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Revival and Pond Scum!

Revival and pond scum go hand in hand!   I can just about hear the voices, "What's pond scum have to do with revival?"  To be honest, it's the pond scum part of revival that people don't like.  True revival is much more than just a set of good meetings in a church.  Although good, exciting meetings do go along with revival, it's the deep personal ministry, the type that reveals to us and eradicates the pond scum within us where the true life changing power of God hits us  in revival power.

We all have the pond scum.  Many of us don't even realize the excess baggage that we carry, but it's there and God knows it's there!  In the throes of revival, the Spirit begins to reveal that scum to us, and in those times of personal revelation, we're often confronted with the choices of getting rid of the scum or digging deeper holes within us to further bury the scum.  If we do that, we loose!

God's desire is for the scum within to be revealed, so that we can deal with it on a spiritual basis, get it exposed, removed and watch us go on, back over the river, so that we can accomplish great deeds for the Lord!

OK...let's face the pond scum, repent, get rid of it and go on to change the world around us.  As truly revived people we do fit into the "Glorious Church without Sport of Wrinkle!"  

Let's get the job done!  

Kingdom blessings!


The Spirits of Offense and Deception!

The other day a fellow minister told me about a man, who'd been a part of a local church for several years.  Now it seems that this guy is doing everything in his power to destroy that local church!  I was told what the guy's problem was, and oh, my!!!  I couldn't believe my ears... such a trivial thing!  Yet this guy was bent on acting for God and destroying the ministry of that church!

It seems to me, that stories like this are becoming so very abundant... much more abundant than ever before!  People are getting offended, are taking on the offense of others, and allowing spirits of deception to run rough shod over all that is of God.  It doesn't seem to make any difference on the type of church, or the size, the report is the same...people are getting offended and creating all kinds of difficulty in the local churches!

I was thinking about offense this afternoon.  How can a person know if they are offended by me? First of all its a heart issue.  If you check your heart and check me out according to what you find in your heart, you may find the answer to this question.  If you look into your heart and find that you have ill will towards me, by the so-called wrong I may have done to you, that you wish me to fail, my ministry end up in shambles, get excited when some bad things happen to me, feeling that it's God dealing with me, etc... then most likely you are offended!  And... that is sin!  

On the other hand, if you can find it in your heart to forgive me, accept me, and restore me, etc.... no matter what I've done to you, then you are not offended, but have a pure heart and are moving in the Spirit!

Just some thinking on my part!

Let's agree to not allow offense and deception enter our hearts and lives, and only move forward in unconditional love, acceptance and fogiveness!