it was 430 years prior to the Law of Moses!  So prior to the Law, God blessed Abe and his descendants with an powerful covenant that was actually one sided.  It was one sided in that only God made the deal.  A normal covenant is two sided.  Two people cut the covenant and agree to never break it.  The example being the blood brothers of ancient people cutting themselves and mixing their blood. 

Move this all up to Brother Paul's insight, from God Himself, stating that all who live by faith share in Abe's covenant!  Wow!  Now most of the Church doesn't really understand this as they are still living outside of true Grace.  They only understand Grace as, "God's unmerited favor."  That is God's mercy, not His Grace.  God's true Grace is, GOD'S POWER WORKING WITHIN US MAKING US HOLY!  His Grace can be summed up by Colossians 1: 27, "Christ in you, the hope of glory!" 

So, because of God's working in me, I can live a holy life!  "Apart from Christ I can do nothing!"  The sin issue is... I no longer want to sin and I now know God's power is working within me allowing me to walk free from sin!  I love it!  Do you see why faith in this Grace makes God happy and pleased?

There is so much more to talk about... but I hope you get an idea of what's pumping in my heart!  It's an exciting life!  More Lord!!!!