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I'm So Thankful for Jesus!

In an hour or so I will be sharing my heart with our church congregation here in Hernando, FL.  We have a neat group!  Our people are the greatest and God is doing such awesome things in our midst.  For many months now we've been releasing tons of revelation on living and experiencing the fullness of the New Covenant.  So many people are trying to appease Father God by keeping some type of law.   Some even go so far as to try to live by the Old Covenant.  This is NOT the grace of God in operation!

Every once in awhile I run into some preacher who says something like this, "All of that grace stuff... we teach that and people get too free, they fall into sin, etc."  It amazes me how many seem afraid of grace.  Of course the problem is that they really do not understand what grace actually is.  If you leave the definition of grace at, "God's unmerited favor," you are leaving out the best part of it!  Grace is indeed "unmerited favor" but it continues on into it actually being God's power working in and through us in order to make us holy!  You got it!  God makes us holy, we don't do it!  How's that for an across the bows shot at religion?

So today I'm studing for tonight's meeting and God begins to show me more grace.  Actually more New Covenant in the birth of Jesus.  I'm actually seeing the model of grace being set up in the genalogies of Matthew chapter 1!  Who would have ever thought that!

So, once more, I stand amazed at God's love for me!  I'm so blessed by His plan, working and being released in my life, drawing me more into the understanding of my relationship with him, EVEN THOUGH I DON'T DESERVE IT!

Jesus...What a Christmas present!

Mega Churches Copy Cat Small Churches!

The other evening I was watching  Mike Huckabee interview Pastor Joel Osteen of the Lakewood Church in Houston, TX.   The Governor asked several pertinent questions, but ended his interview by asking how people get assimilated in a church of over 38,000 people.  Joel's answer was pretty simple, but the implication was that they bring to the congregants, the principles found in the small churches of America.

My thought then was, if the mega church is imitating the small church, then who needs the mega church!  After all, there really are only a couple of reasons why people attend mega get lost in the crowd, and to be ministered to by the "Super Stars."  

The facts remain that the vast majority of ministry getting done in America is being accomplished by churches number less than 100 people.  Yet, we Americans are convinced that unless "something" is huge, it is not really God!

Our church in Citrus County, Florida is still small, but we're growing quickly.  Matter of fact we do have growing pains, as we're rapidly out growing our facilities.  When people come to New Beginnings Fellowship (Soon to be Vision of Hope Ministries) they find that they are welcomed as "Key People" and any ministry gifts they bring to the table will somehow be used.   I think that is the bottom line... people with ministry gifts welling up within them just want to be used so that those gifts can be released and the person become fulfilled.  My job is to help that happen.

I guess it is possible for people to hide out in our church.  But most likely that won't happen much as we just have too much going on. Yesterday a young man full of ministry called me on the phone, sharing some frustrations with the ministry that he felt God gave him.  I told him that he's come to the right church as we will back him, release him, empower him and encourage him.....that is my job according to Ephesians 4: 11-13.  Oh, and may I add, we'll not control him either!  

So, don't be discouraged if you are a part of a small church!  Use this as a golden opportunity to advance the Kingdom of God.  It may seem like "small potatoes" for awhile,  but many small potatoes together can feed a nation!  Yeah!