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Larry's Musings for Saturday Nov. 29: "Florida!"

Greetings from soon to be departed Punta Gorda, FL...

Well, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with my Mom.  We finished up some leftovers last night and wow... they were as great as when we first ate them Thursday afternoon!

We are in the process of packing up "Pilgrim 1" now and will take off in an hour or so, heading about 3 hours north to Hernando, FL.  We start meetings there with New Beginnings Fellowship tomorrow.  We are anticipating a great move of God, as there seems to be a stirring and brooding of the Holy Spirit over Central Florida. 

Florida is a key state!  Soon "Snow Birds" from all over America and Canada will be arriving seeking some warmth in the midst of a cold Northern  Winter.  They will come here, get a powerful impartation of the Spirit and take it all home and give it away there. 

I'm recalling the words of the late NBC news reporter, Tim Russert, during the 2008 Presidential Election... remember his white board?  He said, "It's Florida, Florida, Florida!"

Amen.. please pray for us, please pray for Central Florida.... something is about to break loose here in the Spirit!

Kingdom blessings~  ls

Larry's Musings for Friday Nov. 28: "The Word Becomes Real!"

Greetings from Punta Gorda, FL...

I trust your Thanksgiving was as wonderful as ours was.  Corinne and I brought Rascal (our budgie) to my Mom's house for dinner.  We had a great time, feasting, talking over old family times, and enjoying the blessings of God together.  We also got to speak with our children over the phone.  It was a great day!

I've been thinking about the things that are currently occurring here in America, those things that would specifically effect the Church.  I'm thinking that we are on a path of Scripture fulfillment that will be unprecedented!  We are going to see the "Word become real" right before our very eyes.  Of course I realize that the Word has always been real!  But so many of us read the Bible and think..."Oh well, those things mentioned might happen someday, but most likely I'll never see it!"  I'm thinking that you might be seeing a lot of things in the very near future!  Of course the question arises..."Are you ready?"  I hope so!  I trust that I'm ready, that I'm worthy enough to go through some of the most important events of all of history!  I'm not backing down from my expectations.... I'm sensing that "The Greatest Awakening Ever!" is about to hit America!  That means we're all going to be very busy doing Kingdom work!

We leave here tomorrow and travel about 3 hours north to a little town called, Hernando, Florida.  We begin meetings there, in New Beginnings Fellowship,  Sunday.  We're sensing that  a powerful move of God will sweep the Florida Peninsula.  It might just as well begin this weekend.  Wow... what a thing to be thankful for!

Kingdom blessings! ~ ls

Larry's Musings for Mon. Nov. 24: "On the Road Again!"

Greetings from Huntsville, AL...

We had a wonderful weekend with  all of our friends at Realm Ministries here.  Yesterday was pretty awesome!

We leave here in a couple of hours, heading on a two day trip to Punta Gorda, FL and Thanksgiving  dinner with my Mother.  We begin meetings in Hernando, FL next Sunday.

Please keep us in your prayers.  We need lots of them!

Kingdom blessings~ ls

Larry's Musings for Sat. Nov. 22: "A Prophetic Word for Today!"

Greetings from Huntsville, AL...

Here's a prophetic word for you today....

"But the saints of the most High shall take the kingdom, and possess the kingdom for ever, even for ever and ever...  And the kingdom and dominion, and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven, shall be given to the people of the saints of the most High, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all dominions shall serve and obey him." 

My prediction is borrowed from Daniel 7:18 & 27)

Larry's Musings for Thurs. Nov. 20: "On the Road Today"


Today is a travel day.  We only have about a 4 hour run, from Cleveland, TN to Huntsville, AL.  However, we always need prayer on travel days, so if you happen to read this, please send some prayer to the Lord on behalf of us...(safety in travel, powerful meetings in Huntsville, God's continued provision, and more open doors for ministry into December and after the first of the year.)

Thanks and I'll give you an update from Huntsville, hopefully tomorrow.

Kingdom blessings~ ls

Larry's Musings for Wed. Nov. 19: "God is Soooo Good!"

Greetings one more time from Cleveland, TN....

We are getting geared up for tomorrow's departure to Huntsville, AL and some powerful meetings there over the weekend.  We are feeling very excited in our spirits and are looking forward to all that God is about to do there.

Yesterday's story about "Harley" generated quite a bit of email to me.  You can read some neat comments that were posted to the blog site as well.  It amazes me how many animal/dog lovers there are out there.  Several email posts were written by folks that fully understood what it was to be a "stray" themselves and needing rescue.  The Lord has actually rescued us all, hasn't He?  I guess we were all once "strays" needing a home.  He shows up, catches us and now provides for us. 

Yes... God is soooo good! 

Please keep us in prayer for tomorrow's travel!

Kingdom blessings~ ls

The Day Harley Came to Visit (Re-post of past Blog)

****Note:  This is a repost from Nov. 18, 2008.  It's just a personal side of Corinne and I... of our ministry and our life on the "Highway to Revival."

Blessings~ Larry

Greetings from Cleveland, TN...

Our meetings ended here Sunday evening, what a blast we had with our friends at the International House of Fire!  (

Our next venture out on the "Highway to Revival" is Thursday when we take the short trip to Huntsville, AL and our weekend meetings with our friends at Global Impact/The Realm ministries (  

We are taking a few extra days here in Cleveland to get a little rest from travel as well as get some things caught up on, like writing blog articles, doing some laundry, making some neglected RV repairs,  and even defrosting our RV fridge. So yesterday (Monday) we were very surprised to have a special guest for a few hours.

One of the goals of this blog is to show the very, very human side of our ministry. Corinne and I are not fancy, special people in any way.  We have always made ourselves "touchable" to those we minister to.  We are very human, and sometimes we like to share our "human side" to those we minister to.  Often people only see the "ministry side" of people that come to their churches, and fail to realize that they are human beings too!   So many see the the exciting side of our lives, like when people get healed or people get a right on prophetic word. Yet they never see what goes on behind the scenes, or what price that we've paid to be able to do what we do.  Therefore, in case you have never noticed, Corinne and I are very human too!  The anointing people see in a meeting isn't always with us!  

When we were a "normal family,"  raising our 5 children, we always had pets. We've had many dogs, only 2 cats, several fish, our daughter Stacey even owned a southern corn snake.  We used to raise parrots, one time raising over 50 of them, from Macaws to cockatiels in our basement.  We really love dogs!  I used to be a hunter and had several beagles, and bird dogs, what a blast!  Who cared if I ever shot a rabbit, the fun of watching a beagle run a rabbit, howling at the top of its lungs can never be replaced!

About 5 years ago, a little guy, Rascal came into our lives.  He's been a riot for us!  His official, ministry name is, "Rascal the Revival Budgie!"  He's been known to capture my lap top from time to time, and even write a special news letter or a blog article.  My good friend Pastor Mike Fletcher in CA always tells me, "You should have Rascal write more articles as he does a much better job than you!" Mike always follows his slick comments up with a "LOL" but I know what he really thinks! 


 Picture 106
 Rascal on the laptop


Corinne says that we're, "Animal Rescuers!"  Our Kids do the same.... let a stray lost dog come their way and watch out... they have a new pet for life!  Maybe it's the same for our ministry... Corinne says that we are always trying to rescue someone... even some of the people we minister to!

Sunday, while preparing to leave our lot at  the KOA Campground here in Cleveland, on our way to our meeting, we saw a beautiful Boxer dog near our car.  As we got into our car, he seemed to show great interest in us, he seemed like he was lost.  As we drove away he chased us down the road and we feared him getting on the main road and being hit by a car.  I sped away so he couldn't see us go.  After the meeting, pulling back into our lot, there he was sitting outside the door of "Pilgrim 1." This Boxer wanted in for the night, and it was COLD outside! Of course our hearts almost broke in half as I had to hold him so Corinne could get in, then I had to push him away so I could sneak through the door.  We were both very troubled by this!

I woke up a few times, wondering about our new friend.  Would he be OK outside in that freezing temps?  I thought that if he stayed, maybe he'd get some heat from sleeping under the motor home.  I prayed, "Lord send that dog home!"  Yet, I felt that he'd be there in the morning, and sure enough... he was! It was at that time that both of us jumped into our "rescue mode!"  I opened the door and in came this beautiful male Boxer dog.  My guess is that he was between one and two years old, and he was cold and hungry.  We didn't have any dog food, so Corinne made a couple of slices of toast and she spread some peanut butter on them.  Wow.. did he eat!  I was sitting on our sofa and this pup just jumped on my lap and began to lick me and love on me like no dog has ever done!  He was thankful that I opened that door!   The dog had a collar on that was imprinted, "Harley Davidson," so we called the him, "Harley."


Harley comes to visit Nov. 17, 08 002


Of course Rascal wasn't so excited to see our guest!  We locked him down until we were sure the dog and the bird would be ok together.  They were.  Harley was a real gentleman towards Rascal, curious, but not aggressive at all.

The question became... "OK Lord, now what?"  It would be so hard for us to have a dog living like we do and doing what we do!  Yet, everything within us was saying... KEEP HIM!  Some days Corinne and I feel like we'd like a normal life sometime!  We've been living in "Pilgrim 1" for 8 years now, and from time to time we do get the feeling that we'd like to be "normal people" too!  We'd love to once again have a dog!  

All morning we played with Harley, taking him outside to run some and take care of necessary functions, wondering.... "Lord, are we supposed keep this guy?" Wow... we really wanted to hear a resounding, "Yes!" come back from the Lord! However, it was one of those times when Heaven was brass... He wasn't saying a thing!  

I was thinking, even though Harley seemed a little underfed, and he even seemed a little afraid of quick hand movements, like he'd been beaten some, that he did belong to someone, so I called the Park office and found that Animal Control was looking for him.  Shortly after an officer came to our lot and loaded Harley into the back of his truck.  Of course we almost cried!  Yep, the Revivalists once more had their hearts broken!  (we always have to fight back tears when we leave our Grandkids behind as we head out onto the "Highway to Revival.")

Well, here's the deal about this article; Yes, I wanted to show you a little of the human element of our lives, but more so, I think that there is a great lesson here. We all were once strays!  We had all once lost our way, when our Rescuer, the Lord Himself, took us in.  Some of you may still feell very much lost and alone, but I want you to know that the Lord will never call Animal Control on you, as His plan for you is to give you a life of hope and peace!  In the midst of your storm, you can enjoy His peace!

I guess that's my job, just continue to do what I do, sharing His love and advancing His Kingdom!  

I really thank the Lord for giving us a few hours with a new friend, Harley!  I thank Him for His love for Corinne and I and blessing us with our very own dog for half a day!  It was fun and to that we are very thankful!

Kingdom blessings!

Larry the Revivalist

Larry's Musings for Sat. Nov. 15: "The Holy Ghost"

Greetings from Cleveland, TN...

We arrived here Thursday afternoon and began our first meeting last evening.  God is so powerful!  I just love watching Him minister to His Kids!

Often Corinne and I receive prayer requests from people that we meet, either in our meetings or from our on line ministry.  Today I enjoyed the great experience of ministering to a complete stranger via email about the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.  This gal asked for me to pray for her as she wanted all God has for her.

Instead I wrote her back telling her more about the Holy Spirit, and suggested that she could pray herself, asking God to completely immerse her into the fullness of the Holy Spirit.  I can't wait to hear back from her about how all of this went!

How about you today?  Have you received the Holy Spirit since you believed?  I hope so.  I also hope and pray that you spend a lot of time today praying in your heavenly prayer language.  After all, Paul says that when we pray in tongues we edify or build ourselves up.  Who doesn't need that in these days in which we're living?

So... go ahead, get baptized in the Spirit if you haven't already, but if you are... then spend some time alone with God and spend some quality time praying in the Spirit!

Kingdom blessings! ~ ls

Larry's Musings for Thurs. Nov. 13: "Report from the Road"

Greetings from Berea, KY

We left Springfield, OH late yesterday morning.  We are on our way to Cleveland, TN.  In a car, traveling the speed limit, one can make that journey in about 6 1/2 hours.  In "Pilgrim 1" we drive as close to 60 mph as possible as this is where we get better fuel economy.  We also like to take our time getting to a meeting destination.  We find it is important to, as much as possible, not be rushed in traveling to a meeting destination.  It's good to not be physically tired prior to meetings beginning as the physical intensity of the meetings can be so extreme!  Unless you've been there, you cannot fully appreciate how physical the anointing of God can be!

We thought we might stay in a Flying J truck stop for the night, but there wasn't any located about midway.  Then we thought about a Walmart parking lot.  We found the one here in Berea but it's too small for over night parking.  So we went into the store and picked up a few supplies anyway, and then I remembered a RV park just down the road from the Walmart location.  Sure enough... $12.00 for the night, including unlimited electricity and water.  So we can run electric heaters, saving our propane gas usage by not having to run our furnace.

Our car (the Toad) is still hooked up to "Pilgrim 1" so in an hour or so, we'll fire up the engine, dump our black and grey water tanks in the Park's dump station, to get rid of gas guzzling weight, and head on down the "Highway to Revival."  Next stop.... CLEVELAND, TN!

Oh... we're excited about getting to Cleveland.  We smell revival in the air!

Love to all!