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a 14 year old's testimony!

Hi All,

We closed out Week #29 of our extended meetings, "Spreading the Fire!" last night with a bang! God was so with us! By the way, we begin Week #39 tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m.!

You know, so many here at New Beginnings Fellowship are working so hard at hosting these meetings. I cannot give enough thanks to all who are helping clean, working the sound booth, filling in on ministry, working at ushering, catching and altar ministry. The list goes on and on! I am so thankful to be the pastor of such a wonderful church with such wonderful people surrounding me and lifting up my arms!

The people working on our webstreaming, Donna, Katie, Will are doing a great job
at keeping this ministry going strong. We have people all over the world
catching our meetings live. The archived meetings are getting a lot of viewing as well. However, sometimes we wonder if we are really making a difference or not! This week, several viewers testified at how much they could sense the presence of the Lord coming over their computer. That blesses us to hear words of encouragement like that. Then last night something really special happened!

A couple, a part of our ministry team, Chuck and Ann (Pop and Mom) serve the Lord as house parents at the Florida Youth Ranch, a place where troubled boys come for refuge and help in time of serious need in their lives. Chuck and Ann could not be in the meeting last night as they had ongoing duty at the Ranch. However, they tuned in via the Internet. As Chuck was watching, a 14 year old boy, Ryan was right there with him. Chuck told me this morning that Ryan's nose was about pushed into the computer
screen. In his own words, I'm going to share with you Ryan's testimony and my response to him. Please keep this young seeker in your prayers. I have a sense that God has something very special in store for this young man! Remember, I'm copy and pasting Ryan's testimony just the way he wrote it without any editing!

Here it is: "Last night watching the service on the computer first of all when i was
watching I felt that was the most awsome thing I have ever seen. i felt that
god was trying to talking to me trying to pull me closer to him and the
bible. The parts i thought were awsome were how you could podcast that
church on the internet ya'll did pretty awsome and when pop typed in
freedom it was amazing how you started talking about freedom well i am
14 i live on the boys ranch with pop he is awsome he likes to preach
alot about the lord jesus christ i think he will do good with you guys.
you and him are awsome at preaching from what i seen last nigh with you
and what i have seen from pop in the last eight months."

Here's my response to Ryan: "Hey Ryan... thanks for watching us last night! Thanks also for sharing
this testimony. It means a lot to us to know that people like you are
getting blessed by what we are doing in this web streaming ministry. I
tell you are in a good place there and you have a couple
there that really love you! But even more than Pop and Mom there, you
will always have someone love you, without question. His name is Jesus!
Before you were even born He had a plan for your life. As long as you
walk with Him, that plan will bring about great things in your life.
You will never be able to go anyplace without Him being with you. You
will always have some one to talk to, and pick you up when you fall
down. He loves you lots Pal!

Ryan, I don't know you, but somehow
Jesus has placed you in my heart today. I want you to know that I'm
praying for you today! I really am. Oh... I want you to know something
too, I love you also! Even though I don't know you, i love you because
the Jesus that is in my heart loves you and I can love you through Him!

Thanks again and be very blessed today!

Pastor Larry"

I am so blessed beyond measure to be a part of this great move of God here in Florida! I'm blessed to be a part of the best church in the State and to be surrounded by some of greatest people I've ever met! I really do love my job!

Hope to see you in Revival! Love to all!



Larry & Corinne Silverman
"Revivalists to Today's Generation!"

New Beginnings Fellowship in Hernando, FL:

Larry's blog:


"I'm healed!"

Hi All,

Wow. we had another good one last night! I wish you could have been there! 

After receiving ministry a man fell to the ground, with tears running down his cheeks. I asked him what was going on and his reply was, "I've not been able to lay flat on my back on a hard surface for over 40 years!" I love watching people getting healed, seeing the surprise that is on their face is a really blessing! 

Another person, a gal who had hurt her knee a month ago and was in constant pain, sent me a text message this morning, "I'm healed!" She said her knee felt like bone was rubbing on bone! We had another visitation from Dr. Jesus last

We'll see more of this tonight and Friday night! Glenn Bleakney ( will be ministering the next two nights. Last night his word was excellent, right on the money! 

Once again, we're thrilled to be bringing such quality ministry into Citrus County! Last night the people viewing on the Internet stated that they could feel the Lord's presence powerfully! I love it!

Remember, just two more meetings and we'll be bringing Week #29 to a close! I hope to see you in revival!

Kingdom blessings,



The Fire fell on teens last night!

Hi All,

Get this picture... a good looking young man, age 16, with his girlfriend standing next to him, was shaking and crying like a baby in front of a packed out congregation! Tell me that God wasn't doing something pretty powerful in his life! That and much more is what took place last night as we closed out Week #28 of "Spreading the Fire!" at New Beginnings Fellowship. What a night!!! I felt that the Lord spoke to me last week that a powerful youth revival was brewing. Last night we saw some of the first signs of it! This isn't your typical "youth group!" This is a move of God that will forever change lives! Wow!

The neat thing was that many of us
old folks got blasted last night too! I love it! Roger Webb again did
a great job of leading us into the Glory! He's a great blessing to the Body of Christ and I'm thrilled to be able to work with him and more so to be able to call him my friend! Thank you Roger!!! (Roger is leading teams out onto the streets this morning (Sat.) at 10:00 a.m. so if you wish to go with them, meet at NBF then)

Week #29 begins Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. Next week Wednesday through Friday Glenn Bleakney will be with us! If you can come and jump into this River! It's really going places we've never seen before! You really won't want to miss next week's meetings!

More later! 

Love to you!



Larry & Corinne Silverman
"Revivalists to Today's Generation!"

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Roger Webb: Tonite-Friday night!

Hello All,
Here is just a reminder to inform you that Evangelist Roger Webb ( will be ministering at New Beginnings Fellowship ( all three nights this week....Tonight, Thursday night and Friday night! 
Also, we have two "Take it to the Streets" times set this week. Roger will be leading/training groups in outreach evangelism Friday afternoon at 1:00 p.m. and Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. This is not traditional street ministry!. You will be very pleased and excited how the Lord can use you in this ministry. If you
don't feel to be active in this and would rather just go and observe, that's totally OK!
This week is Week #29 of our "Spreading the Fire!" meetings. If this week comes even close to what God did last week, watch out as you will be in for the ride of your life!
Also, here's a heads up on next week's meetings.... Glenn Bleakney of Awake Nations Ministries will be here Jan. 27-29. Glenn has an international ministry and I am certain that you will be greatly blessed by him!
Please remember that Revival Fire is still falling in Citrus County, FL!
I hope to see you tonight!
Kingdom blessings!
P.S. Please remember that all of our meetings are being
webstreamed live. You can also view archived meetings. We are working on improvements all of the time on this ministry, doing the best with the equipment we have. Please pray for some provision for some updated equipment. To view live or archived meetings please go to our website, and click on the Podcasts button.


Larry & Corinne Silverman
"Revivalists to Today's Generation!"

New Beginnings Fellowship in Hernando, FL:
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Special Message from Larry (More on Revival!)

Special Message....

A New Wave of Revival Seems to be Hitting!

Are you sensing a new sense of excitement in your spirit?

Since New Years Eve, I and many others that I've been in contact with, seem to be sensing that there is a new sense of expectancy within the hearts of American Believers! Just prior to the Holiday Season we witnessed a new move of God taking place at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. Then last week a fresh move began at Morningstar Ministries in North Carolina. Pastor Strader of Ignited Church in Lakeland, Florida, told me the other day that New Years Eve they had a break out of angels show up and that they were sill in the building! We at New Beginnings Fellowship in Hernando, Florida ( have now entered our 27th week of what we're calling, "Spreading the Fire!"
meetings and there seems to be no end in sight! I can not even begin to tell you of what is going on in our church and Sunday morning was no exception!

In case you can't tell, I AM PUMPED! Many years ago, the Lord gave Corinne and I a special word of encouragement about our ministry. It actually came as a dream to Corinne and in it the Lord told her/us to, "Wait for the Child of Promise!" As Revivalists we have felt that this "Child" was unlimited, unchanging, unending, live changing, Holy Ghost, Kingdom advancing revival! We have been in several churches ministering when we thought that the "Child" would be birthed, but it never did fully manifest. We've seen lots of "close encounters" but not the real birth. It's like the expectant Mom who goes into labor, heads to the hospital expecting the birth of the new baby, but things stop and she is sent home disappointed! When it comes to revival, I can
so relate to this. Can you?

OK, here is the punch line..... Last Thursday night, Corinne had another dream! In this dream she saw herself very pregnant, like her stomach was huge, with the baby dropped and about to be born! Once again the Lord said, "Wait for the Child of Promise!" Wow! Then Sunday morning Kris, our worship leader at NBF, picked a new, intense, worship song that dealt with the Child of Promise!

You know, as far as I'm concerned I can't even begin to wait for Wednesday night's meeting at New Beginnings Fellowship! I'm ready for it right now, right this very minute! It's like I am expecting something so big, so wonderful, so glorious to occur during this week's meetings that I'd do anything for it be Wednesday at 7:00 p.m right now!

Please allow me to close by once again saying,"I'M PUMPED!" The Child of Promise is about to be born! What has come before has been
wonderful, but we ain't seen anything yet! Hang on to your hats Church! We're about to go on the ride of our lives!

Kingdom Blessings!


This Week's Schedule!

Week #27 of "Spreading the Fire!" at New Beginnings Fellowship in Hernando, Florida

Wed. & Thurs. Nights, January 13 & 14.... Larry & Corinne Silverman ministering. Meeting times: 7:00 p.m. EST

Friday night, January 15...

Miracle Meeting
With Evangelist Roger Webb
Check out this video of one of Roger's
most powerful miracles that happened at New Beginnings Fellowship a few months ago!

All meetings are web streamed live! To view or to view archived meetings go to our website and click on the Podcasts button!

Future January Meetings...

Wed. - Fri. Jan. 27-29
Glean Bleakney of Awake Nations Ministries
New Beginnings Fellowship
2577 N. Florida Hwy.
Hernando, FL

phone: 352.726.8333

Revival continues...Week #26! (Jan. Schedule)

Hi All,

I trust that you are all staying warm! 

In prayer this morning, I sensed that the Lord assured me that His Fire would again fall on us this week! Last week's meetings were just so awesome! Sunday was totally off the charts! Get this, a visitor came to me at the end of Sunday morning's meeting and said, "I just have to shake your hand! My wife and I have been looking for this for 3 years now!" He had some tears in his eyes as he turned to leave and said, "We'll be back!" God is so good!

So Wednesday we begin again! I for one, just can't wait! Here's this week's schedule:

Remember to bring a dish or two to pass on both Wed. and Fri' nights. We eat together at 6:00 p.m. The meetings begin at

Wednesday night I'll be ministering
Thursday night Corinne will be ministering
Friday night Pastor Bill Tosh of Firestarter's International Ministry will be ministering
(You won't want to miss this meeting!)

Then here's some upcoming events for January.

Friday Jan. 15 we'll be having another Miracle Meeting with Roger Webb. (

Then Wed. - Fri. Jan. 27 - 29, Glenn Bleakney will be back with us for 3 powerful meetings. Glenn has an international ministry and moves in a powerful anointing! (

Please share this information with your friends and relatives. These are exciting times, we've entered into the Decade of Destiny for the Church! We keep going forth advancing the Kingdom of God!

greatly blessed and I trust that I'll see you tomorrow night!



Larry & Corinne Silverman
"Revivalists to Today's Generation!"

New Beginnings Fellowship in Hernando, FL:
Larry's blog:


Letter to NBF Family


Dear NBF Family....

As I write this on this New Years Day afternoon, I'm still filled with the afterglow of one of the most powerful, fulfilling New Years Eve meetings that I've ever been involved in! I've been talking about last night all day today. I'm telling people that we did not have a traditional "Watch Night Service," but rather a Move of God! 

Just under 80 people gathered last night. The Holy Spirit greatly met with us, Renee' Handtke ministered her heart out to us.... what a job this Sister did! If she will come back, we sure would love to fit her in for more meetings! Pastor Dave and Kris... you guys did just great! What a time of worship and FUN!!! Then the food and fellowship was great. I don't know when I've laughed harder than I did last night, and in the midst of a move of God too! Wow!

So, here we are...into the New Year and even more importantly, the Decade of Destiny for the Church of the Lord Jesus! I don't know about you, but I've never been more excited about the things of God and especially excited about the church I'm involved with. 

It is hard to believe that Sunday Corinne and I will have been your pastors for a year! That is correct, we took over NBF the first Sunday of 2009! Wow, what a fast year! I think some of you actually wondered back then how long we would be with you. To be honest, we may have even wondered some about that too! But here we are, a year later, deeply entrenched into a mighty move of God and surrounded by Brothers and Sisters that we are deeply in love with! You Guys are the greatest!!
So, on the eve of our first anniversary with you, I'd just like to say one thing.... In all of my years of ministry, I've never been with a church that has all of the potential signs of a spiritual and numerical explosion than NBF has! Are we perfect? No..not even close! Of course the perfect church just doesn't exist. However, to all who are jumping into the NBF Miracle, you are finding that your lives are being changed. You are not the same person that you were a year ago! Many of you have testified of that very thing!

Last night a brother shared a dream with me, of several thousands of people worshiping the Lord at NBF. Of course the building was different, but we now know that New Beginnings Fellowship is not the building, but it IS US!! Another sister told Corinne last Sunday that she had a dream/vision of over a thousand people worshiping God with us! This gal has a proven prophetic ministry!

In a few weeks we will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of New Beginnings Fellowship. The vision that Jeff and Pam Burke and a handful of people had 10 years ago, is now coming into fulfillment and beyond! Corinne and I are proud, no actually humbled, to be a part of this great vision and ministry!

We have a lot to be looking at in the next few weeks of this new year. I'm going to be sharing some more with you in the days ahead. We've "come a long ways baby!" But we have a long ways to go! Therefore I am asking us all to enter into these next few weeks, full of prayer and fasting, seeking the Lord for our Church! As well, I'm asking us all to prepare our hearts in going forth into advacning the Kingdom of God in Citrus and south Marion Counties!

As Roger Webb always says, "The best is yet to come!" Boy to I agree with Roger! Hang onto your hat NBF...we're going foth on the greatest ride of our lives!

Corinne and I love you greatly! Thank you for giving us such a great first year!

From the both of us!