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Does Your Church Celebrate or Tolerate You?

Jim Peters, one of our deacons at New Beginnings Fellowship in Hernando, Florida, made a interesting statement shortly after his family began attending.  Jim said, "I've finally found a church that celebrates me instead of just tolerating me!"  We've had a lot of laughs about that statement ever since.  I'm always telling Jim that I'm just tolerating him for the day and we get a good chuckle from it.  However, the statement is very true.  I wonder how many people are attending a church, maybe even for many years, and they are just being tolerated.  

Wow.. an interesting thought huh?

In my thinking we in the Church need to put people before programs. When we operate out of love, our sense of celebration greatly increases.  I also fully understand that my job description, based on Ephesians 4, 11-12, is to put my people before me in the work of the ministry.  The more they do for God, the more my job has been fulfilled.  My sole function is to release people to do the work of the ministry of Jesus.  

Just sharing a simple thought with you today.  Matter of fact, I've even been thinking of putting the title to this blog up on our sign.  I'm sure it might stir things up some.  But... you know me, I love stirring things up!

Grace & Peace!

Why Revival Tarries!

Watch today's news, that is if you dare!  Last week we had an earthquake in our nation's capital, and then Irene blew up the East Coast of the U.S. creating billions of dollars of wind and flood damage. Today's economic report is that Americans are loosing confidence in our nation's economy. Go figure!  One might say, "There's a whole lot of shaking going on!"

I'm still hearing many talking about God's judgment falling on America! Yes we have voted for abortion, yes we seem to be turning our backs on Israel, yes....there's a lot of sin in the world, and...hummm... in the Church! It just doesn't look too good, does it?  Is America being judged by God?  If we are then so is the rest of the world, cause it looks to me that the entire world is being shaken!  Plus, my Bible still reads that God's judgement begins in the house of God.  Yes, we my Brothers and Sisters will face God's judgment quicker than a un-repentant nation!

Still, the shaking continues.  So, what's going on?  The writer to the Hebrews states that in the last days that there will be a lot of shaking going on so that the only thing remaining is the unskakable Kingdom of God!  (Study chapter 12)

My suggestion to the Church is to continue to focus on Revival.  Yes, Revival in the Church!  Revival is a move of God that brings God's people back to being totally burning with fire for Him.  After Revival comes a great Harvest of lost souls.  This is what America needs... a Harvest of the lost!  What do you think would happen if all Americans were burning with passion for Jesus! How many abortions would be performed on women who have a strong passion for the Lord?  How do you think totally committed to Christ Congressmen and Senators would vote on the Israel issues?  And the list could go on and on!

America does not need judgement.  She needs Revival, to be followed up with the Harvest!

Why does this tarry?  I'm not totally sure, but I would encourage you to read of past moves of God, past Revivals and Awakenings.  When we study the past moves of God, we create a hunger in oursleves for a present move of God!  Read of Charles Finney, Jonathan Edwards, the Wesley Brothers.  Google the Great Awakening #1, the Great Awakening #2, the Welsh Revival, the Cane Ridge Revival, and even the Hebrides Revival.  Your heart might get stirred and who knows... like me, you may find yourself becoming a true, messed up, Revivalist!  

After all... Church as usual just doesn't cut it anymore!

Some days I get so lazy with this blogging stuff! I get distracted by all of the "things" of every day life, especially the things of the ministry. For I have two heavy duty counseling sessions. Yet, I've said before... "You want to know about me, check out my website. You want to know my heart, check out my blog!" I think that this is still pretty much the case.

Here's my thought for this morning....The word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit still work in a one/two combination punch, in changing a person's life. Corinne and I ministered in a small house group setting last night in a small town in Central Florida. Once again we saw the Word and the Spirit changing lives!

Oh.... I feel sooooo sorry for all of my Brothers and Sisters who do not believe that the gifts of the Spirit are for today! As for me... I would not even want to begin today's counseling session without the Holy Spirit!!!

Just saying!!!

Does God Still Heal the Sick?

One of my favorite verses of Scripture is Hebrews 13:8 (all versions), "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever."  It's simple to me, but maybe it's because I come to God in simple ways, but if Christ ever healed the sick, He's doing it today and will continue to do it tomorrow. In my thinking the issue is cut and dried.  Yet many still struggle with the thought of God actually healing anyone, especially themselves!

I had breakfast with a fellow ministry leader this morning.  He's wife has been suffering from the results of a broken leg for several months now. He told me this morning that she went to work yesterday, but can hardly walk, due to the pain, today.  On August 17-19 we at New Beginnings Fellowship in Hernando, FL are hosting the miracle ministry of Roger Webb (  Roger has had hundreds, maybe thousands of miracles show up in his ministry, many of them doctor verified.  I suggested to the fellow leader that he bring his wife to these meetings. All I got back from him was a blank stare and a sheepish smile on his face.  Yet if you asked him if God still heals the sick he most likely will say, "Certainly!"  OK... I just don't get it!

A favorite story of mine is about the ministry of William Branham. Years ago Branham was having meetings in a downtown, Midwest city's convention center.  People were standing in line for several city blocks awaiting entrance  so that the "man of God" could lay hands on them and pray for their healing.  Here's what happened.... they filed in, Branham prayed for them, the people got healed by the droves.  They immediately went home and called all of their sick friends and relatives and told them they needed to get down to that meeting.  So, the line outside never got any shorter.  Branham actually stayed with those people for days, only taking occasional breaks for a clean shirt and other needed things.  He ate some light meals right on the platform while he prayed for the people.  He even took some short naps right there on the platform.  I don't recall exactly how many days this lasted, but if my memory is correct, it was 6 days!  When Branham left those meetings to drive home from his wife and children he had to pinch and dig his legs with his finger nails to stay awake enough to drive.  After he got home, he was in bed for days trying to recover from the physical stress of  this ministry!

OK... here's what happens in a healing meeting today....Some come, some get healed, often with great manifestations of the miraculous power of God present.  That is meeting #1... so it stands to reason that those healed would right away hit Twitter or Facebook and demand that all of their sick friends and relatives show up for meeting #2.  Actually the opposite usually happens... Meeting #2 arrives and the crowd is usually 30% smaller and even those who got healed in meeting #1 never return to the meetings!

Yep... I DON'T GET IT!

Well we at New Beginnings Fellowship do believe that God still heals! We pray for all in need and we've seen some wonderful miracles take place.  Our first meeting there, prior to Corinne and I becoming pastors of NBF, we saw a lady come with a broken back.  That night she went home completely healed and decided to wash her kitchen floor, on her hands and knees!  We've had several cancer healings take place, including a couple of doctor verified stage 4 cancer miracles.  So...we do pray for the sick, and we do make available wonderful ministries like Roger Webb. all get healed?  Of course not!  However if even only 10% of those prayed for get healed it's all worth it.  Especially if you are a part of that 10%!  But...I'll guarantee you one thing, don't come to the meetings and you will not have to worry about being in that 10%!

As for me and my house we declare that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever!  And we act accordingly!  How about you?  

Please spread the word about Roger's meetings.  You won't be sorry!