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I'm Overwhelmed by God's Love for Me!

Early yesterday morning I was doing one of my most favorite things, fishing for Largemouth Bass.  God has blessed Corinne and I with a huge body of water right out our West Florida home's back door.  For years we lived and traveled in a motor home, but now we've got a real home, actually with walls, floors and no wheels under it!  Wow!  He also worked it our for me to have a 12 foot boat, with an 8 hp outboard motor and the boat is set up for Bass fishing!  The boat's name is, "Visitation."  So, when I'm out fishing, I'm actually on "Visitation."  I'm such a good pastor!  hehehe

Anyway, yesterday the Sun was coming up and once again I was completely overwhelmed by God!  It was beautiful on the lake, little wind, lily pads gleaming in the coming sunlight.  The expectancy of a huge Florida Bass hitting my rubber worm always looms over me whenever I'm out on the lake.  My goal is to catch anything over 6 pounds and have it mounted, then I can catch an release all other big ones, as they are baby machines!  I've never caught a Bass over 6 pounds, that's always been my goal, but my lake has 8, 10 and 12 pound fish in it, so it's only a matter of time till I get my "wall hanger!"

OK...what's all of this about?  Why all the fishing talk today?  My answer is that it just illustrates the love of God for His Kids!  Many times we have told God, "We'll do what You ask us to do and we'll go where You ask us to go!"  We alway meant it and actually did it!  Now His reward to us is so wonderful!

However, God's love for His Kids is never based upon our actions.  His love is not dependent upon's only Him all of the way!  His grace is so awesome!

I love Him so much!!!!  I'm so thankful for all He's doing in my life, my church and family!  He's sooooo good!

Oh, no "wall hanger" fish yesterday, but I did catch two "keepers" that will fit really good into Corinne's frying pan!

Thank you Lord!!!

Footprints in Sand: False Doctrine!

A pastor recently told his congregation that he was going to begin preaching a series on the "Presence of God."  His sermon thrust was to be on how to get into that Presence.  Of course I couldn't hear his messages so I really do not know what he was preaching, but I can guess the direction most preachers today would go in.

Let me think... how would most preachers suggest we get into the Presence of God? 

How about....we must pray more?  Then...we must read the Word more.  I would guess we'd get into the Presence of God by fasting.  The list could go on by suggesting that we give more money, are more faithful to church, love our Brothers and Sisters more, obey our spiritual leaders, etc., etc., etc.!  Get the picture?

I wonder if you understand that all of the above is Old Covenant thinking and practice?  I also would have to wonder if you would agree with me in saying that maybe most of the American Church is locked into that mode of thinking?

By now any of my critics would say something like..."OK Larry, You think you're so smart... just how do we get into the Presence of God?"  

First, please note that I make the word, "Presence" one with a upper case first letter.  The Presence of God is not just a place to me, but rather an actual being. It is God in me and with me and I'm never separated from Him!  

Colossians 1:27 declares that, "Christ in us is the hope of glory."  That means that God Himself lives in ALL times, not just in the times when I'm feeling godly or doing godly things.  I do not have to "work" to enter into His Presence, there is only one thing I have to do and that is to believe that I'm in His Presence. That is correct... the only thing I have to do is to exercise my faith and whammo...I'm there!!  If I read the word today, I'm there, and if I don't read the word all week, I'm still there!  Why?  Because He's always with me, never forsakes me and fully lives in me!

The "Foot Prints in the Sand" myth....

If you realize that the traditional "Foot Prints in the Sand" story is false doctrine, then you know and understand what New Covenant living is all about.  The story goes.... a person walking on the beach notes two sets of foot prints in the sand behind them.  They inquire of the Lord, "What is this?"  The Lord's response, "I'm walking with you, etc."  Then times became hard and the person notes that there are now only one set of foot prints in the sand.  Again they inquire of the Lord of why this is so and the Lord's response, "When you are in trouble I'm carrying you!"  It sound good, right?  It makes us emotional, may even bring a tear to our eye, that Jesus is carrying us when we are in trouble, etc.  But the truth is that this is false doctrine!  It fully denotes Old Covenant living.  Here are the facts... There is always, only, ONE set of foot prints in the sand!  The prints are ours and His as He is in us!!!  He never carries us, He is in us!!!  Get it?

Friends, God is much closer to you than just carrying you when you are in trouble!

There is nothing we can do to get into the Presence of God, other than to believe that we are there!  Isn't that simple?  Hummm.... maybe too simple!  Maybe that is why so many have a hard time living the grace filled, New Covenant life!

Yes, today you can cease your struggles to become what you already are! Relax...Christianity is simple, it's easy, it's no sweat!  That is why Paul ended every one of his letters with and I end this blog with, "Grace and Peace!"  Peace will always follow true Grace!

Yes Lord!  Wowsers!