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The Blind See!

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Revival Fire Continues to Fall in Florida!

Dear Friend,

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"Spreading the
New Beginnings Fellowship
Hernando, Florida
"releasing people to their divine destiny!"
Good Saturday Morning!

Once again, I can report that the Glory of God feel on us last night! We concluded Week #41 of our "Spreading the Fire!" meetings and in doing
we were completely immersed in God's Fire! During some very intense
worship, people began mininistering to one another, as Kris, our worship
leader called for people who needed miracles and healing to come
forward. I love sitting back and watching the Saints pray for one
another! It's NOT the "Larry Show" at NBF, not one bit! 

Get this, Bro. Ed, who's been pretty much totally blind for several
weeks, due to a detached retina and eye infection, not only was seeing
shapes, but colors and was able to recognize people's faces from a
distance. It was just plain awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! He still has a little
more healing to go through, but Ed left the meeting as a new man!

There was no preaching or teaching again last night, it was just a time
of completely drinking of the Father's love and embracing His wonderful
Glory and Power! There was a powerful anointing to release miracles and
favor in that meeting! Wow!!! 

Friends, the bottom line here is that lives are being changed in this
move of God! People are coming with needs and are leaving as changed
people! It's powerful!

Sunday morning, April 25, we begin Week #41 of these meetings. If you
are finding yourself in any kind of need, physically, emotionally,
spiritually, come on and give us a visit. If you need travel
information give us a shout, we'll get some info back to you ASAP. We
are located in beautiful Citrus County, FL. (The Nature Coast) Here's a
link to the tourism website that will give you lots of local
For nearest airports check out the Orlando and Tampa area facilities
including the regional airports at Sanford and St. Pete. 

Give us a visit, but beware... God will release you into your divine
destiny here! I mean it... He really will!

Kingdom blessings!


Larry & Corinne

"Releasing People to Their Divine Destiny!"

Meeting Schedule...

Wed. - Fri. nights at 7:00 p.m.
Sunday Mornings at 8:00 and 10:p.m.

Yikes! We've Created a Monster!

New Beginnings Fellowship
Hernando, Florida
"releasing people to their divine destiny!"

Yikes! We've Created a Monster!

Note: This is our 41st (April 20-23) week of "Spreading the Fire!" Meetings. This week, Wednesday through Friday evenings we will be jumping into this mighty wave of God's River! Meeting times: 7:00 p.m. This week I will be ministering in all three meetings on "Enemies of Revival!" Of course we are always open to what the Holy Spirit wants for an evening. For more info you can go to: You can view the live webcasts by going to the same website and hitting the Podcasts button.
Please read.....

The convention center of Megaville has a seating capacity of 10,000 people. An hour before the revival meeting begins, the roads to the convention center are packed with cars awaiting a parking space. Precisely at 7:00 p.m. Billy Bob Picker will grab his 6 string guitar and begin leading the huge worship team into the Glory. As Billy Bob and the team play and sing, the assembled multitude becomes mesmerized and begin to sway, some even dancing as ecstatic worship of the Lord
goes forth.

After an hour or so passes, Rev. Charles Huge, leader of the All-Star Evangelistic Association, takes the microphone and begins to prophesy, huff and puff, and preach more of the Glory down. Thousands of people in the convention center are holding onto every word that Evangelist Huge speaks forth from his golden tongue. However many more thousands are watching this dynamic spectacle on their home TVs and computers as "God is Trinity TV" is broadcasting and streaming the live feed all over the world! Just having this major Christian TV network present seems to add even more excitement and legitimacy to this huge revival movement! 

During this meeting many receive healing miracles, several come to the Lord in a new walk of salvation and many hundreds are speaking in tongues for the first time ever! Oh... what a move of God!

Meanwhile, several hundred miles away, Pastor David Tiny of the First
Church of God in Jesus Christ, Inc., located in the village of Podunk Junction, County of Boondocks in the State of Obscure, is watching his laptop computer, tuned into live video feed of the exciting, awesome, revival at the Megaville Convention Center. As Evangelist Huge is preaching his heart out, Pastor Tiny begins to cry out to God..."Oh Lord, if only this could happen here at the First Church of God in Jesus Christ, Inc!" Pastor Tiny is aware of other churches around the country who have begun showing the live Megaville Meetings on big screens in their churches, but Pastor Tiny's group doesn't even have a video projector that will work for this, they still use an over head projector to lead their congregation of 25 people in worship. Pastor Tiny cries out to God, "What's a guy like me to do about this?" He goes on to pray, "Lord, I can't bring Evangelist Huge into my small church. I don't have the money to take our people
to Megaville and we can't even show the meetings on the "big screen," what in world can we do?" Finally in desperation, Pastor Tiny pleads with God, "Lord, why can't the little churches have revival?"

OK, you may now ask, "Larry, what is the monster you speak of in the title of this piece?" This monster has been created by the American Church, most likely a product of media, and has several faces. It has the face of the "celebrity." Only the big named, powerful preachers like Evangelist Huge can bring revival to the land. This monster also has the face of deception. It seems that people who see it only seem to thing that everything of God MUST come in BIG PACKAGES! I recently heard of a pastor that dresses in $10,000 suits as that is the sign of a successful ministry that God blesses! Therefore everyone in his church falls under the spell of the thought that they need to dress very elaborately as well, after
all, if it's God then it's big and expensive and has to look very, very good!

The residue poison that this monster leaves behind is often discouragement, despair and hopelessness. The thousands of men and women of God around the nation, those pouring their lives out for a handful of people, loose all hope when they come face to face with this monster. Many in the American Church feel that unless there are hundreds of thousands of people involved you only have good meetings and not a move of God! This is so sad!

A Personal Note to Pastor Tiny (and all like him)

Pastor Tiny.... I do have good news for you! Thousands may be headed to the Megaville Revival so that they can stand in line for hours just so they can get a brief, hundredth of a second touch on the forehead from Evangelist Huge. While they are doing that, spending hundreds
of dollars on hotels, transportation and food, small churches like yours can be experiencing a sovereign move of God, one that would truly qualify as Revival Fire!

Pastor, I have good news for you....REVIVAL CAN COME TO YOUR CHURCH!

40 weeks ago, our church of 6 months, experienced a wonderful move of God. During the preceding weeks, for several Sundays, our attendance was less than 30 people. God showed up and how quickly things have changed. Of course, one thing constant is that I still have the heart of a revivalist. That means that I can never settle for "church as usual!" I always want to be in the middle of a sustained move of God, often times the larger the "mess" is the better it is!

So here are a few tips for you to pray about seeing released into your ministry:

#1. Experience Revival yourself. I've stated this little, "Larry's Law" before, but I'll state it again. One can
always tell a revived person from one who's not. The attitude of one who is not walking in personal revival is that they think that everything is fine just the way they are. In other words, they were saved, baptized in the Spirit, speak in tongues, go to church, or lead a church, therefore everything is OK! These fall into the deception that they do not need revival, after all they got theirs 20 years ago! A revived person is never satisfied. Their heart's cry is always, "More Lord!"

#2. Begin to cast a vision for revival. Make your people hungry! Teach them that "Church as Usual" just isn't good enough! As we traveled we would often ask the people in the congregations about what they knew about past revivals and moves of God. I stand totally amazed at how many Pentecostal people have never heard about the Azuza St. Revival! Take a meeting or two per month and teach on past moves of
God. Let the folks know what took place, how many lives were saved, healed and vibrant churches planted. Years ago we had a move of God break out in our small Michigan church. The meetings extended for 26 weeks. During that time our group met on Sunday afternoons in the fellowship hall of a local Methodist Church. One Sunday God was really moving and people were truly acting like "Holy Rollers!" The meeting went a little long, and towards the end, when everyone was the wildest, a bunch of the Methodist Kids came into the fellowship Hall to their youth group room. They walked through our meeting with eyes looking as large as silver dollars. The next morning, early, Pastor John called me. I asked him if we were in trouble. His reply was, "No Larry, I'm excited about what our Kids saw, and I'm going to take the next few Sunday services and teach the people about what our Methodist roots look
like! Pastor John was a real man of God!

So Pastor Tiny, teach revival!

#3. Always... I said, "ALWAYS!!!" allow the Holy Spirit free reign. Can the Holy Spirit trust you? Please learn now that true revival is always messy! If you judge it only by what you know of revival you will be greatly mistaken! If you control or manipulate God in this area, I'll be the first to inform you that it just won't work!

#4. Understand that you probably will loose people! it would be great if this were not the case, but I fear that it is! Someone is going to say, "That ain't God!" During the early days of the famed Lakeland Outpouring, the Lord gave me a term to label those with religious spirits that came against this true move of God. I began writing a few blog posts talking about the "Revival Police" and that term stuck with many grabbing it and using it to describe those who were so vehemently
opposed to what was going on. Pastor Tiny, the Revival Police will look your way too, that is if you do follow Tip #3, allowing the Holy Spirit true, free access to everyone and everything. I learned years ago that the Revival Police do not like free moves of God! They won't like the one that breaks out in your church either. Maybe the Revival Police Chief is your largest tither! Be prepared, not all churches in true revival grow! Often, for a season the opposite will happen! Be prepared! Remember that the purpose of true revival is not to grow your church, or to make you famous, but to change lives!

#5. Get ready, in true revival lives change! Use those who God sends you! Equip them to do the work of the ministry. By now you realize that Evangelist Huge will never set his feet into the door of your church. However, the truth is that you really don't need him! You already have
Bro. Herman and Sis. Susan, and several others that God is raising up! I am so impressed with the ministry that we have present in our meetings. One area preacher asked me the other day if I was the one preaching at all of these meetings. Some of our best meetings are the ones when I'm laying on the floor, feeling the embrace of the Lord. When I come back from where ever the Lord took me, I'll notice people all over the floor, tears all over the place, people laughing, carrying on, etc. Pastor Tiny, my advice is to get out of the way and release your people to do the work of the ministry. I think that is Biblical! Hummm, I recall reading that someplace in Ephesians 4: 11-12.

There are some other points/tips, but I'll save them for another day, as this article is way too long anyway!

I just want to encourage you Pastor Tiny! You can do it Bro! I'm open to help in anyway I can! In the meantime,
keep pressing in! Indeed Revival can come the small churches and it might just as well come to yours!

Kingdom blessings!


New Beginnings Fellowship
2577 N. Florida Hwy
Hernando, FL 34442
(352) 726-8333