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I've got a gut feeling!

Hi All,

Have you ever had a "gut feeling" that the Holy Spirit was about to do something so powerful that it will completely blow you away? Well, that is how I woke up today! As I was taking my morning walk, I kept sensing that God was telling me that we were going to have another series of Holy Ghost atom bombs dropped on us again this week! Wow! I am full of expectation... just about anything might happen this week, Wednesday through Friday! (Week #33 of "Spreading the Fire!")

We will be completely blessed by the ministry of Gene Mansfield of Simple Gospel Truth ministries in Tulsa, OK. ( You are going to love Gene. He is a long time friend and ministry associate of Corinne and I! Gene moves powerfully in the Spirit, but also has a huge heart of love! You will not want to miss these meetings!

Remember you can view the meetings on the Internet at  Then hit the Podcasts button. You can also view archived meetings at the same place.

I hope to see you this week! I assure will not be sad you came! God's really on the move in NBF! He really is!

Love to you!


P.S. Pray about inviting others to this week's meetings! 


Larry & Corinne Silverman
"Revivalists to Today's Generation!"

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Feb. Newsletter/Church yesterday!

February 1, 20

February Newsletter
Church Yesterday!

Greetings from Citrus County, Florida...

I am certain that you have often used or heard the term used, "You had to be there to believe it!" What I am about to try to describe to you just goes way beyond my communications ability! If you can get a little understanding of what I am about to convey, I would urge you to try to imagine what I am talking about and then use complete license and imagine things happening at a much higher level. To be honest, I remain pretty much at a loss of words as to what took place yesterday!

First here is a little back ground. Yesterday our church here in Citrus County, Florida, New Beginnings Fellowship ( began our 30th week of extended meetings. Our schedule has been Wednesday through Friday night meetings and we see no end in sight! We are calling these meetings, "Spreading the Fire!" and that is exactly what is happening! Often people feel that revival and outpourings are for the large, mega churches. Unfortunately so many within the Body of Christ feel that unless they are sitting under the ministry of a big named ministry, it just cannot be true revival. It only takes people to come to a meeting or two at NBF for that myth to debunked! 

Yesterday I felt to share with our group what the number 30 stood for. It represents Divine order and rule. And the moment the worship began, it was very obvious to all who was in complete control of that
meeting! From the very opening moment of worship one could actually feel God's electricity in the place! The physical presence of the Lord could be felt by all and we kept pressing in to more and more of Him! Then the prophetic began to flow!
One after another began to hit the nail on the head. Some had visions and shared them. Others began to speak as God's oracles. Now... use your imagination here, as I am not talking about the typical, "Thus says the Lord, I love you greatly!" type stuff. I am talking about deep calling unto deep! I am talking about prophetic ministry that would make the hair on the back of your neck stand right up! Again, the electricity of God! 

Sister Patty shared a word that God had placed on her heart, a word about not harboring offense and releasing forgiveness. it was an awesome word and powerfully delivered! Then the people began to come forward, with tears flowing and healing being released. Once again, please let your imagination loose here, because I am doing a very poor job describing what actually happened! One man, a former ministry leader, ran forward, grabbed a mic and weeping uncontrollably, confessed his sins in relationship to his divorced wife. Others surrounded him and began to pray, lay hands and prophesy over him. I looked and saw better than a dozen people ministering to this hurting brother! I began to loose it at that point! Wow... "God, what are You doing here?"

Yesterday afternoon and last evening several people called. "Larry, what happened?" "Larry, it was awesome!" "Larry, Thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to move!" One guy, Joe, called and said, "I don't know what happened to me!" He said it was like he was completely out of this world! His life has been so radically changed over the past 29 weeks! He first began attending leaning heavily on a cane, was actually in a wheel chair much of the day. Now... oh, now... he's a different man! Joe's dreams are off the charts. Get this....Saturday night he was dreaming about the Lord, not unusual for Joe lately, when he found himself awakened, actually on his knees praying beside his bed. He had no recollection of being on his knees, but he woke himself up from this fantastic dream by his own praying! 

Yes... lives are being changed here! They really are!

I really believe that yesterday's Sunday Celebration Meeting of New Beginnings Fellowship was most likely the best Sunday morning meeting that I have been a part of in over 30 years! I mean it!

I hear a lot about "Organic Church," "Simple Church" and the likes. Some people actually feel that because a group meets in a building that they cannot be properly used of God. I am learning some great lessons these past few months. The lessons are simple, and the largest lesson is two fold. It does not matter where a group meets or what it's format is when it meets, the only things that matter are; WHAT ARE WE DOING WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT AND WHAT ARE WE DOING WITH GOD'S PEOPLE! One brother called last evening. He was choking back tears when he said, "Larry, thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to move in our meetings!" I am finding that the more I get out of God's way, the more He gets things done! Secondly, I am allowing our people to minister! This may come as a shock to some of my Simple Church friends, but we are having some of the best I Corinthians 14: 26-33 meetings that I have ever been a part of! And, yes, we are seeing these meetings go off the charts by meeting in a building! We are very busy releasing our people into full use of their
ministry gifts. I don't have to preach every Sunday! Often I do not preach at all! But the Preacher is always there, and often we are totally over whelmed by those He uses to speak through!

People are coming to our meetings and they are being over come by the freedom that we give them. Certainly we are on guard for "goofy things!" And here again, we trust the Holy Spirit to give us wise discernment in these areas.

I would like to close this with an exert from one brother's email that was sent to me over night, "It was an awesome service today. This is the way it is supposed to be. People do not know what they are missing. They go, sing, sit, listen, and leave, and usually as hungry as they were when
they went in. They just don't know it. People don't know they are hungry, and won't know until they taste and see that the Lord is good. My wife had an important breakthrough today. During praise and worship she began to weep for the offenses and pains she has not only endured, but ones
she carried towards those that hurt her. She wept all through praise and worship repenting and seeking forgiveness for her thoughts. Then God confirmed His Word to her through Patty's message. That is revival! Praise the Lord"

I am so humbled and so grateful to the Lord for what He is doing in our midst! I have been waiting over 30 years to see the things that I am seeing these days! I am also fully aware that the best is yet ahead! I thank the Lord many times daily for this great revival that is taking place in a little out of the way fork in the road called Hernando, Florida! Yep, I'm very thankful!

More Lord!

Blessings and I remain,

Larry the Revivalist!                                                       

Visit Revival in Citrus County, Florida

"Spreading the Fire!"
Week #30

New Beginnings Fellowship
2577 N. Florida Hwy.
Hernando, FL

Wednesday - Friday
Feb. 3-5 (with no end in sight!)
7:00 p.m.

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