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OK...I'm pumped!

Hey All,

Last Friday night a pastor from south Florida brought a carload of people to our meetings. He told me that as they drove near to our building that they could tell exactly where it was located as they all saw streams of glory falling from the sky right down to our location. The glory of God falling on us is really what took place in all of our meetings last week. 

Desiree Lamphier did an excellent job of ministry. Saturday night she ministered prophetically to everyone present with very accurate words coming forth!

Wow... did God move! The testimonies keep coming in of
the lives that have been changed! I love it!

We are now into Week #46 of "Spreading the Fire!" 
We have an exciting schedule again this week! 

Wednesday night Corinne is again ministering on the Kingdom of God. 

Thursday night we have special guests coming. Jason and Susan Marquez from Point of Life Ministries in Sarasota, FL will be with us ministering. ( Jason contacted me a few weeks ago and just wanted to attend our meetings to get some fresh revival fire for themselves and said they would be there Wed. and Thurs nights. I felt that the Lord would have them minister Thurs. night. This couple was greatly touched in the Lakeland Outpouring and are spreading the fire around the country!

Friday night, I'm on deck to minister. But at NBF the Holy Spirit is the minister, so one never knows what is going to happen until it happens! Know what I

God is still moving
strongly in our midst. Prayerfully consider jumping into the River this week. I assure you, you won't be sorry you did! Yep.. again I say, "Lives are being forever changed!"

Kingdom blessings,


Larry & Corinne Silverman
"Releasing People to Their Divine Destiny!"

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Important Revival Update!

Important Revival Update
New Beginnings Fellowship in Hernando, Florida

Dear Friend,

Next week, May 19-22 we begin our 45th week of extended meetings! We invite you to help us celebrate with 4 nights of exciting meeting. Yes 4 nights...we've added Saturday night, May 22 to the schedule for a very good reason....Desiree Lamphier ( will once again be with us!

The last time Desiree was with us, God moved in powerful ways. We are looking forward to an ever greater move of God this time around!

I look forward to seeing you in the River of God! Take a look at the information below.

Kingdom blessings!


New Beginnings Fellowship

2577 N. Florida Ave.

Hernando, Florida

HernandoFLNOW (2)

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Jesus was seen yesterday!

Hi all,

Greetings from beautiful Anna Maria Island, FL

I'm on vacation and our leadership team has instructed me not to bring my computer and cell phone, so this email comes from Holy Ghost communication and not my notebook! Right?? lol

Anyway, from everything I've been told, yesterday's meeting with Roger Webb was great! Roger feels that many testimonies of healing will be coming forth, so if the Lord did anything special for you, please let us know!

One quick side note... Roger told me that one of our little girls saw Jesus in the meeting yesterday. Roger had her tell the congregation and
everyone got pretty excited. Well, last evening around 8:30 p.m. our alarm company called me and informed me that the police were on the way to our building as the alarm in the sanctuary was tripped. One of our
deacons met Citrus County's finest a few minutes later and they checked everything out and everything was OK. Thankfully! Well, I was just chatting with Roger on Facebook and we decided that Jesus was still walking around in the building! You know with everything that is going on at NBF (, I'd say that just about anything is possible!

Meetings continue this week Wed. - Fri. so come and be prepared for a great time in the Lord! This week Dr. Randy Casiano, Pastor Denzel Upton, Pastor Dave Schirmer and Kris will be ministering! These folks are powerful! Come expecting! And who knows... if Jesus is still walking around in there, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!

For your calendars... Wed. - Sat. May 19-22 Desiree Lamphier ( will be
with us for a return engagement! Note that we've added a Saturday meeting to this week!

OK... enough work.. it's back to vacation for me! I've got an island to explore with my Bride today!

Love you lots!


Larry & Corinne Silverman
"Releasing People to Their Divine Destiny!"

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