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How well I remember that night 119 weeks ago when the Holy Spirit fell on our church, New Beginnings Fellowship in Hernando, Florida!  For the prior several weeks I had been teaching our group about past revivals and awakenings so that a hunger would be created within them for more of God.  Most American Church attendees do not understand the powerful workings of the Holy Spirit in pasts seasons of revival. 

Then that night, after the Fourth of July weekend, the Fire fell on us! Wow!

One of the greatest enemies of revival is complacency and familiarity.  When we begin to take the moving of the Holy Spirit for granted, we soon loose the excitement and mystery of revival.  Soon revival can become common place and we need to be revived once again.

To be honest, there have been some times over the past months when I was fearing that our group had entered in to such times of familiarity.  Later the Lord showed me that we were just moving into new levels and that our ultimate goal of Kingdom advancement was just ahead.  

Then this past Sunday God again brought a "Suddenly" into our midst!  (Scroll down for a neat testimony).  It was exciting... and once again I can proclaim that, "Lives were forever changed!"

Yes, God can release revival in a small church!  I love it! You know we're proclaiming the following to the world around us, "To the Fearful we are offering a Vision of Hope!

More Lord!

Yosemite Fire FallsJulia's Testimony! 
 "I am amazed at the way God moved this morning. I came hungry for God, wanting to sit in his presence. WOW...It was a feast. As I watched tears flow, lives touched, bondage being broken; I remembered where I was (where NBF was) not so long ago. God has done exceedingly, abundantly more than what we prayed for, more than what we could have hoped for."

Julia Michael
Note: This testimony is in reference to the "Main Event!" meeting of Sunday October 16, 10:30 a.m.


March on Wall St...What's Going On?

The news programs are ripe with the pictures of gangs of unhappy people marching on and trying to occupy Wall St. in downtown New York City.  

What in the world is going on?  It seems that people with no idea of why they are there are marching, picketing, and in some cases creating disturbances and being arrested.  Again..."What in the world is going on??"

Many, most likely most of these fine, distracted people, have been targeted by the Holy Spirit for salvation, and ultimate Kingdom life.  It seems that they also have been targeted by a perverse, distracting spirit, that is telling them that the answer to all of their problems is to over throw those who seem to be successful, or that have more than they have.

Our liberal, progressive, thinkers have succeeded in unleashing class warfare in America!  This is their goal...over throw the rich, eliminate the middle class, so that there is only one class of people, all dependent on the "public hand out!"  However, God's got other ideas.... that is a great end time Harvest of souls!  These same people should be marching on our churches of the Land, crying out, "What must we do to be saved?" all of us who see what is really happening, let's join together in prayer and call in the Harvest!  To the Church...we need to be ready to bring them in, empower them, send them back out, so that they too, can help bring in the Harvest!

Church are you Ready?  As we say around NBF..."Are you ready, ready, ready?

Send the Harvest Lord... in the powerful name of Jesus Christ!