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Last Night... More Glory!

Last night, September 3, 2010, ended our 60th week of extended Revival meetings at New Beginnings Fellowship of Hernando, Florida (  In no way did God let us down!  From the opening chord of praise and worship the meeting was about to be launched to great heights in the Holy Spirit.  People came excited and ready to go!  I recall trying to open the meeting and already people were out of their seats operating in praise over drive!  There was really no reason to open the meeting as it was already going strong at that point!

Beginning Wednesday night Corinne and I have been teaching basic principles in regards to the Kingdom of God.  This type of teaching is imperative in these days which we find ourselves living.  I really tried to hammer home last night that we are Kingdom Warriors!  Isn't this a long cry away from being just a "church attendee?"  However, the truth is that true Revival is geared to allow us the means to rapidly advance the Kingdom of God.  Good meetings are always a essential part of Revival.  However, true Revival goes way beyond just good meetings, no matter how many manifestations are present.  True Revival changes a town, a region, a state, the Nation and the world!  The bottom line to Revival must always be, "And there was great joy in that city!"

I'm thrilled to think that tomorrow we begin Week #61!  Lord what will next week bring?  I can only imagine!

Kingdom blessings!

Are You a Revival Junkie?

There is a vast difference between a person who has experienced true Revival and one who is a "Revival Junkie!"  Some today are just seeking the "rush" that comes when God is moving.  Others have been truly revived and are doing something about it.

The purpose of revival is to totally advance the Kingdom of God within a region or a nation!  We all need personal revival.  Everything begins there.  We often tell people to draw an imaginary circle around themselves with their toe and pray, "God send Revival to my circle!"  However, once it comes, then we do "something" with it!

Chuck and Ann, a part of our group here in Citrus County, Florida, have recently sensed a call to go to Uganda for six months.  Last night we talked about their pending adventure and that we will be sending them there in January, not to be traditional missionaries, but rather, to take a nation for the Lord.  They will go as Fire starters, going to make a difference.

In the meantime, Chuck and Ann can get as much of Revival as they can cram into themselves, they can get drunk in the Spirit, laugh, cry, manifest the Holy Spirit any way they want, but the bottom line is that they are doing something with all of this.  They are going forth as Kingdom Warriors, spreading the Gospel of the Kingdom by healing the sick, casting out devils, raising the dead and preaching the Kingdom message to those who are poor!

These days, God is calling us to get all of Him that we can.  We come to meetings to get more, much more.  However the bottom line is what are we doing with all of this?  Remember, the more of God we give away, the more of Him we will receive!

I don't want to be a Revival Junkie.  No... I am a Warrior King, making a difference in the region God has called me to!  How about you?  I hope I made you think some today!

Blessings and lots of them