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What a Day That Will be When My Jesus I Shall See!

The title of this blog speaks of an old song.  We all look forward to one day seeing the physical face of Jesus.  I've heard testimonies from people who have gone to heaven and returned. One lady, years ago, died of cancer and went to heaven and was brought back to this life.  Her comment..."What beautiful eyes Jesus has!"  I can't wait to see those eyes!

Yesterday at 11:24 A.M. Sister Mary (Ninny to family and friends) saw the eyes of Jesus!  Mary was the oldest member of our church and a great lover of people and her God!  Yes, I had the great honor, along with Donna, Randy (other church members) and Corinne to be with Mary as she was ushered into Heaven!

Mary was in the Citrus County, FL Hospice House and was not on any medications at the time.  Her eyes were open, and even though she couldn't talk, I'm certain that she knew what was going on.  I tell you the peace of God was so strong in that room!  Wow!  

As a pastor I've had this privilege several times in the past, of being with a Saint of God as they enter Glory!  I never tire of it!  It's probably one of the most fulfilling parts of my calling, observing God's love at that most important time of death.....or should I really say life?  Yes, life it is!  Mary now lives!  She has no more sickness, no more pain and most likely her only concern is who is going to fix the baked beans and potato salad for her memorial luncheon!  And of course the beans and potato salad won't be good enough,  because everyone knew that she made the best!

Thank you Mary O'Neil for being such a special friend over the past two years!  And I can't wait to get there with you.  Just maybe at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb He will allow you to bake the beans and fix the potato salad.  You will have my vote for doing so, that's for sure!