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Repost From 3/08: "What Ya Waiting For?" (A word for today!)


Hi All... this is a repost of an article I wrote back in March, 2008.  Today is Primary Election Day in Florida, and many folks have their eye on the guy they think will do the job of changing America.  Read this Blog post and you might get a better idea on who can really do the job! (Please scroll down)



March 29, 2008

What Ya Waiting For?

Greetings from Central Texas....

OK... a looming trucker's strike, record high gas, eggs, bread and milk, lots of home foreclosures, lost jobs, and to top it all off, the media crying, "Recession!"......  What's a guy supposed to do?  Talk about living in days of uncertainty!  Wowsers, have you ever seen anything like it?  We don't really like to admit it, but most Americans are kinda shaking in their boots right now!  Yes, I'm talking to you Brother and Sister Christian too!

I hear so many Christians these days talking about how America is under the judgment hand of God.  The question is asked, "Who's going to fix it?"  Many are looking to Bush, McCain, Clinton and Obama as the answer to all of America's problems.  Many within the Church are pointing fingers at all of the unsaved, the abortion providers, the New World Order, etc., etc. as the "Blame of all things!"  Yet the obvious answer is right under our own noses... US!  The Church... we're the root of these problems and we also have the answers to them!

Tuesday night we were ministering in a house church meeting.  We were ministering on the gifts of the Spirit.  Corinne was talking about how we shouldn't be afraid of the spiritual gifts.  She quoted II Timothy 1: 7, "For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love and self-discipline."  The context of this verse is dealing with Timothy using the spiritual gifts that God had given him through the laying on of Paul's hands.  I then noted something very interesting.  The verse proceeding this, verse 6 says in KJV, "Stir up the gifts that were given you...."  However, note verse 6 from the New Living Translation, "This is why I remind you to fan into flames the spiritual gift God gave you when I laid my hands on you."  There is a vast difference between just stirring up something and fanning it into flames!

My Friends, I'm looking at America from the eyes of the Revivalist.  I see that we are in the best place ever, for the greatest, life changing, move of God that our Nation has ever seen!  But it all depends on us... the Church.  No longer will "church as usual" get the job done!  Let the revival begin within us!  Allow God to "fan into flames" all that He has already placed within you!  Cry out to God for a personal revival!  Ask God to spiritually awaken you!  Ask Him to raise you from the dead!  Let's not worry about the abortion provider, let's just be concerned about us... you and I personally!  Let God's fire fall on us! 

Change me Lord, and then watch me change the world!

Church, What Ya Waiting For?


Larry the Revivalist!

Was it God or Medicine?

The ongoing debate seems to be can God use doctors and medicine  when it comes to healing people?  If you think I'm entering that debate today, as I write this blog post, you are wrong!  hehe  I'm not looking for a fight today! 

However, I'd like to share something that happened last week Friday night during Roger Webb's healing meeting at our church, Vision of Hope Ministries of Citrus County, Florida.  Both meetings, Thursday and Friday, were powerful, actually loaded with very visible miracle healing taking place.  Of course we're awaiting some reports back from doctors on some of the cancer issues, etc., but even on those people such dramatic physical change took place that it was awesome to see!  Wowsers!

A couple came to Thursday night's meeting and both were dramatically touched by God, especially the husband.  Friday night they brought a relative and a couple who were friends.  The lady friend seemed to scoff the meeting, and when Roger asked for people to come up for prayer, those who needed it, she refused to go forward.  She was in the meeting with some pretty hefty pain in one of her kidneys.  Later at the end of the meeting, Roger being tipped off that this lady had a problem, reached out and touched her and said a quick prayer over her.  A few minutes later as she was walking out the front door of the building she told another lady, " pain is gone, my medicine must have kicked in!"  The other lady said, "No, Roger just prayed for you and God just took away the pain."  Her response, "No, it's the medicine!"

Years ago a close family member of my wife had a couple real close calls with cancer.  She was told that she had lung cancer.  Several of her Christian family members prayed for her, including Corinne and I.  Later she was told that the cancer was gone.  Later she was told that she had pancratic cancer and again, after prayer it could not be found.  She was told that she would live out her life as a diabetic due to the pancratic cancer...Not so, it never happened!  God healed this woman several times, and never once did she give God the credit for it!  Isn't that interesting?  Wow..what mercy and Grace God gives to us!

We've extended Roger's meetings into this week, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights (Jan. 18-20).  I'm inviting the whole world!  Anyone who needs a miracle healing should try to be at these meetings!  The bottom line is...what do you have to loose?

But then there are some who would say, "I'm OK... I have my doctor and my medicine!"  In effect...God healing people is for the other guy, I don't need Him!"

Oh well, God taught me a long time ago, "Some will, some won't, so what......  Next!!!


The Devil hates people getting healed!

Just a quick thought here... Last night we had Roger Webb ministering again and like usual we had many signs, wonders and miracles take place. One guy came to the meeting with terminal cancer, walked into the room leaning on his wife and using a cane. He said he's had constant, severe pain in his pelvis and leg for three years. He left the building after the meeting totally pain free, with his cane over his shoulder! (see pic)

I feel like we hammered the enemy pretty good last night! I'm looking to more in tonight's meeting! However, I do know that it seems that the enemy hates healing meetings with a passion! From years of experience it seems that the attack against people getting healed is more intense than from people getting saved! Announce a meeting for evangelism and you will find opposition, but announce a meeting for people to get healed... watch out!

You might ask..."Why?" Truthfully I really don't know. My thoughts are that healing represents the Kingdom of God now on earth. Jesus told his disciples to heal the sick and tell them the Kingdom was near them now. Healing is a full representation of that wonderful Kingdom now in effect on this dark earth! It is light in the midst of darkness. Plus healing meetings always seem to lead to decisions for Christ!

So.. I love to watch people get healed! I'll never tire of it! And to it I say, "More Lord!"

Guy healed

Our Church Ain't Perfect!

God and I have had this long time "thing" going on between us.  I've told him hundreds of times something like this..."My job would be easy if it were not for people!"  I'm sure every Christian leader has told the Lord something similiar many times as well.  I'm certain that the Lord fully understands my plight..He's probably saying the same thing.  After all think how easy His job would be without people!

I've told the Lord that if it were just He and I we'd get along pretty darn good!  But then I hear back from Him, "Then what would I do with you Boy?"  Ooops!  My pride just gets swallowed up at those times, knowing that I'm not too perfect either!

I sometimes have a chuckle over some of the things that people use to measure a church, if they want to attend it or not.  We have a church in our area where the pastor is a known, well shall I say, not too savory of a character.  A few weeks before Christmas a couple visited us and filled out a visitor card.  I called and the wife told me that she didn't like our church because we had Christmas decorations up.  One of our leaders mentioned that sinister name, "Santa" during the service and that was it for that lady... she'd have no part with our church!  Yet, I later found out that she attends the church that has the non-savory pastor.  OK... I don't get it!

Actually I'm very thankful that God spared us from having to deal with a religious spirit.  On the other hand, I continue to be perplexed by the "goofiness" of people!

Here is the bottom line.... if you are looking for a perfect church with a perfect pastor....please don't come our way!  I admit it, I'm not the perfect pastor!  I never will be!  Our church, Vision of Hope Ministries of Citrus County, FL is not the perfect church and will never be!

But if you are looking for a place where revival fires burn, the Holy Spirit is allowed free access to all meetings,  the grace of God is taught, where the New Covenant is lived out, where people are encouraged to use and practice their ministry gifts in Kingdom principles, a place where the unloved will be accepted, then you might wish to give us a try!

Here's our website just in case you wish to take a look!  (It's still not completed after the Jan. 1 name change, but you will get the idea)

By the way... I love my church and I love my job!  Yeah!

What if Everyone Supported my Church Like I do?

I don't know if you realize it, but most pastors and ministry leaders are breathing a sigh of relief today.  The Christmas/New Years season is just about to an end.  When these holidays come on Sundays the churches in the Land usually go into a "hurting" state.  

I faced this issue this year with our leadership team... "What do we do gang?"  If we have our normal Sunday morning services Christmas morning (Sunday), probably half of the people won't attend.  If we have it Christmas Eve and cancel Sunday morning's service maybe more will attend.  That's what we did, thinking that Christmas Eve we'd have an early service, 6:00 p.m., and keep it to about an hour, that way people would still have time for family functions, etc.  That's what we thought and it didn't work!  The service was great, a real touch of God on it, but the attendance was pathetic!  So we just couldn't get it figured out! But...who can figure out "Church People?"  

Then there is the issue of the offerings!  Small churches often live from Sunday to Sunday!  Ours does!  We need the faithful offerings coming in. I'm told that large churches are no different.  We need the hundreds of dollars, large churches need the tens of thousands of dollars.

Here's the thing... I've noted, over the years, that when people miss a church service, the church usually misses getting the people's offerings. Of all of the people that have missed our services over the past two weeks, I've yet had one call me and say they were going to put their check in the mail or drop it off at my house!

So, my question is.....What if everyone in your church approached their stewardship like you do?  I've noted that the person who put a $5.00 bill in the offering 20 years ago is still putting the same $5.00 bill in the offering today.  The difference is that 20 years ago, that $5.00 would fill a gas tank with gas.  Today it's just a little over 1 gallon.  See what I mean?

Something to think about today... maybe you should call up your pastor and let him/her know that your check is going out in the mail tomorrow! But be aware he/she may pass out!