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Hey... It's Friday!! Yeah!

Happy Day After Thanksgiving!

Corinne and I are packing up, getting ready to leave Punta Gorda, heading back to Citrus County. We had a great time with my Mom and some family friends yesterday, but all of the time here I kept wishing it were Friday! I got to speak to a few church folks yesterday via text message, phone calls and Facebook chat and here's what everyone asked me, "Is it Friday yet?" Get this... I just opened my email and someone sent this, "TGIF even if it is 2 am and I can not sleep....Looking forward to
tonight." I so agree....Thank God It's Friday! 

To be honest, I can never recall a time when I've seen people so eager to get to church! Wow! You know one thing revival does in the hearts of people is to build expectancy. I've learned this over the years, expectant people ALWAYS see great things! A mother who is expectant brings forth new life! New Beginnings Fellowship is loaded with expectancy! 

I've also been speaking to many ministry leaders from around the country over these past couple of days. Everyone of them is also expectant for us. The other day Pastor Stephen Strader of Ignited Church in Lakeland, FL, wrote this on an email minister's list that we both belong to, "Larry's church is in revival!" I appreciated that

So.... tonight (Friday Nov. 27) come fully expectant for a move of God. Tonight is...."FRIDAY NIGHT FIRE!" By the way tonight closes the 20th week of all that God is doing! Wow! (Week #21 begins Sunday!)

Tonight's meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. and we will have child care available. If you cannot be there, tune in to the web cast. To do that go to our webpage, , and click on the PODCASTS button. Follow the simple instructions. If you register with Ustream the chat can be even more personal. To do this, it's free and simple, just follow the instructions on the page when you get there from our webpage. You can send your prayer requests via the chat room. I might add too, that if we do not respond to your prayer request right away, keep sending
it. Lately we've been getting so many on the web cast at the same time that our chat operators cannot write the prayer requests down fast enough. Plus... sometimes they are getting hit hard by the Holy Spirit too.... hey... after all, they deserve a good touch from God too! Our people and staff are doing such a great job in this revival! They are the tops!

Hope to see you tonight, either in the meeting or Online! 

Lord, let your Fire fall!



Larry & Corinne Silverman
"Revivalists to Today's Generation!"

New Beginnings Fellowship in Hernando, FL:
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Last Night & Important Update!

Hello All,

OK.... last night's meeting was the completion of Week #19 of extended meetings and was so powerful! The worship was intense! Those viewing the web cast could actually feel the Fire of God burning during the worship. People we viewing from all over the country as well as from Canada and one viewer was on from the Philippines! 

We observed many being physically healed and touched by the power of God. Roger Webb prayed for one man who's right foot was shorter that his left. He had to buy 2 pair of shoes in order to get one pair to fit properly. With his shoes off, many saw his foot grow to the same length as his other! He also came to the meeting with pain in his shoulders from tendinitis. By the time he returned to his seat, that pain was gone also! There were many other powerful
miracle healings last night as well.

We also gave
away $650.00 in Walmart Gift Cards! That was a blast! Get this... this morning I received an email from a single mom who had a rather urgent family need and no extra funds to get the need met. After the meeting someone gave her a $150.00 Walmart Card! So in total, last night $800.00 was given away! 

This morning I've already received several emails and phone calls and here's what I'm hearing...."Is it Sunday yet?" The people at New Beginnings Fellowship in Hernando, Florida ( are quickly turning into addicts of revival! It's so awesome! I wish you could hear just a few of the testimonies of changed lives that Corinne and I hear, almost daily!

Important Update

Due to the Thanksgiving Holiday we are making changes for this week only. 

Wednesday & Thursday nights.... NO

Friday night.... FRIDAY NIGHT FIRE!!!!

7:00 p.m.

Corinne and I will be ministering. However... one never knows what the Holy Spirit will do!

Come prepared for a great God encounter!

You won't want to miss this meeting! 

We pray God's blessings on you All!

I hope to see you in revival or on the web cast.

Kingdom blessings!



Larry & Corinne

"Revivalists to Today's Generation!"

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It's now $650!

Hi All,

We had another great meeting last night with Roger Webb (! God is moving in these meetings so greatly! I'm really thrilled to see what the Lord is doing and how He's touching the hearts of people!  

In tonight's meeting, we'll be giving away some Walmart Gift Cards. I fully realize that some people do not understand what we're doing this week! Some, with religious spirits, even think that all we're doing is bribing people so they will attend the meetings. Sure we want people to attend, we want this so that they too can have a great encounter with God. Like the young man last night that had
asthma and the slightest exercise would create breathing problems. After Roger prayed for him last night he ended up running around the sanctuary several times with NO breathing problems what so ever! If he wasn't in the meeting he wouldn't have been healed! So, yes, we want people to attend! However, the bottom line on these Gift Cards is that we just want to bless people, to give away funds that will make a difference in their lives in a physical way, not just spiritual!

So... Roger and Arnette Webb felt to donate a $150.00 card. I felt that New Beginnings Fellowship should donate a $100.00 card. Then Pastor Lance Rhoades of Tree of Life Open Bible Church in Pittsburgh, PA, felt to donate a $50.00 Card. Then one of our members felt to donate 2 $25.00 Cards to the Webcast Viewers. It even gets better as Curtis Forbes of Proton Ministries in North Carolina sent a donation for a $200.00
Card. That's a total of $500.00 for the meeting attendees and $50.00 for the Webcast Viewers. That in itself is awesome, but then last night another of our church members handed me a check for $100.00 for another card! Wowsers!!!! That is $600.00 that will be given away to attendees tonight! Plus the two Cards to the Webcast Folks!....God is using us to give away $650.00 tonight! What really thrills me is that others in different States can catch the vision of what we're doing!

I hope you can come to tonight's meeting! This is the last meeting of Week #19 of "Spreading the Fire!" in Citrus County, FL! If you can't attend personally, feel free to view the Webcast. To do so, go to our website: and click on the Podcasts button!

Revival Fire is falling here folks! Jump on




Larry & Corinne Silverman

"Revivalists to Today's Generation!"

New Beginnings Fellowship in Hernando, FL:

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Wow....God!!! I'm SHOUTING!

Hi All,

Here's a real quick report from last night's "Spreading the Fire!" meeting with Evangelist Roger Webb! Are you ready for the report? Here it is, in the only words that I know that can describe it.... ______________, ______________,______________,____________! Did you get that? I DON'T HAVE ANY WORDS THAT CAN DESCRIBE WHAT GOD DID LAST NIGHT! I JUST DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!! It was another, "off the charts" type of meeting. Friends... I can only tell you.... lived are being effected forever! Corinne just heard from another Sister a few mintues ago, and was told how God is not only changing her, but her entire family! 

NOW GET THIS!!!! (I am fully aware of the fact that all caps in
email is considered shouting!) WELL, I'M SHOUTING THIS ONE!!!! GLORY TO GOD!!!! Roger and I felt to give some Walmart Gift Cards to those attending the meetings this week and to those who are watching the live webstream. So far Roger and Arnette Webb are donating a $150.00 card, New Beginnings Fellowship is donating $100.00, Tree of Life Open Bible Church in Pittsburgh, PA is donating a $50.00 card and ... NOW GET THIS... PROTON MINISTRIES IN NORTH CAROLINA JUST SENT A $200.00 DONATION FOR ANOTHER CARD!!!!!!!!! Plus we had another $50 donation for two $25.00 cards to be given to those watching the webcast! DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHY I'M SHOUTING!!!!!!!!!!!! These people are donating, sowing into revival in Citrus County, Florida! I love it!!

Here's the deal... come tonight and get a ticket that qualifies you for a free Walmart Gift Card, that will be drawn in Friday night's meeting. (You must be
present to win!) Sign in on the live webcast and be qualified to get one of two $25.00 cards! 

These cards are to be used for food, or any other needed household need. Someone asked me today, "What about Christmas presents?" If you have a need in that area... go for it!

Please forward this email to those you think might be able to get into these meetings. Also, please invite everyone you know that needs a touch from God, or needs a healing miracle!

See you tonight!

Kingdom blessings,


P.S. To view the webcast go to: and hit the Podcasts button!


Larry & Corinne Silverman

"Revivalists to Today's Generation!"

New Beginnings Fellowship in Hernando, FL:

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An Old Fashioned Jericho March!

Hi All,

How well I recall the Good Ole' Days when the Spirit of the Lord would hit our church in Holland, Michigan. God was moving so strongly in those meetings and often, during some intense praise and worship, the Saints would get up and march around the building. Pentecostal/Charismatic Churches in those days would call those kind of events, "Jericho Marches." In last week's "Spreading the Fire!" meetings we had a powerful "Jericho March" Friday night. Then Sunday morning the same thing happened! Just about the entire gathered group got up and danced and marched victoriously around and around our sanctuary! I got a few pictures of that! 

I just got off the phone with a Brother. He was actually crying as he told me that last night
the Lord came to him in a dream. What he told me about the dream is personal, but I assure you, God is moving so strongly here! I keep saying it over and over, "Lives are changing in these meetings!" I really mean it!

Just one more day to wait... It's almost Wednesday! Remember, Roger Webb ( will be with us Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights. This is Week #19! What a week it's going to be! Be prepared for more signs, wonders and miracles and for more of whatever the Lord wants to do! Also remember we will be giving away $300 worth of Walmart Gift Cards this week. In each meeting we will be giving out numbers, one to a family, and on Friday night we will draw the numbers so that the cards can be given out! We hope that these cards can be used for food or other needed household items. Roger and I feel that we are needing to
sow into the lives of the people in material ways as well as spiritual. This is a place to begin! Also, Pastor Lance Rhodes of Tree of Life Open Bible Church in Pittsburgh, PA feels the same as he put a check in today's mail for a $50.00 Walmart card! Isn't that awesome?

Please enjoy the pictures and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow night!

Kingdom blessings!


P.S. Remember you will be able to view the live webcast of these meetings by going to: and clicking on the Podcasts button!






Yes It Is Wednesday!

Yes, It is Wednesday! So many people have mentioned that the time lag between Sunday morning and Wednesday evening is almost unbearable. 

I recall some of my childhood days when my mother used to have to drag me out of the door to attend church on Sunday mornings. My brother, sister and I used to go to church every Sunday, while our Dad stayed home. He could get away with it! He certainly was the smart one of the family! That church was so dry, so dead, and there was nothing there that would attract a young, unsaved boy like me! 

My how things have changed! I now have a relationship with God, thorough Jesus Christ and I'm very excited to see what He may do in tonight's meeting. I assure you, tonight will not be boring! 
How do I know that? It's simple, in the past 17 weeks we have not had even one boring meeting. Each night God shows up and does wonderful things! 

So...Tonight Week #18 of our "Spreading the Fire!" meetings continues. For more information and to view the Webcast of tonight's meeting you can visit our website at:  To view the Webcast click on the Podcasts button. 

Thursday evening Becky Burke is scheduled minister. Friday evening Pastor Dave Schirmer is scheduled. However, we all know by now, that the real minister is the Holy Spirit and He takes precedent over everything!

I hope to see you in Revival this week!

Kingdom blessings!



A Pastor's Testimony

Hello All,

Last night's meeting (Friday Nov. 6) concluded our Week #17 of our "Spreading the Fire!" meetings at New Beginnings Fellowship in Hernando, Florida. ( This morning, I again type this email almost speechless! There is no way in the world that I can find the words to even begin to describe what God did in that meeting! To be totally honest, even after a cup of coffee and a great breakfast, I'm still consumed in the Afterglow Glory from that meeting!

In our meetings we never know what is going to actually happen. For instance, Corinne was prepared to minister, but the Holy Spirit had a completely different idea! Corinne had a great word to share, but the Spirit had an even greater
one! Of course we always choose His word over ours everyday! The Glory fell on us during worship. Kris was leading and immediately it was obvious to both her and I that God was up to something. The anointing was very strong and our second song was the old Toronto hit, "Sweet Wind!" That is exactly what happened, the Wind blew! And Wow!!! Did it blow!

Doreen was waving a silk banner with flames of fire on it. Becky was in the back of the room deep in worship when she saw a vision of Kris being covered with fire. Becky then told Doreen to go onto the platform and cover Kris with her banner and that is all it took! They then began to wave the banner in the air and other Gals began to run under it. From that time on, total Holy Ghost pandemonium broke out! As this was going on, I thought, "Hey, I want some of this!" So I ran under the waving fire banner, others did
too! Then the ministry began! Our Gals, totally consumed with Fire began to lay hands on others. People came running up to recieve prayer and prophetic ministry. Josh, a young man with a dyed red, spiked Mohawk hair cut, who gave his heart to the Lord the night before, came running under the flying Fire banner too. What a sight! Will is coming back to the Lord, he came forward, and with his ball cap on his head, the Gals wrapped the fire banner over his head and Will began to tear up and was on the verge of speaking in tongues. Wow! Over in another corner several couples began to minister to others and deliverance began taking place. In the middle of all of this a feather fell to the ground. Several of our pictures from the meeting have orbs in them again! Who knows what the feathers and orbs mean? I sure don't want to make a doctrine over them, but it was obvious that God was
moving strong! One brother, in motorcycle leathers, his second time visiting, came up to me and said, "I've been looking for this for a long time!"

Through all of this, guess what I was doing? NOTHING! Oh, that's not quite true, I was taking some pictures. Just about all of the ministry done last night by the people, not just by a few "special ministers!" God is raising up the Body in these meetings! I love it! These meetings are driven by a "Special Personality!" The Star of our meetings has been and continues to be the Holy Spirit and everyone who steps out in faith to be used of God! God is raising up the "Little Ole Me's" in these meetings! That is a core vision of our church and the people are beginning to thrive on it! These People are the ones God is using more than any "Special Speakers" we bring in!

I love it because this is exactly what God called us here to
accomplish... To raise up the Body of Christ to do the work of the ministry, so that the Kingdom of God can advance throughout this region! We are looking for an Acts chapter 8 revival..."And there was great joy in that City!"

People are not coming to these meetings to "see" Brother Blank Blank or Sister Blank Blank! That is the mistake of past moves of God, building them on personalities. When the personality falls into sin or fails in any way, so does the move of God! I note a lot of "chasing the personality" going on these days! People run to conferences to "see" Brother Blank Blank, get their picture taken with him, buy his new book and then run to the next conference next week! In our "Spreading the Fire!" meetings Brother Blank Blank most likely won't be there! However, the Holy Spirit will be and so will some hungry, ready to be used Saints of God! The Fire is falling on them and they are
giving it away like mad! It's only a matter of time before this spreads to the Streets of Citrus County. When it does, watch out, we'll have hit Critical Mass!

People call me a "pastor." I guess I am, but not in the traditional sense of the word. I don't see myself fitting that role at all. I would much rather see myself as a "facilitator." My job is to help others perform the work of the ministry. I help others do what God has called them to do! My job is to help them go way beyond me, to see their ministry calling completely fulfilled! I've thought a long time about what God is doing with Corinne and I and in this fantastic church! I sometimes call this, "The New Beginnings Experiment." We are taking a traditional, charismatic church and watching God completely transform it (the people) into a Kingdom of God advancing lighthouse in the community. Last night a lady, a
visitor, told us that we were scoring a line on the strongholds of religion and legalism within our region. I sense that strongly! We wish to continue to "score that line" until these strongholds completely break and the fullness of God's Kingdom Now is totally manifested!

Yes... to quote my friend Stephen Strader, "I love my job!" I sure do!

Week #18 begins Sunday (tomorrow)! Next Wednesday through Friday night Revival continues! I hope to see you in a meeting or two! More Lord! Yes... Lord, much, much more!

Kingdom Blessings!



p.s. Check out 3 attached pictures from last night

p.s.s. Remember we are webstreaming these meetings. Last night we had people from both Canada and Italy on live. To view go to our web site, and click on the Podcasts






Revival Continues in FL!

Hello All,

Yes, just one more night left of Week #17 of "Spreading the Fire!"  That night is Tonight, Friday Nov. 6.  If tonight's meeting is even close to last night's we will be in for a powerhouse of a meeting!  Wow God moved last night!

I send these notices out to many people these days.  I really don't keep track of who's on this list or not, but if you are getting these notices and have not been to a meeting, you might wish to make a last minute decision and give tonight a try.  I assure you, if you are hungry for more of God, you will not be sorry that you came!

OK... here's the great news... Week #18 begins next week!  We just can't stop!  Please hear me on this...People might assume that I'm wanting these meetings to continue and keeping them going myself.  Sure I do want them to continue, but I'm not alone!  Many, including others that are not members of NBF are telling me to keep them going... they keep saying, "Don't quit!" 

So.. there you have it.. a personal invitation!  I am sensing that something very special is going to happen tonight.  It seems like when I have that feeling something very special does happen.  Also, please remember that you can view these meetings live on the internet.  Just go to our webpage: and click on the Podcasts button.  (archived meetings can also be viewed there)

Thank you for your prayers! 

Many blessings!