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The Decade of Destiny!

So many have pronounced judgment on America. Sure, I fully agree, America is a very sinful nation! We have strayed far from God. However, I also have to fully state, that we have not had a powerful, united, nation-wide move of God in many, many years! Revival brings nations back to God! It always has in the past and always will! We are not about to just enter another New Year, but a New Decade. For the Church I'm hearing, "Decade of Destiny!" Watch and see what will happend to our nation as a result of what is about to happen in The Church! Just some of my thoughts this morning!

Larry & Corinne Silverman

"Revivalists to Today's Generation!"

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More Glory!


Hi All,


The Holiday Season is going by very quickly. Our Christmas Celebrations were awesome! We had tons of great fellowship and more than anything God continued to greatly bless our meetings! Currently we are in Week #25 of "Spreading the Fire!" meetings. It is almost difficult for me to comprehend all that the Lord has done in our church and in our lives over these past months! 


The New Year quickly approaches. The Lord has impressed on me that we not only begin a New Year Thursday night at Midnight, but a New Decade! I keep hearing that we are about to enter, "The Decade of Destiny!" I feel that this is a strong word for the Church, especially the American Church! Are we ready for that? Revival is preparing us for all that God will lead us into in 2010 and beyond!


Many are still screaming, "Judgment!" on America. I keep hearing, "Revival!" You can be sure of the fact that my hat will be hanging on the revival hook! How about yours?


This week's meetings would be a great place for you to jump into this River! Wednesday evening we will have our "Spreading the Fire!" meeting at 7:00 p.m. Then Thursday evening, New Years Eve we will be pressing into the prophetic with a special meeting, "Hearing the Prophetic Voice!" Renee' Handtke from The Kings Court Ministry in Jacksonville will be ministering. Plan on spending as much time as you wish for this special time with the Lord. Feel free to bring your favorite snack/junk food and plan on hearing from God!


I trust you are as excited as I am about all that God is about these days! Yep, that's what revival does, makes you excited about the things of God!


Hope to see you tomorrow and Thursday evenings! If not, have a very Happy New Year!


Also, please remember that we will be webstreaming these meetings. To view them go to our webpage: and click on the Podcasts button. You can also view archived meetings at this place.






Larry & Corinne Silverman

"Revivalists to Today's Generation!"

Christmas is past and a New Year nears!

Saturday morning, Dec. 26..

Good morning All,

Our past week has been a wonderful celebration of the Birth of Christ. Corinne and I are totally overwhelmed by the great love and fellowship we have found within the ranks of the Greatest Church in Florida! (You understand, I'm a little biased You all have been a blessing to us in so many ways! I am amazed by the thought that our ministry here is just about a year old, with us beginning the first Sunday of January, 2009! Wow... what a year it has been! 

The other day someone sent me the following email. In it you get a strong hint at what God has been doing with all of us at NBF. Here's the quote:

"I have been thinking about this past year and the coming 2010 and wanted to share a thought with you. I came into 2009 empty, lonely, sad, lost, looking for direction, disappointed with myself and life but knowing God had plans. As I leave 2009 and enter 2010, I am leaving delivered, healed restored, changed inside and out, not at all the same person I was. I am filled to overflowing with the love of Christ. God has given me friends and family, irreplaceable relationships at NBF. It is almost impossible to put into words the emotion that I feel. I
look forward with anticipation to all that God has in store, to fulfill the prophetic words spoken over my life, to lead others to a relationship with Jesus, to just live my life everyday in whatever way God asks of me."

Most likely I could post several dozen quotes just like this! It's been and awesome ride these past 12 months... awesome indeed! We keep stating that revival is changing lives and this testimony is just one example of all that God is doing within our church!

So as of today, Christmas 2009 is past and a New Year, actually a New Decade looms ahead of us. What lies ahead of the Body of Christ in America? Where is God leading New Beginnings Fellowship? What is God saying to you, to me for the New Year? We all enter this new, unknown, uncharted time with many questions upon our hearts. Now we see through the glass darkly, but soon it will be bright as

Tomorrow morning, If the Lord allows me to preach, I'll be sharing some important direction for our local church.

 I'm sensing that this coming New Year may very well be the most important year of our lives, especially as we enter this "Decade of Destiny!" It is so hard to believe that tomorrow morning we begin Week #25 of our "Spreading the Fire!" meetings. 

Our schedule for the coming week will be: Wednesday night at 7:00 p.m. and New Years Eve at 7:00 p.m. Our special guest minister for New Years Eve will be Renee' Handtke of the Kings Court Ministries in Jacksonville, FL. ( This meeting will most likely be powerful! Remember to bring some snack/junk food along for a time of fellowship as well!

Yep, get ready for the "Decade
of Destiny!" I hope to see you tomorrow morning!

Kingdom Blessings!


Larry & Corinne Silverman
"Revivalists to Today's Generation!"

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Common Misconceptions About Revival!


Psalm 85:6 (NLT) "Won't You revive us again, so Your people can rejoice in You?"


Sunday afternoon a group of us were enjoying dinner together, after a very powerful time in our Celebration Meeting at New Beginnings Fellowship in Hernando, Florida (  We were all very "pumped" as once again God showed up in a powerful way in that meeting.  As for me, I felt as though I was still floating in the presence of the Lord.  The anointing in that meeting was very, very strong!  This is pretty much the case in every meeting we've been having over the past 22 weeks now.  God has graciously poured revival on our church!

A dear Sister from another church was sharing the meal with us.  She may have been feeling a little intimidated by our excitement as she began to make some negative statements about revival.  We certainly did not try to make her feel bad, it was just that we were so filled with the Lord, so excited about what God had done just a few minutes prior, that we just had to share with everyone!  One of the Sister's negative statements was, "I've been to Revival Churches before, and it just seems that the all of the excitement just doesn't last and people go back to their same old ways!"  This is a common misconception of revival.  As a Revivalist, I've heard this statement and others like it, many hundreds of times. 

So, let's take a look at some of these misconceptions.  We might as well begin with the statement of the dear Sister Sunday:

Misconception #1:  "Revival doesn't last, people soon go back to their old ways."  Most objections to revival are often based upon generalizations, with everything and everyone being lumped into one bowl.  In many ways, this statement is correct.  If a person does not stay in a "revived state," they very possibly could go back to "their old ways."  One of our leadership couples at NBF just returned from a 3 week vacation, visiting family, on the West Coast.  In that 3 week period they testified of beginning to enter into a season of dryness.  Certainly the key answer here is to stay in the River!

Misconception #2:  "I don't need to go to some meetings someplace to get revival, God can do it in my home and in my church, etc."  Correct again!  God can pour out revival anyplace He wishes!  However, we make a great mistake, when we do not go to the place that He is currently pouring out revival and jump in ourselves!  Often, this entails letting go of our pride and jumping into someone elses River!  Many, many years ago, an wise man, a missionary to Mexico, a man with much experience with revival, told Corinne and I, "Always go to where the Fire is falling!"  We have done our best to do that!  Several years ago, we were ministering in California.  We heard of some powerful meetings going on in  a small town in North Carolina.  We got some information on what was going on, prayed about it, and fired up our motor home and headed across country.  We were not going to minister, there would be no offerings coming our way, but we wanted to jump into that River.  As a result, we did end up ministering several weeks and made some great life long friends. 

Even years prior to this event, when we were pastors in Michigan, we were notified of an outbreak of revival going on in a area church.  We went to visit that night, the next day I called our church people and suggested that they get into these meetings .  For months we went, Corinne and I took our children just about every night, sometimes not getting home until way after midnight.  Our church became like a "Sister Church" to the host church and another church that was participating.  I worked with the other pastors very closely.  It was like we were each others associate pastor.  Then due to our faithfulness in backing revival in another church, God ended up pouring it out in our church!  By all means, "Go where the Fire is falling!"  Do whatever is necessary to get under the spout!

Misconception #3:  "I've been saved for years, filled with the Spirit, a faithful church member or church leader, or even a pastor, so I'm OK!  I don't need any of that "revival stuff!"  This may be the greatest misconception of all!  Actually, it goes beyond just a misconception, rather it enters into DECEPTION!  I can assure you, the person with these thoughts and feelings is in total need of revival!  The interesting thing about people who are truly revived is that they can never get enough of God!  I'm not just speaking of the excitement or any hype here, I'm speaking of not being able to get enough of God Himself!  A person living in revival is constantly hungry and thirsty for more of God and is willing to go anyplace in order to get more of Him!

Misconception #4:  "Revival only comes to large churches who bring in the Big Named Ministers."  We have created a great monster within the American Church.  We have allowed our ministers to become celebrities.  We often chase celebrities in place  of chasing God.  Azusa Street began in a very small, run down, clapboard,  inner city mission building.  The leader was a man of a minority race, with one eye, very little education, that no one had heard of.  Instead of playing the "Big Shot" he'd hide his face in an old shoe box or put a sack over his head.  When it was time for him to minister, William Seymour would move out in the power and might of the Holy Spirit and lives would  be forever changed!

Prior to the famous "Toronto Blessing" breaking out, no one had ever heard of Randy Clark or for that matter, the Toronto Airport Vineyard Christian Fellowship.  Clark was a pastor of a small church in St. Louis and had done very little ministry outside of his own church.  Within a matter of hours, history was made in Toronto!  In the early days of this great visitation it was stated that it was, "A nameless, faceless move of God!"

Misconception #5:  "If it is a real move of God, you don't have to publicize it.  God will draw the people in!"  This one may be half correct!  Certainly God will draw the people.  That is what is happening at NBF.  Many have walked into our meetings, saying, "I was driving down the road, saw the people, the sign talking about revival, and I just had to come into the meeting!"   However it is also good to tell everyone, in any way possible, about what God is doing in revival! 

In 1906 the famous Azusa Street Revival broke out in Inner City Los Angeles, CA.
A newspaper reporter, Frank Bartleman, chronicled this world changing move of God.  He wrote over 500 articles about what God was doing, and soon word of it spread around the world!  When people are revived they tell their story!  As far as I'm concerned, I'm so excited about what God is doing at NBF that I'll shout it from the roof tops!

Misconception #6:  "If it is really true revival then many, many souls will get saved as a result!"  Eventually souls brought into the Kingdom will be the ultimate result of true revival.  However, in the early stages, this may not be the case.  Remember, revival is for the Church.  After revival the Harvest will occur.  God is currently reviving, bringing to life the Church so that She will be able to minister to the vast Harvest that is soon to follow.  A dead Church CANNOT bring about new life.  Only life can beget life! 

Misconception #7:  We have to pray harder, live purer, etc., then God will send revival."  If a person is dead, in need to be revived, brought back to life, how is it possible for them to live purer or pray more?  In the past, revival has been called, "The Suddenlies of God!"  The Church is dry, stale and full of programs, infighting and "Suddenly" God shows up!  Within minutes the "programs" are thrown out the door!  Certainly, prior to every move of God, there have  been some who have been praying, fasting, seeking the Lord for it.  In the early 1950's two elderly, infirmed sisters, hungry for revival themselves,  were praying for revival in the Hebrides Islands, located off the coast of Scotland.  Suddenly God shows up and within hours the churches are packed to over flowing with meeting lasting way beyond 3:00 a.m.!

I once heard Pastor John Arnott of the Toronto Area Christian Fellowship, speak of the fact that they were totally surprised about the great Outpouring that took place there.  He stated that as a church, they did very little to bring in revival, actually they were not even looking for it to fall in their midst.  Randy Clark showed up for some meetings and....Suddenly God! 

Again a dead Church, one in need of revival, cannot do too much to bring it!  However, for those of us who are hungry and thirsty for more of God, we will not be disappointed!

You know, there are other Misconceptions about Revival.  But this is getting way too long as it is.  My advice is to remain as hungry as you possibly can, go to where the Fire is falling, and by all means JUMP INTO THE RIVER!  You have to do it!  Jump in... don't think your are OK.  You might be, but I'm thinking that you need revival yourself!  I know that I always need much more!

Give us a visit this week!  This is Week #23 of "Spreading the Fire!"  The meetings this week are tonight, Wed. Dec. 16 - Fri. Dec. 18.  The time is 7:00 p.m. (Eastern time)  You can also view the meetings by live webstream by going to our webpage, and clicking on the Podcasts button.

Also... plan on spending New Years Eve with us.  The night will be geared to, "Hearing the Prophetic Voice!"  Renee' Handtke, from Jacksonville, will be with us.  We expect a great move of God to usher us into 2010!

Kingdom Blessings!



Reflection on Revival!

Hi All,

Last night ended Week #23 of "Spreading the Fire!" at New Beginnings Fellowship. We had another awesome week with no two of the meetings alike in any way. One lady, an Web Streaming viewer from Ohio, stated in the chat room, "I could feel the presence of the Lord the very moment I signed on." I guess that is pretty much what is happening here. Matter of fact, this morning, I'm sitting in the front of the sanctuary typing this email, and I'm getting totally overwhelmed by the Lord's manifested presence!

One of our dear Sisters, Eva, works at a local gym. One of her clients, a Christian, came to Eva and shared a vision she had the night before. This lady's vision was a perfect picture of what took
place in the meeting that night. The lady had no idea of what the vision was all about until she spoke with Sister Eva. This kind of stuff really gets me excited!

How many ways and how many times can I say, "Lives are being changed!" OK... even I think this phrase is very redundant! However, I just do not know how to say it any differently! Not at all!

Many who receive these email updates have never been in any of our meetings. How about jumping in this coming week! It seems that many today have a great passion for revival. They understand what it really is. This burning passion within them is creating a great passion for Jesus! Yet, many within the American Church do not have the slightest idea of what true revival really is. What is going on here goes way beyond just having good meetings at church! Again, the only thing I can say is that lives are being
changed! How else would it be possible for people to want to attend meeting after meeting for 22 weeks? Something powerful must be happening in order for that to happen!

Tomorrow begins Week #23! Yes, it even surprises me! When Corinne and I arrived in Citrus County, just a year ago now, we did not have the slightest idea that this would happen at NBF! Certainly it was our desire, and we knew that we would push in for this, but to think that it would happen so quickly was beyond our wildest dreams! As a result, I am probably the most excited pastor in the county! God's moving in my church! My people are getting totally awakened to deep spiritual things and they are beginning to release their ministry, not just in the meetings, but where ever they find themselves. Added to that are the wonderful signs, wonders and miracles that still are taking place! Yep, it doesn't get any better than

If you haven't attended a meeting yet, plan on doing so this week. Our schedule is: Sunday at 10:00 a.m. and Wednesday through Friday evenings at 7:00 p.m. (EST) You can view the Webcast by going to our Home Page, and hitting the Podcasts button.

Then, please plan on attending our New Years Eve meeting, "Hearing the Prophetic Voice," with Renee Handtke of the King's Court Ministry in Jacksonville. ( We feel that 2010 will be the most important year of American Church history. We must hear from God in 2010! This meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m. and last until whenever God is finished. Bring snacks to share with others!

In closing, please allow me to send this testimony from Shawn
Woods, a ministry leader located in Alberta, Canada. Brother Shawn is a regular viewer of our Webcast. Here is his recent testimony:

"From: A. Shawn Woods
Senior Leader/Apostle
Apostolic-Intercession International Ministries
Smoky Lake, Alberta, Canada

I am writing to give a testimony in regards to what God has been doing to my ministry and people
that I minister too because of this revival at New Beginnings Fellowship. Part of my ministry helps people who are in rehab due to physical problems. Some of these people do not have proper Internet connections to be able to pull up the video webcast on the Internet, so I play these broadcasts through the Internet for them on a audio/chat program called Paltalk. Many of these brothers and sisters have been deeply touched by the spirit by these Internet revival meetings at NBF!!! 

As a result of these meetings in Hernando, FL, I have seen a change with my ministry leaders
and people who follow us because of the spirit touching them to do more for the Lord, not just works in doing because of doing, but due to a new compassion to allow the power of the Spirit to be released in them. This is allowing these servants of God to be used in signs, wonders and miracles. Because of this revival in Florida, It's been amazing to see people I have mentored for years finally step out and pray for others and see results from God. 

I have seen more people be open to the touch of God since I started broadcasting the meetings from Florida a month or so ago. People are being healed and being filled
with the fire of God. All I can say is thank you Lord. These are the times and seasons to fully embrace the reality of Gods power and for all of us to live in this Kingdom power to bring heaven to earth.

I am honored to be able to be part of these meetings, and in some cases I can say part of the family at NBF because I used to Pastor at a Church in British Columbia
Canada Called New Beginning Community Fellowship. So its nice to be home again.

You All Be blessed and let the river flow. Revival is over the region of Hernando, Florida and from there it is being released to the states, nation and world. Amen!

Shawn Woods
Senior Leader/ ApostleAIIM "

I guess this testimony says a lot! Don't miss out on what God is doing here! I hope to see you in revival this week!

Kingdom blessings!



Larry & Corinne

"Revivalists to Today's Generation!"

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Last night's meeting was so wonderful! Here we are into Week #22 of "Spreading the Fire!" meetings in New Beginnings Fellowship, Hernando, Florida. God's love just keeps hitting us square in the face! Friends.... lives are getting forever changed here! Come on down and experience revival in a small church setting. You will not be sorry you did. Check out: