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Larry's Musings for Saturday Feb. 28: "God told me...."

"Larry, God told me to leave the church and attend another church," the lady told me.  I asked her, "Is there anything wrong with our church?"  Her answer was, "No, but the Lord told me to move on."  My response, "Why?"  Then she said, "I don't know why, He just told me it was time to move on."  All of the while, during this conversation, I had a sick feeling in my spirit.  I knew that she was not hearing from God at all!  However, I learned long ago that when someone comes at you with, "God told me," there is not much you can do about it. 

I had to wonder how much counsel this woman had on her decision to leave the church.  I know that she certainly didn't consult with Corinne or I or for that matter, any other members of the church leadership team.  You know I really believe that the spirit of deception is working very hard in the ranks of the older, more mature Christians these days.  We all have to be careful about acting on the voices and dreams that we have.  In seeking direction, the good advice is to get advice!  Check out important decisions with those who can give you wise counsel and are not just "yes men/women!" 

The Bible states that in making accusations against elders in the church, it should be done with the input of two or three witnesses.  "Let every word be established by two or three witnesses!"  Let's hold the same standard in judging those directional prophetic words we get, the directional dreams and impressions we get, before we actually follow through with them.

God give your Body the gift of discernment.  We need it Lord!  I need it Lord!

Blessings~ ls

Larry's Musings for Friday, Feb. 27: "The Spirit of Deception!"

I was told the other day that a famous preacher had a vision of a stadium filled with thousands of Believers.  A demon flew over the stadium and released a basket load of deadly snakes.   The snakes were deception!

Lately I've been totally blown away by the deception that is being released into the Church!  Many are coming under it's spell!  Just Wednesday afternoon I was chatting on-line with the wife of a pastor we know.  She was stating that her husband is filing divorce papers against her.  At the very same time I was getting a text message from another pastor who's father, a worship leader, was currently confessing an affair with another woman!  Man.. it was a double hitter of deception in the worst way!  WHAT'S GOING ON?    

Will someone please tell me how a pastor can file divorce papers on his wife, without apparent Biblical grounds?   How can a worship leader, one who's sung the praises to the Most High God, get caught up in a relationship with Jezebel?

I've been teaching a series on "Following the Ancient Paths" of Jer. 6:16.  The "Ancient Paths" of course are those outlined in the Bible.  The first path was the Path of Repentance.  The second was the Path of Righteousness.  The third was the Path of Covenant Relationship and last week's was the Path of Power.  I'm thinking another Path for this Sunday will be the Path of Discernment!  Boy do we need it!  You know, it's not the young Saints that are falling into deception, it's the "Old Timers!" 

Again I ask, "WHAT'S GOING ON??"

Stay safe from deception this week.  I might suggest that everything that you think you are hearing God say to you be backed up with the affirmation of 2 or 3 witnesses!

Kingdom blessings ~  ls

Getting Healed on the Streets! ¡Ser Curado en las Calles!

Greetings from Citrus County, Florida...

It's been awhile since I posted a new Blog.  I've been distracted from doing so by family matters with our new Granddaughter, Natalie (She's doing so good, eating and has passed her latest hearing test!), working with our new Church Family at New Beginnings Fellowship in Hernando, FL (, and just getting settled into a new way of ministry, that I've kinda let the Blog get stale.  OK.. I repent!  It's time to get things up and running again!

Yesterday someone forwarded me a great video of young people going to the streets and praying and ministering to sick people.  They were ministering  in prophetic ways and it was obvious that God was moving and people were getting healed.  I love it!  There seems to be many going to the streets with healing and miracles these days.  Actually this is what should always be taking place, it really should not be such a big deal.  Going to the streets with the Gifts of the Spirit is just "normal Christianity!"   As you know, the Church has been cloistered way too long within the four walls of buildings, that we've forgotten that the true Church is what happens outside of those four walls.

However, I do have a concern over all of this, "taking it to the streets" thing!  My concern is that we are stopping way too soon.  We are so excited about the miracles taking place on the streets that we forget what the miracles are all about in the first place!  Let's take a look at what happened with the "Early Church." 

Acts 2:42-47 (New Living Translation)

The Believers Form a Community

 42 All the believers devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, and to fellowship, and to sharing in meals (including the Lord’s Supper[), and to prayer.

 43 A deep sense of awe came over them all, and the apostles performed many miraculous signs and wonders. 44 And all the believers met together in one place and shared everything they had. 45

They sold their property and possessions and shared the money with those in need.

46 They worshiped together at the Temple each day, met in homes for the Lord’s Supper, and shared their meals with great joy and generosity—47 all the while praising God and enjoying the goodwill of all the people. And each day the Lord added to their fellowship those who were being saved.


Wow... this Church was dynamic!  God moved through them, so much so that they changed their world in a matter of a few years!  Please take a minute and read and re-read the above verses.  This is what the Church of today should look like!  This group was fully aware of the fact that a relationship with God through Jesus Christ would change the world, and they were fixated on doing just that, of changing their world!  Yes, changing our world is what advancing the Kingdom of God is all about!  Please carefully note verse 47, "The Lord added to their fellowship those who were being saved!"  The dynamic "church life" of this group, including signs, wonders and miracles, not only changed their cities (Acts 8: 4-8), but enlarged their fellowships as well.  Think about it for a minute, Christ told us to heal the sick, AND to make disciples of all nations, not just heal the sick!"

After the sick are healed, what do we do with them, then what?  Are we willing to plant a new church with them?  Do we insert them into a good, existing, Kingdom church?  I fear too many of these "going to the streets things" are not doing TOTALLY what the Lord would have for them.  Getting a sinner healed and  him and her walking away, only produces a "healed sinner!"  Getting a sinner healed, saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, immersed into a Kingdom Body, making them a disciple and then thrusting them forth into their own ministry, will ultimately produce thousands of more sinners coming to Christ and will change our entire world!

What do you think about this?  Give me some feed back here!  You can do so by clicking on the little word, "comment" just below this post.  It's actually a link to the comments page where you can share your ideas on this subject.

Have a great week in the Lord.  Remember these are the times of the "Greatest Awakening Ever!"  We must be prepared as the greatest "harvest" of all times is about to be released.  Are we ready Church?  Are we prepared to bring these people without Christ into the "Barn" where we will prepare them to bring others into the "Barn" as well.  Wow... talk about advancing the Kingdom!  It's now, it's the Kingdom of God now!

Larry the Revivalist

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Los saludos del Condado de Fruta Cítrica, Florida...

Ha sido un rato desde que anuncié un nuevo Blog. He sido distraído de hacer así por asuntos familiares con nuestra nueva Nieta, Natalie (Ella hace así bueno, come y ha pasado su última prueba de audición!), trabajando con nuestra nueva Familia de la Iglesia en Nueva Confraternidad de Principios en Hernando, FL (, y para ser asentado justo en una nueva manera del ministerio, que tengo kinda permitió que el Blog consiga caducado. VISTO BUENO.. ¡Yo me arrepiento! ¡Es tiempo de conseguir cosas arriba y corriendo otra vez!

Ayer alguien me adelantó un gran video de jóvenes que van a las calles y oran y atienden a enfermos. Ellos atendían en maneras proféticas y fueron obvio que Dios movía y las personas fueron curadas. ¡Yo lo adoro! Allí parezca ser muchos ir a las calles con la curación y milagros estos días. Realmente esto es lo que siempre debe estar sucediendo, realmente no debe ser un trato tan grande. ¡Ir a las calles con los Regalos del Espíritu es justa "cristiandad normal"! Cuando usted sabe, la Iglesia ha sido enclaustrada manera también mucho tiempo dentro de las cuatro paredes de edificios, que nosotros nos hemos olvidado que la Iglesia verdadera es lo que sucede fuera de esas cuatro paredes.

¡Sin embargo, yo tengo un concierne en total de esto, "lo tomando a las calles" cosa! Mi concierne es que paramos manera también pronto. ¡Nosotros tan somos emocionados acerca de los milagros que suceden en las calles que nosotros nos olvidamos lo que los milagros son todo acerca de en primer lugar! Echemos una mirada a lo que sucedió con la "Iglesia Temprana".

Actúa 2:42-47 (Nueva Traducción de Vida) Los Creyentes Forman una Comunidad

42 Todos los creyentes dedicaron a sí mismo a los apóstoles' enseñando, y la confraternidad, y a compartir en comidas (inclusive Cena del Señor [), y a la oración.

43 UN sentido profundo de admiración vino sobre ellos todo, y los apóstoles realizaron muchos signos y las maravillas milagrosos. 44 Y todos los creyentes se reunieron en un lugar y compartieron todo que ellos tuvieron. 45

Ellos vendieron su propiedad y las posesiones y compartieron el dinero con ésos necesitado.

46 Ellos veneraron juntos en el Templo cada día, encontraron en casas para Cena del Señor, y compartieron sus comidas con gran alegría y la generosidad—47 todo el tiempo alabando a Dios y disfrutar de la buena voluntad de todas las personas. Y cada día el Señor añadió a su confraternidad los que fueron guardados.

¡Ah... esta Iglesia fue dinámica! ¡Dios movió por ellos, hasta tal punto que ellos cambiaron su mundo en un asunto de unos pocos años! Tome por favor un minuto y leyó y lea de nuevo el encima de versos. ¡Esto es lo a que la Iglesia de debe parecerse hoy! ¡Este grupo estuvo completamente enterado del hecho que una relación con Dios por Jesucristo cambiaría el mundo, y ellos fueron fijados a hacer sólo que, de cambiar su mundo! ¡Sí, cambiando nuestro mundo es lo que avanzando el Reino de Dios es todo acerca de! ¡Por favor con cuidado verso de nota 47, "El Señor añadió a su confraternidad los que fueron guardados"! La "vida dinámica de la iglesia" de este grupo, inclusive signos, las maravillas y los milagros, no sólo cambiaron sus ciudades (Actúa 8: 4-8), pero amplió sus confraternidad también. ¡Piense de ello para un minuto, Cristo nos dijo curar el enfermo, Y para hacer a discípulos de todas naciones, no curan justo el enfermo"!

¿Después de que el enfermo sea curado, qué hacemos nosotros con ellos, entonces qué? ¿Estamos nosotros dispuestos a plantar una nueva iglesia con ellos? ¿Los insertimos nosotros en un bueno, existir, la iglesia del Reino? Temo demasiados de éstos "yendo a las cosas de calles" no hacen TOTALMENTE lo que el Señor tendría para ellos. ¡Consiguiendo a un pecador curado y él y su ir, sólo produce a un "pecador curado"! ¡Consiguiendo a un pecador curado, guardado, llenó del Espíritu Santo, sumergido en un Cuerpo del Reino, los haciendo un discípulo y entonces los empujando adelante en su propio ministerio, últimamente producirá a miles de más pecadores que vienen a Cristo y cambiarán nuestro mundo entero!

¿Qué piensa usted de esto? ¡Deme alguna espalda de comida aquí! Usted puede hacer así haciendo clic en la palabra pequeña, el "comentario" justo debajo de este poste. Es realmente un lazo a los comentarios llama donde usted puede compartir sus ideas en este sujeto.

Tenga una gran semana en el Señor. ¡Recuerde que éstos son los tiempos del "Despertar más Grande Jamás"! Debemos ser preparados como la "cosecha" más grande de todos tiempos está acerca de ser soltado. ¿Estamos nosotros la Iglesias listas? Son nosotros preparado para traer a estas personas sin Cristo en el "Granero" donde nosotros los prepararemos para traer otros en el "Granero" también. ¡Ah... habla de avanzar el Reino! ¡Es ahora, es el Reino de Dios ahora!

Larry el Evangelista

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Larry's Musings for Monday, Feb. 23

Corinne and I thank you for your continued prayer for our new Grand daughter, Natalie.  She's doing great and more reports are coming in.  She passed her hearing test last week!  God is so good

I've been so busy lately, that I've been neglecting the blog some.  OK... today I make amends!  I repent! 

We had a great day at New Beginnings Fellowship in Hernando, FL  ( yesterday!  God was so much with us!  Wow!  I think that today is a good day to get some rest, especially this afternoon.  We've been running really fast and hard these past few weeks.  However, it's been worth it.  We are so convinced that something pretty awesome is about to take place in the spirit realm.  We sense that God is on the move.  I am still totally convinced that "The Greatest Awakening Ever!" is just around the corner!  Then the next question is...Church are we ready for it?

I hope so!  The Church will soon be about disciple making and it will be fun!  The "Harvest" is about to be brought into the barn and signs, wonders and miracles will be the Harvest combine!

Many blessings today!


News About Us!

News About Us!

If you have had a chance to follow some of our recent
 ministry developments you will have noted that beginning
January 1, we were asked to become interim pastors for
New Beginnings
Fellowship of Hernando, Florida while the
 pastor went on sabbatical.  Here is a link to the church's
 website:   (

Last Tuesday evening in a board of trustee's meeting
the Founding Pastor, Jeff Burke, resigned and appointed
 Larry as new pastor of the church.  Yesterday, Sunday,
 Feb. 15, the church gave us a 100% vote of confidence
to be their pastors! 

God has called us to help this church enter into it's full
 function within the Kingdom of God.  This church is in
a re-building status and we feel to come along side and
help these very special people! 

Of course this is a total ministry change!  However, it
 doesn't come as a surprise as we've been receiving
many prophetic words that would suggest that this
 change was coming. 

Here's a couple of important points: 

#1.  We will still travel as the Lord leads and the invitations
 come in!  Several have given us prophetic words over the
 past 6 months or so that our new motor home will actually
be an airplane.  That doesn't mean that we are to own a
plane, but that we will be doing more flying to and from


If you are interested in booking us, please give a shout. ([email protected])

#2.  This is NOT a paid position!

For many years we have considered ourselves, "Missionaries
to the
small churches of America
!"  This has not changed
and what we are doing in New Beginnings Fellowship is
certainly a missions work!  Therefore your ongoing help in
prayer cover and financial support is essential to making
this new venture work.  By your supporting us in this venture
 you will actually be helping a very neat group of people, with
 a lot of potential, in a very important part of the state of

Here is a PayPal link that will help you keep us going on
this new journey on the "Highway to Revival."  By hitting
this link you can send us a quick $25.00 donation. 


If you wish to donate more or less, you can do so from
hitting the PayPal link on the left side bar of this blog.

You can still send checks to our ministry address in
Michigan...Vision of Hope, 5420 Beckley Rd., #330,
Battle Creek, MI 49015

We still have a ton of areas that need to be settled, so
we need your prayers as we go more into this transition.
 We will keep you informed as things develop for us.

Thanks you for reading this update!

God bless you greatly!

Larry & Corinne!

Natalie Update for Monday 2/16 at 6:21 p.m.

Natalie and Mugsy
Update on Grand daughter, Natalie

(Picture: Natalie and big sister)
We are so thankful to all who have been praying for our new grand daughter, Natalie.  Our little darling was born with some very serious issues and we feel
that the Lord has taken a pretty bad situation and
improved it dramatically. 

Natalie was born with a cleft pallet, her left hip not
staying in the socket, a slight deformity on her left
hand with her pinky and ring finger attached, a
smaller than normal cerebrum, possible hearing and
seeing problems. 

The good news is that Natalie is eating well, has had
he feeding tube taken from her nose and is gaining
weight.  Her hip socket is doing very well too.  Today
the report from the genetics doctor came in and it was
affirmed that Natalie has just about 1/2 of her
 Chromosome 13 missing. The doctor told Stacey and
Tim that part of that missing half is present which helps
this situation dramatically!  They were told that all of
Natalie's problems are due to this chromosome defect.
   The good news is that the long term situation does
not include any retardation.  Natalie will be slower at
 learning, possibly she will be smaller in stature, but
she should be able to carry on a good life.  We still are
unsure about the vision and hearing problems, but God
is certainly at work with her! 

Thanks again for your prayers and support!  If you sense
to keep praying for this little one, I'm sure her parents
would appreciate it a lot!  And... so will we!

Natalie Update for Thurs. 2/12 at 10:10 a.m.

Sorry for any delays on posting updates on our little sweetheart, Natalie.  The delays have come as a result in being in such a holding pattern, awaiting tests and reports to come back.  The big report is Monday when Stacey goes to the genetics doctor and gets the full report on her missing 1/2 of Chromosome 13.  This information will be vital! 

The good news is that as of last evening, Natalie is weighing 1 oz more than her birth weight, the feeding tube has been removed from her nose and the hip doctor told Stacey yesterday, that Natalie's hip is doing very good, that the socket is really forming properly around that bone.  They were originally going to do more MRI tests on it in 90 days or so, but now they've moved it up to 2 weeks with the goal of getting her out of that hip brace contraption as soon as possible.

We are really busy here, working with New Beginnings Fellowship ( and seeking God for a great move of His Spirit here in Florida.  I'll be sharing more about this a little later, but for now, I wanted to get this latest about Natalie posted.

Thanks again for your prayers.  I can't tell you how much they mean to our family!



Natalie Update for Sat. 2/7

Stacey called us late yesterday afternoon and informed us that some of the genetic testing results are in and that Natalie is missing about 1/2 of her chromosome 13.   The bad thing here is that she'll have to wait unto Monday, Feb. 16 until the Dr. can talk with her and tell her what this all means.

I know that the Lord has called certain people to intercede for Natalie and for Tim and Stacey and our family.  So, please pray that God will heal all that is wrong with this special little child!

The good news is that Natalie is doing well at home, Stacey is able to feed her entirely on bottles and is not having to feed her through the tube that still goes down her nose.

Thank you and I'll try to keep you posted as much as possible.  We are in a waiting game now!



Natalie Update: Thurs. 2/5 at 10:02 a.m. She's home and Corinne is in the Air!

Two good news reports.... Natalie came home from hospital yesterday afternoon.  Wow!  What a miracle she is!  I don't know all of the details, but please keep her and Tim and Stacey in your prayers.  There are still reports from tests that need to come in. 

Secondly my Bride should be in the air.  She arrives in Tampa around 5:00 this evening!  Yippie!

Now I have to get off this computer and get this motor home cleaned!  Some of my Sisters in the Lord have given me a hard time about eating out of cans, using only one spoon!  It's not quite that bad!  I've used 2 spoons... lol.   However, in all honesty, I am not the best house keeper in the world, so I do want to get cleaned up around here so I can fool Corinne into thinking that I kept our "house on 8 wheels" spotless!

Thanks again for your prayers!  I'll update you more when I know more.

Kingdom blessings!


Now You Are Clean by Robert Fitts

Note from Larry:  I've been spending so much of my time posting updates on Natalie that I've been neglecting what this blog has been intended for.  My Friend, Robert Fitts, wrote a great article, and seeing that I don't have a lot of time today, I thought that I'd allow him to be our guest teacher today.  This is an excellent article!  Thanks Robert!


by Robert Fitts


Jesus said, "Now you are clean through the word I spoke to you."  Most translations render this as "You are already clean . . . " (John 15:3)     How clean am I? How clean are you? I heard a Bible teacher years ago say, "When you are cleansed by the blood of Jesus, you are as clean as Jesus Christ is clean!" When I heard that I winced! I had never heard anyone describe our position in Christ in such terms and I had a hard time believing that I was as clean as Jesus Christ himself!    Then one day I was reading in Acts where Peter went up on the house top to pray. While in prayer he had a vision of a sheet let down from heaven with all kinds of animals and creeping things in it. God said to Peter, "Rise, Peter, kill and eat." Peter said, "Not so, Lord, I have never eaten anything that is common or unclean!" God said to Peter, "What God has cleansed, do not call common or unclean."   

We think it is being humble to say, "I'm just a sinner saved by grace." But we are not being humble, we are being stupid and disobedient! Search the New Testament for one instance where a believer is called a sinner or calls himself a sinner. In every case we are called "saints" which means, "Holy ones."    Do you consider yourself to be holy? If you don't, you should, for if you do not, you are degrading the value of the blood of the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.

We often sing a song about the blood that goes like this:  

"It's your blood that cleanses me  It's your blood that gives me life It's your blood that took my place In redeeming sacrifice  Washes me whiter than the snow   Than the snow My Jesus  God's perfect sacrifice!"     

I encourage you to make the following confession daily: "My hands are clean and my heart is pure by the blood of Jesus. Blessed is the man to whom the Lord will not impute sin. All my sins were inputed to Jesus when he died on the cross. They were and they still are all washed away. I am justified and I am sanctified by the blood of Jesus. I am complete in Christ and I can come boldly into the throne of grace, for I am clean. Jesus has declared me to be clean and I belive his word. "Now you are clean through the word I have spoken to you."  

If this message has helped and blessed you, forward it on to a friend or family member. If it seems too good to be true, be like the Bereans and search the scriptures daily to see if these things are so. (Acts 17:11)