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A Miracle More Powerful Than Physical Healing!

Please don't get me wrong.... I believe that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever! (Heb. 13:8)  I love to see people get heale!  We've had many receive physical healing over the past 68 weeks of extended meetings in our church, located in Hernando, FL.  (  I get very excited whenever I see someone get a physical touch from God!  I should, after all, Corinne was healed of cancer over 30 years ago. 

However, in the midst of all of this, yesterday afternoon, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and told me about even a greater miracle than physical healing... it is spiritual, the knowledge/revelation of who we are in Jesus Christ.

I've been teaching/preaching on Charles Finney's "10 Principals of Revival."  I'm certain that I'm doing it a lot different than Finney did, as I'm bringing new wineskin revelation on subjects like: repentance, prayer, holiness, power.  Wednesday night I went into point #5 which is faith.  (You can watch the archived message at: The interesting thing is that many Christians struggle with all of the above points.  For instance, something goes wrong in your life and the first thought that comes is something like, "If you had more faith this wouldn't be happening!"  Of course added to that devastating thought would be others such as, "If you would pray more this wouldn't be happening."  Or, "If you were more holy this wouldn't be happening!"  Get the picture?

The problem is that so many of us do not have a true revelation on who we are in Christ.  Here is an email that I recieved yesterday from someone who was in Wednesday night's meeting:

"Hi Larry,

I just wanted to thank you for last night's message on faith. You really got me thinking about my relationship with my Heavenly Father and how much it is lacking and how much I don't understand Him. Through my 34 years of being a Christian, I am beginning to realise how many bad teachings I have sat through. I am one of the ones who have seen Him as a hard taskmaster, always ready to grind you to powder if you make a mistake. This has always been an immense hindrance to my fellowship and relationship with Him. More than anything, I want to be an ornament and blessing to Him, but I don't even know how to begin."

This is the location so many within the Body of Christ are parked at!  Here is our cry, "I want to be an ornament and blessing to Him, BUT I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO BEGIN."  Do you see the problem here?  This person is a very mature Christian, yet after 34 years does not know that they don't have to know how to begin to be "an ornament and blessing to Him," as they ALREADY ARE!  Yes, Jesus made us an ornament and blessing to God for this person, and for you too!

Why is the revelation of this important, or why is it even a greater miracle than physical healing?  The answer is simple, often having a lack of understanding or revelation in this area, actually creates the need for the physical healing.  In other words, this is very often the root, the core of the matter, that requires the physical miracle/healing!

I think I'm beginning to understand that true freedom in Christ leads to very healthy living, both spiritually and physically.  If you are all bound up by religion you actually are very prone to sickness and disease.  Sure we can often pray that sickness and disease off of you, but if you already understand that 2000 years ago Jesus not only healed you physically by His stripes, but He also healed you spiritually by the shedding of His blood, if you fully understand your position in Christ, most likely you won't be getting sick in the first place!

I hope this makes some sense to you!  If not, please pray into it.  And then check out the Epistles and see for yourself....if Father God is a harsh taskmaster ready to clobber you with a ball bat every time you goof up, or is instead a very loving Father, who made a way for all of your goof ups, yes, even sin, by offering His Son's blood for your freedom! 

Oh, how I love Jesus!  I love all that God has done for me, how he's set me free and how He has healed me spirit, soul and body!

Kingdom blessings!!!


Crystal Cathedral Bankrupt?

I read overnight that the famous Crystal Cathedral, located in the Los Angeles Area, has filed for bankruptcy protection from its creditors.  Who would have ever thought that this would have ever happened?

A couple of years ago, while in meetings in Southern California, Corinne and I were give an inside tour or this giant mega church's facilities.  I have relatives who were on staff there and we were brought through the huge campus with a key holder.  "Huge" is a word that really doesn't describe this ministry.  Super "huge" maybe comes close!  During that tour we were told of staff lay offs and financial difficulties that were present then.  So, I guess, that the bankruptcy doesn't come as a complete surprise to me.

In light of all of this, my question would be, "When will American Christians ever learn?"  The thought that large is God just doesn't hold water, at least not according to the Bible.  I've been told that the wonderful, awesome, life changing move of God that we are still experiencing at New Beginnings Fellowship in Hernando, Florida ( isn't really revival because we don't have lines of people wating to get in the building every night!  How sad!

I think we are going to see a lot more large ministries get into financial hot water over the next few months.  Why?  Because the model of "Mega" isn't of God!  The millions of dollars it takes to finance one of these ministries for just one week, could really change the world!  I know how I would advance the Kingdom of God with a whole lot less money!  Wow do I!  By the way... I wouldn't be driven around town by a driver and limo either!

OK.. I better stop now or I may enter into a ranting stage.  I just know that a lot of Kingdom ministry goes on in the small churches of America.... from house churches to those who meet in buildings... the congregations of 35 people have the potential of changing the world!  If you are a part of a small church/ministry, please don't be ashamed by it!  Just go out and do the "Stuff!" 


Kingdom blessings!



God is Releasing a New Generation of Revivalists

God is Releasing a New Generation of Revivalists....


Paul's statement in II Cor. 5: 17 is so bold..."Old things are passed away, behold all things are become new." Now, here is the way I believe that this verse is supposed to be read, "Old things are passed away, BEHOLD ALL THINGS ARE BECOME NEW!!!!" I sense excitement in Paul's words... If you will, I sense a shout...BEHOLD!!! ALL THINGS ARE BECOME NEW!!! In other words, the "old" was good, but there is a fresh excitement in the new things of God! Whenever God does something new I get excited! That's why my simple prayer to God for myself and for others is, "More Lord!"

The Lord is raising up a new generation of Revivalists. As one of the older crew, I'm looking so forward to this new "thing" coming! There is a freshness, a boldness and a great excitement on the horizon as this next batch of God's Generals passes through the ranks.

We of the "Older Variety...hehehe... will not be put out to pasture soon as God is going to use us in some mighty great ways too. However, and this is important...(so I'm gonna write this in all Caps too), ONLY THOSE WHO CAN EMBRACE THE "NEW THING" IN THEIR MINISTRY WILL BE USED! Old Wineskin ministry will soon loose all of it's effectiveness as it cannot advance the Kingdom of God!

I love being used of God in raising up others to do the work of the ministry. Last Sunday morning, the people of our church did the work of the ministry, I just got out of their way. I left sooooo fulfilled! I feel so sorry for the pastor who feels that he/she is the only one that can minister to others! So when I see these current Sergeants, lieutenants and captains do their ministry, I can actually look forward and see General's stars on their shoulders. My job is to help them get all of the stars they can get! And... I love my job!

I am so excited as next week, Oct. 13-15 we will be hosting Mark Sanchez (see below) from New Hampshire. Mark recently returned from the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival in Mobile, Alabama and is full of Fire and Miracles. God has given him a word for New Beginnings Fellowship ( and I can't wait to see how the Lord is going to be using this future General of Revival! Yes, Lord... send More! Much, much more!