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Special Ministry Announcement!

New Beginnings Fellowship

June 24, 2009

Dear Friend,

What times we live in!

The Bible says of them: "You should know this, Timothy, that in the last days there will be very difficult times." II Timothy 3: 1  No one alive today would deny that we are living in "very difficult times!" 

2000 years ago the Early Church faced hard times as well, even to the point of going through physical torture.  In meeting the economic difficulties of those days, God gave the Church a plan, "There were no needy people among them, because those who owned land or houses would sell them and bring the money to the apostles to give to those in need."  Acts 4: 34-35

Another interesting passage is found in Acts 3: 21, "For he (Jesus) must remain in heaven until the final restoration of all things, as God promised long ago through his holy prophets."  The Church shall be restored to her former glory prior to the physical return of the Lord!

I feel that the Lord will be giving us great plans to help meet the needs of our people.  Most likely these plans will not be new plans, but rather plans that are tried and true that worked 2000 years ago and actually changed the world!

The bottom line is that the Early Church took care of each other!  That model is very clear.  Therefore we who live during these "very difficult times" will find ourselves more and more taking care of each other.  The Church is not buildings, rather the Church is people and God has commanded us to take care of one another!  I believe, "so much more as we see that day approaching!"

Because of all of the above, I am thrilled to announce the birth of a new ministry, The Power of One!
The Power of One Dollar!
"Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works!"  Hebrews 10:24
One man giving a million dollars to another man is a big thing!  However a million men giving one man one dollar is a very small thing that equals a very big thing!  In today's standards one dollar is pretty worthless.  As a child I recall riding with my mother to the gas station and her asking the attendant to pump, "A buck's worth!"  Today a "buck's worth" of gasoline will not get you out of the service station's parking lot!  Yet we all know the concept of setting one dollar aside in savings today,  two tomorrow and double that amount daily.  Play with it and see how long you can do it!

If used correctly there is power in a One Dollar Bill! 

Through the means of modern communications we can take a lowly One Dollar Bill and use it to greatly bless someone within the Body of Christ

Here is how the Power of One works:  Each month our church, New Beginnings Fellowship in Hernando, Florida ( will be choosing a person, family or a ministry, to be recipients of a Power of One Offering for a period of ONE MONTH!  This person, family or ministry will be prophetically chosen by the Holy Spirit.  New Beginnings Fellowship will only be a "clearing house and facilitator" of the Power of One. (Please scroll down for our July Recipient)

Here is what we are asking of you.......

  • Begin by forwarding this and all subsequent emails to EVERYONE that you have electronic communication with AND ENCOURAGE THEM TO DO THE SAME THING WITH THEIR EMAIL LISTS!  Can you see the power that can be achieved by everyone doing something?
  • Share this email with your pastor or church leaders, encourage them to take a monthly "Power of One Offering" (everyone donating just ONE DOLLAR)
  • Participate yourself.  What will this cost you?  The answer is simple, a few minutes of your time, a One Dollar Bill, an envelope and a stamp.  Your cost will be less than $1.50!
  • Pray for the person, family or ministry chosen.  Take another minute or two and lay hands on that One Dollar Bill, maybe anoint it with oil and pray for the needs listed by us.
  • Mail your offering to New Beginnings Fellowship and we will forward (weekly during the time period) ALL FUNDS RECEIVED!  WE WILL NOT KEEP ANY OF THE FUNDS!  THIS IS A MINISTRY OF LOVE FROM OUR CHURCH TO THE BODY OF CHRIST!
  • Spread the word... this could be a very huge thing!  Wouldn't it be something to see someone blessed beyond measure?
  • PLEASE DO NOT ASK US FOR YOURSELF OR SUGGEST TO US PEOPLE OR MINISTRIES TO BE RECIPIENTS OF THIS OFFERING!  I could see that my email inbox could get flooded quickly by people seeking funds!  We feel that the Holy Spirit will lead us to who should be the next month's recipient!  We will also be appointing others in apostolic ministry from around the country to help us administrate this as it grows, to help us find the proper recipientsFOR RIGHT NOW, THIS WILL ONLY BE GEARED FOR PEOPLE AND MINISTRIES WITHIN THE UNITED STATES!  In the future we can help organize this ministry in other Nations, using their people to donate their funds to the given needs!
  • THIS IS IMPORTANT!  Mail your offering to:  Power of One, New Beginnings Fellowship, PO Box 542, Hernando, Florida 34442  We will then mail a week's collection by Priority Mail to the chosen recipient.
For any questions or comments on this I can be reached by email at: [email protected]

dollar sign
July Power of One Recipients

Curtis & Renae Forbes

 Gastonia, North Carolina

Curtis Forbes

I would like to introduce to you the Forbes Family of Gastonia, North Carolina.  The Forbes head up Proton Ministries International of the Greater Charlotte Area. (

Every so often you run into someone who you ask God, "Lord, how much more can this person take?"  That has often been my prayer for Curtis over the past few years!  Here is a short form of the physical ailments that Curtis has been dealing with:  Heart attack at age 39; malignant melanoma 20 times larger than normal, and several severe infections at the extraction site; 20 other moles removed with incision sites much larger than the mole due to the skin cancer; diabetes; severe peripheral neuropathy (sheathing around the nerves decays, leaving the nerves exposed and causes the nerve itself to decay as well, creating  severe chronic pain); Last Oct. Curtis almost died due to  diabetic neuropathy.  It caused his legs and feet to swell and retain fluid.  At one point he had retained as much as 40 pounds of water weight and his heart was trying to pump blood through all of that extra mass squeezing against his veins; Severe sleep apnea; Curtis has been out of work since March 2007 and has been fighting to receive disability since November 2008 and has been turned down twice.

Curtis says this about his situation, "The extreme pressure that all of this has  put on my wife Renae and I has just been indescribable!  Renae is such a warrior!  She and my 4 children (Faith, Caleb, Mekayla, and Alex) have pressed through all of this together. I have an absolutely amazing family!  

The enemy has tried so hard to make me bitter in all of this but I have refused to allow this to happen!  Instead we have chosen to become humble under the mighty hand of God!  I know that the Lord does not put this kind of sickness or disease on anyone, but in His foreknowledge He knew that I would go through all of this... at the same time He also provided Jesus Christ on the cross as a way of escape (salvation, deliverance) and I spend time every day declaring the word of God over my body and my life and even taking communion! Hebrews 1:3 says that the Lord upholds all things by the "word of His power" therefore there is power in His word!"

These days Curtis uses much of his time studying the Word of God and praying for the needs of others!

Will you pray for Curtis and Renae and their lovely family?  Would you please help in their time of extreme financial need by just sending them One Dollar? (If you would wish to send a larger offering to the Forbes Family you can do so with the PayPal button on their website... see above)


May God bless you greatly!


Please Recieve My Blessing!

I placed the following on my Facebook  (link) Wall yesterday:

"Have you ever told someone, "May God bless you!" Then their reply is something like, "He does!" You then shake your head and wonder what in the world just happened? Well, here's what happened, the person you were blessing just robbed them self of a blessing of God! Often this type of action comes from spiritual pride, sometimes lack of knowledge. But as for me and my house.... bless us and we'll receive it!"

I think this pretty much speaks for itself!  What thinkest thou?

Oh.... and yes, before I forget...MAY GOD BLESS YOU RICHLY TODAY!


We Need to Push the Envelope for Revival!

Hi All,

For the past six months now Corinne and I have been very busy with our church in Hernando, Florida.  We have been pastors of New Beginnings Fellowship,  link doing something that completely blows us away when we think about it!  If you would have told us a year ago that we would be located in one place, back in the role of pastor again, we would have laughed directly in your face!  Yet here we are, doing what we thought that we'd never do again! 

However, the interesting thing is that we have not lost the longing for Kingdom Revival sweeping across our Land!  As far as I am concerned, let it fall here, right now!  Wow!

Yes we pastor a local church these days, yet we have not lost the longing in our hearts for Revival, we do remain Revivalists 100%.   I feel strongly that seeking true Revival does fit into the scope of ministry within the local church.  After all Revival is for the Church!  As pastors there are many duties that we must assume.  My main duty is that of facilitating the ministry within those comprising our local congregation.  My job is to release our people into the work of the ministry!  No Friends, NBF is not a traditional church with the pastor doing everything and the people being just good little "sheeple" not being fulfilled! 

However, based on that, stands the looming need of seeing true Kingdom Revival transform a region.  I am certain that God is wanting to do something very powerful with the State of Florida.  I am also convinced that much of it will center in Citrus County, that's the Region that He's called us to!  Therefore as a pastor, as a Revivalist, I must constantly push the envelope for true Revival!  Can I say it again, New Beginnings Fellowship is NOT a traditional church?  Maybe now you can see why!  We want true Revival, therefore we have to do the things that foster true Revival! 

When a baby is about to be born everyone tells the Mom, "Push!"  It seems that if there is no pushing a baby cannot come forth!  Hummm.... see the spiritual significance in that?  If a local church does not push for Revival, guess what will not come forth! 

OK.... as a pastor, as a Revivalist, what am I doing locally to "push for Revival?"  I talk about Revival, I teach about past moves of the Spirit in America and the world.  We teach the people to pray for Revival.  I also feel to create familiarity between our people and others who have Revival burning in their hearts.  In May and June we had Revivalist Roger Webb link in for meetings and we were favored by seeing God move strongly in signs, wonders and miracles.  On July 12-15 we are hosting Tom and Susie Scarrella link for some powerful meetings, all geared to do one thing... Push the Envelop for Revival within our church and our region!

How about you... It's time to push for Revival within your region!  Oh yes, it's time to push!  You might tell me, "Larry, we've been pushing!"  My answer back to you is, then PUSH SOME MORE!  It is time to see this new Baby of Revival born!  Yes, it's time!

Kingdom blessings,


Lord Help Us!


I pray for everyone who may read this post today.  Lord we are all in the place of some sort of need or another.  Lord we turn our eyes upon You!  You are our help, You are our true source of supply, You are our Shield, You are our Provider!

Father, I ask you to touch each person who reads this post!  Touch them in the ways that only You can do!  Father we look to You today for EVERYTHING!

Lord, thank You for healing us 2000 years ago!  Lord Jesus, thank You for taking those whippings so that we could be healed!  Thank You for dying and shedding Your blood so that we would not have to do it!  We give You the glory today!

Bless greatly my Brother or Sister that is reading this blog today!  Thanks You for them, thank You for blessing them!

In Jesus' name.... Amen!

God is Concerned about the Small Things!

So often we feel that we can only come to God with all of the huge, major problems of life.  The fact of the matter is that God is concerned about all of us, about every detail of our lives.  Nothing is too small for God!

God is the healer of our bodies, period!  Yes, He heals us of cancer, but He also heals us of hang nails and warts!  I think that sometimes we feel that we don't want to bother God with our small problems.  After all, we keep Him pretty busy with all of the major problems that we all seem to have.  You know what?  God says to us, "Bother Me!" 

An elderly lady in a meeting once told me, "I have arthritis because at my age I have to have something!"  My answer back was, "NO!"  Yep, I almost shouted it back to her!  It is  so strange how we think about these types of things.

My sense is that today, I'm going to bring everything to God, no matter how large or small.  Why?  Because He's my Father and He's interested in everything about me!  Oh... thank you Jesus!  Wow!

Kingdom blessings!


Why It is Important to Move in Miracles in Your Church!

Last evening our church, New Beginnings Fellowship in Hernando, Florida (link)hosted a one night only Miracle Meeting with Evangelist Roger Webb (link).  Roger has had a great increase in signs, wonders and miracles released in his meetings over the past few years.  Last night's results were off the charts!  Roger is not a "Big Name" but he moves in a simple, humble, non-hype anointing that is powerful!  We observed miracle after miracle take place.  It is so much fun to watch people come forward, not expecting a thing to happen to them, and all of a sudden their pain is gone!  I love it!

Last night two ladies came into the meeting when it was just about over, maybe 15-20 minutes left.  I knew one of the ladies had some very serious health issues going  on so I asked her to go forward.  She had never been in a meeting like that before and was a little afraid.  She did go up though and when Roger began to minister to her she said, "I want prayer for my sick brother."  Roger said, "OK, but you are here right now and I want to pray for you!"  She allowed Roger to pray for her.  She had been in pain in her lower body, from her hips down, for 9 years, with the pain over the past 5 years being constant and severe!  What a joy it was to see her face as she said, "It's gone!"  She began to move her leg and foot in an upward motion, something that she'd not been able to do for several years!  She began to cry with joy!  You can't fake that!  It was awesome!

OK, now to the title of this post... Why is it important to move in miracles in your church?  If you are a pastor I've got sad news for you!  I'm one now, so I know what it is that I'm speaking... Your sermon's are not changing your Town!  God never called us to preach....can you please show me one New Testament verse where it says something like, "Thus says the Lord... Thine pastor is to preacheth every Sunday morning!"  Hummm ... I can't find that one!  How about you?

However, I do take strong notice of the fact that we are to advance the Kingdom of God in our regions!  Let me talk specifically about Corinne and I, New Beginnings Fellowship and Citrus County, Florida.  God has called us here to come into loving relationships with a neat group of people.  We are called their pastors, but the truth of the matter is that we are really their facilitators!  Our jobs as shepherds is to lead them to green grass, there the sheep can feed themselves!  Interesting huh?

Yet, there remains our region, for now Corinne and I see it as only Citrus County, it may be larger though.  God has send us here to help the Body of Christ in this location to enter into and sustain true Kingdom Revival!  In short we are to advance the Kingdom of God.  How is that done?  We feel that the Lord has called us here to "press the envelop!"  That means we wish to "stir the pot" a lot, keeping the water in it boiling hot.  God always gives us the job of releasing signs, wonders and miracles for just that purpose.  God always confirms His word with signs, wonders and miracles.  Last night was just a great confirmation that the vision that we are releasing in this region is from the Lord!

We  keep "hitting it" folks!  We no longer have the luxury of just being a pew sitter!  In case you haven't discovered it yet, those days are gone!  I assure you that if you refuse to get with God's program you will be left behind!  Hummmmm....maybe in more ways that one!

Come on... quit listening to the "doom and gloom" preachers, the so called prophets of destruction.  I keep hearing Revival!  Get your eyes off of all the things wrong with Obama, Hillary, Congress, General Motors, Fanny Mae, California, unemployment numbers, and all of the rest.  Turn your eyes upon Jesus!

In 1922 a lady by the name of Helen Lemmel wrote a popular song.... Maybe we should all sing it again today, in remembrance of the One who's in control of it all!  To sing the song please click on this link:


Larry the Revivalist!

More Judgment vs. Revival

Someone sent me another email that stated how "finished" America is!  This guy sees the United States of America as a burned toast!  Oh well, I'm so sick of all of the doom and gloom!  I just cannot agree with those who are teaching this stuff.  Why am I so excited about what I sense God's up to?  Why is my heart filled with revival?  Why do I sense that we are coming into the The Church's Finest Hour?

Here's a note for all you who are calling down God's fire of destruction on America......You Guys keep going in that direction if you wish, but as for me and my house, we'll keep healing the sick, casting out devils, bringing the lost to salvation, planting new churches and keep on advancing the Kingdom of God! 

link.  You can send us your prayer requests too via the chat feature that you will see once on the Speak of miracles....  Tonight, Friday June 5, we are hosting a one night only Miracle Meeting with Evangelist Roger Webb.  Roger will join with us at New Beginnings Fellowship, 2577 N. Florida Hwy in Hernando, Florida.  The time is 7:00 p.m.  If you cannot make this meeting, you can participate in a live web cast.  God to our web page: and then click on the live webstreamwebstream site.

Kingdom blessings!

Larry the Revivalist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wed Update: The Latest on Natalie

Last Friday morning our Natalie underwent some laser surgery on two cancer tumors that were found in her right eye.  Along with the surgery she had a dose of Chemo Therapy shot directly in her eye.  After all of this was completed the doctors told our daughter Stacey that Natalie would awaken Saturday morning with a very bloodshot, swollen eye. 

Friday evening Tim and Stacey brought Natalie to a special Miracle Service that was being held in a church they have been attending.  Natalie received some prophetic words and several laid hands on her and prayed for her.  It seemed that God was moving very powerfully in the meeting.

Saturday morning Natalie woke up with a perfectly normal eye, no bloodshot and no swelling!  God is so good.  Then after Church Sunday morning the parents noted that Natalie seemed to have better focus in her eyes.  They are convinced that God is moving on their behalf! 

We are eagerly awaiting tests results to come in for Natalie.  However, our family is greatly encouraged in the Lord!  We are so thankful for the hundreds and maybe even thousands of people who are praying for Natalie.  One pastor wrote about his connections with churches in Africa and we were told that the African churches really took Natalie on as a prayer project!  We are overwhelmed by all of this.  So thank you for your concern, thank you for your prayers! 

Check back from time to time for more updates!

Kingdom blessings ~ Larry

p.s.  Make sure you visit and follow the link there,  Friday evening at 7:00 p.m. (Eastern Time).  We will be web casting our live Miracle Meeting with Evangelist Roger Webb.